World Bank Data Catalog

The World Bank offers the Data Catalog API that helps developers to access specific lists of data related to economy coverage, topics and periodicity. The main value for developers could be the integration of pertinent information in their own web applications. Data Catalog API is about access to lists of data. In the site, developers can access basic REST requests that support XML and JSON formats. Some of the parameters include source, metatype and search. Users will find samples and support.

World Bank Climate Data

The World Bank profiles climate data in the site Climate Change World Portal. The organization also offers an API for developers interested to access some of the info uploaded on such website. With the API, users can create an application featuring information in real time. This could be valuable because the reports will always be recent. The API is about access to climate information. Some of the resources include REST basic requests in the form of variables to support time, precipitation, temperature, historical data and statistics. API Key is required. Developers can use this data to support their own applications, as long as they fulfill the requirements stated in World Bank’s terms of use.