AMS Prediction

Apply Magic Sauce (AMS) is a service that predicts users' psycho-demographic traits based on their digital footprints. This service can be useful and informative for business, research, or personal inquiry. Traits predicted include religious affiliation, relationship status, political view, life satisfaction, intelligence, and more. At present, the service accepts Facebook Like IDs as the input data format. More work is also being done to publish models based on language.


From their site: "The Freelancers API lets users access public information on programmatically. Such information has to be used in accordance with the and Affiliate Program Terms of Service. Allowed uses include displaying open public projects or information from user profiles on affiliate websites with appropriate links to projects or profiles. This information will be useful for all members. Users who are experienced in programming will be able to create their own widgets with a large degree of flexibility (see API calls). Less experienced users can simply paste the code given in the examples on their web page to enjoy the benefits of our web widgets."


Evernote makes it easy to remember things big and small from your notable life using your computer, phone, and the web. Evernote's web service API provides secure access for your applications using the same network communications that are used by Evernote's own client software, including the ability to create, read, update and delete notes, notebooks and tags. Third party integrations are a critical part of the Evernote ecosystem and are heavily promoted via the [[ App Center]] and [[ company blog]].