Press Association SNAP.PA

Press Association is a UK based provider of platforms for press and content distribution, offering editorial, photo, cross word puzzles, real time data, event listings, PR, and other services. The Press Association API allows access to content feeds grouped by subject in order to programmatically integrate articles, assets, and general content with 3rd party applications. The RESTful API returns endpoint requests with information formatted in a JSON, Atom, or RSS response.


AdRout provides traffic quality scoring and attribution metrics to advertisers and ad networks. These metrics allow them to optimize their online marketing budgets, boost ROI, and improve their ad campaign performance. The AdRout API allows users to retrieve continuous reports on how their advertising campaigns a doing from AdRout.

YouTube Analytics

YouTube Analytics allows to retrieve data from an application related to statistics, popularity metrics, and demographic information. This API is particularly useful for channel owners who want to quantify data from YouTube videos uploaded in a channel. Some of the alternatives to benefit from the API include to build custom reports to display YouTube Analytics data, automate reporting tasks, integrate YouTube Analytics data with other business applications, and build mobile applications that integrate YouTube Analytics data.

YouTube Live Streaming

YouTube Live Streaming allows to create, update, and manage live events on YouTube. Music executives, artists, and independent entrepreneurs could benefit from this API because they could schedule broadcasts to associate them with video streams. Some of the options to use this API include to enable users to predefine broadcast settings, associate video streams and broadcasts, enable broadcasters to define information about a broadcast using the YouTube Data API at the same time, and simplify transitions between broadcast states such as testing and live.

Last 10K

Integrate SEC filing data within apps using the Last 10K API. The Last 10K developer portal facilitates the rapid creation of applications that inter-operate with Last10K’s RESTful service, providing access to SEC filing data and support services to help developers.

Spredfast Stream

Spredfast Stream API provides users approved status entities from a stream sorted from most recently to least recently approved. This is part of the Spredfast Experiences API, and users must accept its usage agreement for a given stream when accessing data from the Stream API.


Stat!Ref is a virtual source of healthcare information in a wide variety of medicine fields. Stat!Ref invites developers to use their API to show a search bar with their information on a new site. The API is about healthcare information. To create an application, developers have access to RSS 2.0 and Atom 1.0 formats. The required parameters are searchTerms and grpalias. Some of the optional parameters include startIndex, count, sr:titleList and format. In the site, developers can find examples for queries and error handling. Developer support available.


Silobreaker provides workflow support and content management services for all kinds of users, including corporate, government, and military organizations. It provides both front-end and back-end services for handling structured and unstructured content. Silobreaker can aggregate content of many kinds from both internal and external sources and then analyze this content using semantic and statistical text mining services. Results can be served in a variety of ways. Users may also search through content using advanced filters to reduce the number of results and improve their relevance.

Elsevier ScienceDirect

ScienceDirect APIs expose peer-reviewed full-text scientific, technical and medical content from all scholarly publications indexed by ScienceDirect, Elsevier's premier scientific platform. Anyone can obtain an API Key and use the APIs free of charge, provided that our policies for using APIs and the data are honored. Full ScienceDirect APIs access is only granted to clients that run within the networks of organizations with ScienceDirect subscription. Clients without ScienceDirect subscriptions have access to limited basic metadata, basic search functionality and full access to OpenAccess content.