Apsalar Summary Reporting

The Apsalar Summary Reporting API allows developers to get a set of reports on advertising campaigns, cohorts, and events. Apsalar is a mobile ad ROI platform that measures the effectiveness of the user's mobile app media vendors, including more than 600 ad networks worldwide. It also collects information about actions that end users take in order to improve understanding of the conversion process.


The CicerTransDB API is a RESTful URL API that is used for the retrieval of sequences and features from CicerTransDB. CicerTransDB is a database for Chickpea Transcription factors. It is a unified portal for various applications and provides users with a platform for the study of chickpea transcription factors.


The FAOSTAT API is a REST API used to access FAOSTAT data. FAOSTAT is maintained by the Statistics Division of the Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations. FAOSTAT is a major component of FAO’s information systems, contributing to the organization’s strategic objective of collecting, analyzing, interpreting, and disseminating information relating to nutrition, food and agriculture for development and the fight against global hunger and malnutrition.


The LinkMyDeals API offers a coupon and deal feeds platform that can be integrated with existing applications. Feeds from over 1000 Indian E-commerce stores in different file formats are available. Full feeds and incremental feeds can be generated. This API can return data in JSON, XML, and other formats. Sellergize Web Technology Services is a new company based in Mumbai which focuses on developing coupon, and cashback applications.

IBM Watson Personality Insights

The IBM Watson Personality Insights API is designed to help discover peoples' personality characteristics, needs, and values in order to guide end users to highly personalized interactions. The personality characteristics output by the service include the Big 5, Values, and Needs. Personality Insight can be used to measure a brand's personality, help with market segmentation, individualize marketing campaigns, and help recruiters match candidates to companies or universities. Personality Insights can work with as little as 3500 words of text.


The Bondora API allows developers to programmatically access the Bondora investment platform for European personal loans. These loans are funded directly by investors rather than through banks. All borrowers are risk-assessed and assigned into credit groups whose interest rates reflect their relative risk. Bondora loans are fixed-income investments that provide monthly returns in the form of principal and interest payments.


The SureDone API provides a unified, customizable eCommerce platform to integrate in retail applications. It features automation, inventory management, and multiple shopping channels. This REST API responds in the JSON format, and uses the API Key authentication type. The SureDone eCommerce platform offers 5 plans with different limits; all of them with components such as carrier shipping, statistics, and custom domains. SureDone provides diversified tools to "manage your business efficiently".


The XigniteGlobalHolidays API allows developers to retrieve holiday schedules for exchanges and settlement dates for financial centers. Data is available from 2010 to 2039 and covers hundreds of major exchanges and financial centers around the world. This API is provided by Xignite, a leading provider of market data cloud solutions. Documentation is available upon request.


The XigniteNAVs API allows developers to access Net Asset Value (NAV) data for U.S. mutual funds. This data is updated daily at the end of the day and is intended to facilitate research and analysis of mutual fund performances. This API is provided by Xignite, a leading provider of market data cloud solutions. Documentation is available upon request.


The XigniteSuperQuotes API allows developers to access real-time and delayed quotes for asset classes such as equities, funds, and indices. Because the API automatically routes and sources information based on user preferences, users can continue using the same API as they add new asset classes or exchange entitlements to their subscriptions. This API is provided by Xignite, a leading provider of market data cloud solutions. Documentation is available upon request.