King Proxies

King Proxies validates activity and tests performance of public HTTP, HTTPS, Socks, and FTP proxies. Results are updated every 2 hours, and proxies are continuously ranked according to speed. The King Proxies RESTful API allows developers to search and filter proxies by location, social integration presence, performance, and request type options. The API delivers a list of the most reliable proxies in JSON, CSV, or XML formats, and is consumable through Mashape.

Project Bubble

With Project Bubble, managers could organize projects in less time, manage teams more efficiently and automate team functions as stated in the site. This is a project management API useful for developers who aim to facilitate their work. Project Bubble is a RESTful API with responses in XML, CSV, JSON and HTML. To authenticate, developers can access an API key from the account page. Sample code for a PHP application is available for reference. Before application development, the site recommends to review the API rules.

Barchart getHistory

With the getHistory API, time-series data can be requested for stocks, indices, mutual funds, ETFs, futures, indices and forex pairs. Historical data can be retrieved in the form of tick, minute or end-of-day data. Barchart is a provider of futures, equity and foreign exchange market data.

Barchart getQuoteEOD

The getQuoteEod API uses combined exchange and symbol to retrieve requested end-of-day price data for any equity, future or fund. Barchart is a provider of futures, equity and foreign exchange market data.

Barchart getQuote

The getQuote API is used to request real-time, delayed or end-of-day price data by symbol. In addition to Last Price or Settlement, other fields including Open, High, Low, Close, Bid, Ask, 52-week high and low are available. Barchart is a provider of futures, equity and foreign exchange market data.


Apifon is an enterprise mobile messaging service allowing companies to distribute SMS for worldwide consumption. The service offers real time tracking and fast deliverability standards. Their cloud based API allows developers to enable a script for existing web based applications using a BET/POST method. Companies are thus able to can schedule and edit campaigns, check balances, create custom sending IDs, and view and export delivery reports in various formats all through their web based platform.


Megaventory is a web-based inventory, order management, and reporting solution for small and medium businesses with multiple points of presence.The SOAP API gives developers access to resources such as account settings, discounts, inventory, product, sales, shipping and more. Megaventory allows users to send sales quotes and purchase orders, issue invoices, get sales orders and more.


Truthy is an Indiana University research project that focuses on how politics, social news, and movements spread throughout Twitter. They offer a set of analytics, infographics, and open data focusing on popular hashtags representative of memes within in the political arena. They offer an open API hosted through Mashape that allows developers to retrieve data on users, memes, networks, and timelines, with support for modules in various languages.

Number Portability Lookup

Number Portability Lookup is a service for finding the network operators of cell phone numbers around the world. It can also identify numbers that are disconnected, invalid, or non-mobile. It does this by querying the home location register (HLR) of the phone's operator network. The Number Portability Lookup API allows users to perform lookups and access HLR data from within their own applications.

UChicago Can I Graduate?

The University of Chicago provides the Can I Graduate? service to help students figure out which, if any, classes they need to take in order to graduate with their chosen degree. It also offers a scheduling tool that suggests courses to help students meet their graduation requirements. The Can I Graduate? API allows users to generate class recommendations as well as retrieve class ID and crosslisting data, course descriptions, section data, grade distribution data by class, grade distribution data by term, and class pair data.