adjust KPI Service

The adjust KPI Service API allows developers to retrieve statistics on the mobile applications that they track with adjust. Adjust is a business intelligence platform designed for mobile app marketers. It provides information on where the user's customers are coming from, as well as advanced analytics and app store statistics.

National Agricultural Statistics Service CropScape

The National Agricultural Statistics Service CropScape API provides access to the cropland data layer. This data layer is geo-referenced and crop specific and is created using satellite imagery. The API is available in both RESTful and SOAP forms and returns data in Text, CSV and JSON formats.

National Agricultural Statistics Service Quick Stats

This API, provided through the USDA, provides access to the information in the Quick Stats database; an on-line database containing official published aggregate estimates related to U.S. agricultural production. Each request can return up to 50,000 records and supported formats include JSON, XML and CSV. Developers should register for an API key.

IBM Watson Natural Language Classifier

The IBM Watson Natural Language Classifier API allows to interpret language. Developers without background in machine learning or statistical algorithms can implement this NLP service into applications. What this service does is to receive questions and returns either requests or answers based on classification. Access with Api Key and work with JSON and CSV formats to start integration.

Dynatrace Synthentic Monitoring

The Dynatrace Synthetic Monitoring API offers tools for testing and monitoring a website or app's performance. The API is RESTful and accepts XML and JSON data formats and, in some cases, CSV data outputs. Tokens are used for authentication. Use the Dynatrace Synthetic Monitoring API to analyze CDN and 3rd party outages, monitor web performance, simulate a variety of user experiences, synthesize analytics across thousands of data points, and much more. See the extensive project documentation for more features and detailed information on getting started with Dynatrace. Dynatrace is an application performance management and monitoring service.

Qlik Sense

With the Qlik Sense APIs users can: Integrate Qlik Sense into web or .NET applications; Extend Qlik Sense by adding your own visualizations and your own data sources; Manage licensing, users, and Qlik Sense server tasks programmatically. Qlik Analytics believes visual analytics should be available wherever decisions are made. The Qlik Analytics Platform is not only user-friendly, but it gives your business a strong competitive advantage. With the Qlik Analytics Platform can provide simple web mashups with just a few charts to more complex integrated web applications; embed visual analytics anywhere; access the Qlik Associative Indexing Engine (QIX); and use modern and open APIs. Qlik's APIs were built using modern standards and are designed to work with the most up-to-date web and application technologies that exist today.

RegNet Automotive Solutions

RegNet offers automotive solutions with the aim to simplify vehicle regulations' processes. The company that is based in Japan focuses on collection & creation of data, automation, database design, product localization, and English/Japanese translation. The API, protected with HTTPS, can be requested with JSON or XML formats and responses can be displayed as JSON, XML, CSV, Python, Ruby, or PHP.

Yammer Data Export

The Yammer Data Export API allows developers [verified Admin only] to package and export all messages, Notes, Files, topics, users, and groups. This API also allows for performing a one-time export simply by specifying the starting date and ending date which they would like to export data. Yammer provides social and collaboration software for businesses and enterprises of all sizes.


The Yaware.TimeTracker API tracks team and individual work time automatically, without starting or stopping a timer. The API uses JSON for requests with HTTPS POST methods. An API key is required for authentication. Yaware.TimeTracker keeps track of offline and internet use, offers productivity analysis, and allows screenshots and images for visual progress reporting. See the API documentation for code samples and to register a developer account with Yaware.

Social Swoope

The Social Swoope API allows developers to integrate their applications with the API services, enabling their users to find out about their customers's interests. The input for this API is the customer's email address. Registration is required to consume this API. Social Swoope is a product that is able to identify a user's interests based on their email address.