The cloudXLS API accepts a CSV file and converts into an XLS or XLSX spreadsheet. It can also receive an XLS or XLSX file to be reformatted into an existing spreadsheet. Templates exist for creating more sophisticated spreadsheets that generate graphical components. Default responses come in JSON with a URL for direct download.


Sheetlabs is an API creation, documentation, and hosting service that allows the creation of easy to implement APIs. Using Sheetlabs, users can upload spreadsheets in CSV, XLS or XLSX formats or input via Google spreadsheets to create APIs accessible via JSON protocols. With customizable returns, the APIs are easy to implement and integrate into a variety of languages. Their sample API "ACME / getDomain" returns a list of the 100 oldest registered web domains. When making a request to Sheetlabs, the account username and password are used as access tokens.


SherpaDesk is customer service software that enables users to track support requests, log their times, and send invoices to customers. Support issues are managed centrally and can be routed to the correct technician via email or the company portal. Technicians can log time against specific projects and support issues. SherpaDesk's mobile application, SherpaDesk Tote, allows users to create tickets, track time, send invoices, and send close-out requests from their smart phones. Developers can integrate SherpaDesk's functions into their own websites or applications using the API.


The POERUP project is made by a team of experts in Online Educational Resources (OER) and Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC). The project hosts a database of research that has been accumulated on global OER & MOOC policies and initiatives. Their database currently includes 360 records of initiatives launched by educational organizations, and is expected to grow to exceed 500. Their information has been uploaded via CSV tabular format and can be queried by type, country, region, or hashtag. Returned institution data is in JSON format and includes specific consortium URL, a summary of the project initiatives, hashtag ID, address, geo-coordinates, and additional taxonomies. Due to security restrictions, the API will only return 10 results at a time. As this project is still in process, updates are expected.


OpenDataSoft is a cloud based platform aiming to act as a resource for firms to publish and retrieve open data. The OpenDataSoft platform uses an API for search based retrieval and analysis of published data sets. Parameters allow for complex queries using full-text or geolocation search strategies, and for exporting a flow of records in JSON or CSV. The API supports GET & POST methods.

DHS Program

The Demographic and Health Surveys (DHS) Program, run by the government agency US AID, hosts a compilation of aggregate indicators on global healthcare. Their data sets contain statistics in fields such as nutrition, HIV, malaria, population, fertility, and mortality rates sourced from women of childbearing age in over 90 countries. The data can be accessed according to national, subnational, and cumulative parameters. The API uses both a query-based interface as well as a RESTful interface, and supports JSON, XML, and CSV output formats. A query builder exists to help developers determine specific URL calls more efficiently. Registered users may obtain an API key in order to receive larger amounts of data.

King Proxies

King Proxies validates activity and tests performance of public HTTP, HTTPS, Socks, and FTP proxies. Results are updated every 2 hours, and proxies are continuously ranked according to speed. The King Proxies RESTful API allows developers to search and filter proxies by location, social integration presence, performance, and request type options. The API delivers a list of the most reliable proxies in JSON, CSV, or XML formats, and is consumable through Mashape.

Project Bubble

With Project Bubble, managers could organize projects in less time, manage teams more efficiently and automate team functions as stated in the site. This is a project management API useful for developers who aim to facilitate their work. Project Bubble is a RESTful API with responses in XML, CSV, JSON and HTML. To authenticate, developers can access an API key from the account page. Sample code for a PHP application is available for reference. Before application development, the site recommends to review the API rules.

Barchart getHistory

With the getHistory API, time-series data can be requested for stocks, indices, mutual funds, ETFs, futures, indices and forex pairs. Historical data can be retrieved in the form of tick, minute or end-of-day data. Barchart is a provider of futures, equity and foreign exchange market data.

Barchart getQuoteEOD

The getQuoteEod API uses combined exchange and symbol to retrieve requested end-of-day price data for any equity, future or fund. Barchart is a provider of futures, equity and foreign exchange market data.