Armchair Analysis NFL Data

A comprehensive API focused on the game of American Football. Data covers every facet of the game from the perspective of individual player stats by game, career, and team-based statistics. Data that is simply not offered with any other service is included, such as, Yards-after-catch; dropped passes and team formations on each play. Data is updated daily during the season.


The easyPDF API available through Mashape allows developers to integrate data to create PDFs from csv or json files, or from csv or json strings. It aims to be useful for accounting and invoicing services. Access with API Key.


The meteoblue API is an interface for weather data designed to receive forecasts from direct HTTP requests to meteoblue servers. The requests are executed instantaneously and always provide latest up-to-date data. The meteoblue API provides updated local weather information for systems, weather information for each location on Earth (or in the ocean) from coordinates (latitude/longitude) and altitude (asl), flexible requests adapted to user demand (no pre-programmed daily downloads), and the opportunity to minimize infrastructure for hosting weather data.


Proxy Spider Proxy API service provides access to thousands of proxy addresses that are checked every 2 minutes. The Proxy Spider API integrates data mining and open data into applications. Services include HTTP and socks proxies updated daily in IP PORT, TXT, JSON, CSV and XML format.

Document Alchemy

Document Alchemy provides an API for reading, writing, processing and transforming a variety of document formats, including Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint; Apache OpenOffice Writer, Calc and Impress; PDF; HTML, Markdown; PNG, JPEG, GIF and WebP images. Developers can use the API to covert files, generate QR Codes, Watermark PDFs, Combine PDFs and more.


The AnyChart API is a flexible, cross-platform and cross-browser HTML5/JavaScript charting library. AnyChart charts can be easily made interactive and built in real-time with client-side data updates, multi-level drill-downs and specific parameter updates. The powerful theme engine enables unique presentation experience across your entire set of charts, while PDF and image exporting enable producing printable documents in book quality. AnyChart offers 4 main products: *AnyChart JS Charts - interactive HTML5 "basic" JS charts including line, area, gauges, bubble, box plot, error bars, waterfall, polar, and many other chart types. *AnyStock Financial and Stock JS Charts - interactive HTML5 real-time stock charts with technical indicators (MACD, ROC, SMA, RSI...) which can be used for any date/time based graphs. *AnyMap JS Maps - interactive HTML5 maps to display sales by region, election results, population density or any other geo-related data. *AnyGantt JS Gantt Charts - interactive Project (task based), and Schedule (resource based) HTML5 Gantt charts with configurable timeline, data grid and more.


The DealsPricer API is used to integrate a price comparison system to existing applications. It supports price comparison, coupons and deals from more than 1000 E-commerce stores in over 25 countries including United States, United Kingdom, Malasya, Singapore, and India. This API returns data in JSON format, and requires API Keys for authentication.

XE Currency Data

The XE Currency Data API is a back-end solution for tracking real-time exchange rates in the international currency markets. The API serves as a hub for streaming exchange rates of over 160 currencies delivered by more than 100 sources from around the world. The HTTPS GET serves as the gateways for accessing the API that is responsive to JSON, XML, CSV protocols. The use of the XE Currency Data API attracts a minimum fee of $799 annually. Prices for different pricing plans depend on the request volume categorized as minimum (10,000 requests per month), medium (100,000 requests per month), and enterprise (unlimited request per month).


NASA WISE NEA/COMET DISCOVERY STATISTICS API gives users access to data on Near Earth Asteroids (NEAs) and Potentially Hazardous Asteroids (PHAs) derived from NASA’s WISE satellite. Possible queries include searching by discovering date, designation, orbit class, and period year. This API is RESTful and formatted for JSON, CSV, and XML.

NASA Outgassing Db

NASA’s Outgassing Db API is a dataset of materials intended for spacecraft use. The dataset is a compilation of information obtained from the Goddard Space Flight Center, the Stanford Research Institute, and the Jet Propulsion Laboratory. Response types include JSON, XML, and CSV.