The Configure.IT API allows developers to build mobile apps using developer tools available for iOS, iPhone and others. This mobile application development platform offers custom UI design, templates, configuration support, import/export capabilities, and supports third party APIs.

ClickSend SMS

ClickSend is a cloud-based SMS service. It offers fast delivery times by using direct, high performance routes. The ClickSend SMS API allows users to send SMS programmatically by integrating the service into their applications, websites, or software. Possible uses include billing reminders, following up with customers, delivery notifications, and alert sending.


The Phashtag API allows users to integrate commercial pattern-recognition services into their applications. Phashtag can perform object classification, image correlation matching, template matching, and counting functions on large volumes of video and image data using high-performance GPU servers. These functions can be used for logo recognition, object classification, face detection, detection of adult content, and similar tasks. provides India-based bulk messaging services. It includes features such as an easy-to-use control panel, a built-in mobile database, real-time DND (Do Not Disturb) number scrubbing, multi-language messaging (via Unicode), duplicate number removal, etc. Users can integrate the messaging gateway with their own application or website using REST, SMPP, or FTP.


TextBizi is a bulk SMS service based in Zimbabwe. It comes with features that include bulk contact importing, address book merging, history reporting, and more. Developers can connect to TextBizi's SMS gateway programmatically via API in order to SMS-enable their applications, websites, or systems. Available API methods include REST, SMPP, and FTP. Web services and SQL integrations are also available.


PRAGYA-E-WORLD is a bulk SMS provider that includes multi-language support (via Unicode), multiple number input options, a random number generator, duplicate number removal, DND (Do Not Dial) number scrubbing, and other features. Users can integrate with these SMS services using the PRAGYA-E-WORLD API, which can be access via REST, SMPP, or FTP calls.


Zenvia is a leading mobile services provider for Brazil that focuses on helping enterprises connect with their customers. Zenvia users can send text messages in any quantity from the website or API. Not all contact management and analytics services are available through the API, but both web and API methods include the same security measures and infrastructure.
Zenvia is an Indian bulk SMS service. It uses Unicode to support nine regional languages and can automatically remove duplicate and DND (Do Not Disturb) numbers from send lists. Developers can integrate with's SMS gateway via REST, SMPP, and FTP calls in order to send and receive messages programmatically.