The LinkMyDeals API offers a coupon and deal feeds platform that can be integrated with existing applications. Feeds from over 1000 Indian E-commerce stores in different file formats are available. Full feeds and incremental feeds can be generated. This API can return data in JSON, XML, and other formats. Sellergize Web Technology Services is a new company based in Mumbai which focuses on developing coupon, and cashback applications.


The WinSMS API provides tools for developers that allow the capability to easily integrate SMS messaging into existing database applications, custom software and web sites. This WinSMS API is useful for sending bulk SMS through email to SMS, FTP, XML and HTTP.

Background Check

The Background Check API allows developers to add background check services to their applications. These services includes county-level searches, verifications, DMV info, motor vehicle records, criminal database searches, and more. API documentation and free developer support are provided, including test submissions. Online release forms feature electronic signature for easy cloud based storage of online release forms. Background Check is also offered as a white-label service.


The Xverify API allows developers to integrate Xverify's real-time email verification platform into their applications or systems. It checks each email address to make sure the username is actually registered at the domain given. The platform comes with built-in fraud protection to make sure none of the addresses are from temporary accounts or linked to known fraudsters.


CloudFuze is a cloud platform for document and file management, enabling users to collaborate and manage files remotely. The CloudFuze API lets developers integrate its services with their applications, allowing their users to utilize the CloudFuze’s functionality. It is a RESTful API, utilizing OAUTH security protocol.


The Configure.IT API allows developers to build mobile apps using developer tools available for iOS, iPhone and others. This mobile application development platform offers custom UI design, templates, configuration support, import/export capabilities, and supports third party APIs.


MySportsFeeds API lets developers access game schedules and plays by integrating the MySportsFeeds into their applications. MySportsFeeds is a crowd-sourced sports data provider for NHL, NFL, NBA and MLB sporting events. A wide range of post-game and real-time feeds are available in XML, JSON, and even CSV formats. Developers can pull information via RESTful methods, or have them PUSHed to their email or FTP.

ClickSend SMS

ClickSend is a cloud-based SMS service. It offers fast delivery times by using direct, high performance routes. The ClickSend SMS API allows users to send SMS programmatically by integrating the service into their applications, websites, or software. Possible uses include billing reminders, following up with customers, delivery notifications, and alert sending.