Dansk Supermarked

The Dansk Supermarked API is a Danish Web API that provides geocoded store information. This includes store resources such as basic information, location, and hours for Dansk Supermarked stores: Netto, Føtex, Bilka and Salling in Denmark, Sweden, Germany, Poland and UK. The API also can provide information for in-store events and can overall enrich applications with Dansk store data.


Using the GeoKoala API one can store GeoData/ GeoJson to GeoKoala's servers. Developers can then integrate this API into applications, Augmented Reality browsers, and major Geo Clients (such as GoogleEarth, and GPX clients). Data is stored in MongoDB. It is free and provides a unique set of tools for users to try.

University of Alicante Open Data

UAPI is an open data API for data reuse. UAPI provides a wealth of university data for study, research or reuseand for assisting in development of mashups and different apps. This public API is part of the project OpenData4U developed by the University of Alicante and the Vice-Rectorate of Information Technologies with the goal of opening university data to society.

Active Golf Tee Time

The Goft Tee Time API lets developers integrate their applications with its tee time database. With the API integrated, users of the applications will have access to tee time inventory and rates available on ActiveGolf.com. Users will be able to search for and present tee times and rates from courses throughout North America.


Photon is an OpenStreetProject made by Komoot that lets users to geographically locate the places they enter on the Photon platform. The Photon API lets developers to integrate this feature into their applications for use. The API uses GeoJSON format, and is free for use.


The One.Stop.Transport platform (OST) is a platform for open data aggregation, transformation and delivery, following modern Open Data principles, standards and directives. The type of data the OST currently manages includes transportation (mass transit), traffic data (highways), points of interest and territory (mainly OSM), which are all open data. The data APIs support static and real-time data, although data providers currently contribute with static data only.


The aboutPLACE RESTful API allows developers to integrate place-based data into interactive maps. The API is in Beta, with data available for Austin, Texas; Boston, Massachusetts; and Miami, Florida. aboutPLACE requires an API Key which is available after creating an account. With the API developers can access local analytics, metrics, maps, visuals, and other insights about cities allowing them to highlight specific datasets and provide hyper-localized results.

MaxMind GeoIP2 Precision Web Services

The MaxMind GeoIP2 Precision Web Services API provides developers the ability to personalize content, targeting ad at the right customers, analyzing customers' traffic, and much more. This API also allows developers to access user's location based on the IP address.

OpenCage Geocoder

OpenCage Geocoder combines multiple geocoding systems and lots of open data to provide geocoding and reverse geocoding services that cover the entire world. Users are free to display geocoding results on any type of map and even use those results for commercial purposes. The OpenCage Geocoder API does not currently support bulk geocoding, but users are encouraged to request it if they want it.

Clickslide Datadipity

Datadipity allows users to combine APIs from multiple sources into a ready-to-use JSON API which can be used with any Javascript Library. It also creates an XML API endpoint with the mashup for connecting to app servers. Datadipity can integrate any API into the system with a simple form based tool. Users have the ability to restructure APIs as they please, allowing them to unify multiple APIs into a standardized format. Mashups or restructured APIs can be published for others to see or kept private.