AT&T Webhooks Notification

The RESTful Webhooks Notification API provided by AT&T allows apps using the In-App Messaging API to subscribe to and receive push notifications when messages are added, updated or deleted in an AT&T customer's cloud message inbox. The Webhooks Notification API sends push notifications to the Developer-Hosted Server (DHS) for an app.


The DeviceHub API allows developers to integrate the solutions available from DeviceHub platform into their applications, to develop IoT projects for different devices. DeviceHub is a PaaS (Platform as a Service) company that enable hardware/mobile developers to connect and to manage multiple devices remotely.

Urthecast Platform

The Urthecast Platform is a system of RESTful APIs, services, and tools that allows for fast, scalable access to Earth imagery, video, geospatial information and other data sets in order to build dynamic applications to monitor our ever-changing planet.

Google Earth Engine

The Google Earth Engine API allows developers to run algorithms on georeferenced imagery and vectors stored on Google's infrastructure. The Google Earth Engine API provides a library of functions which may be applied to imagery for display and analysis. Earth Engine's public data catalog contains a large amount of publicly available imagery.

DigitalGlobe Maps

The DigitalGlobe Maps API is a scalable, cloud-hosted solution that feeds beautiful, high-resolution map content straight into web or mobile applications. Developers can use the DigitalGlobe Maps API to access satellite, vector and terrain content as well as build captivating, location-based applications.

The API is a user-friendly REST API that allows developers to integrate multiple GeoJSON postal boundaries results into applications, websites, and systems. This can be such boundaries as: UK Postal Code (ex. ZE1 0AE) ,Sector, District, City, and Wards Boundaries.


The Mapsense API allows developers to insert vector maps into their websites. This service is based on the Polymaps API and uses D3 for handling drawing and selection. Tiles are generated dynamically upon request, which means that users control exactly which features and properties are returned. With Mapsense, users are able to create interactive, data-driven maps using rich vector map data.

US Zipcodes, County, City, and State Boundaries API: A simple API that will allow you to integrate multiple GeoJson US boundaries results into your apps and systems.

MasterCard Places

MasterCard Places API lets developers build applications using its location intelligence services, and by integrating its dataset. This API allows developers to have access to locations of different places across the US. The Places API is powered by "near-real-time, aggregated, anonymous transaction data."

Dansk Supermarked

The Dansk Supermarked API is a Danish Web API that provides geocoded store information. This includes store resources such as basic information, location, and hours for Dansk Supermarked stores: Netto, Føtex, Bilka and Salling in Denmark, Sweden, Germany, Poland and UK. The API also can provide information for in-store events and can overall enrich applications with Dansk store data.