Google Consumer Surveys

Google Consumer Surveys API facilitates the use of Web and mobile apps in the creation and integration of surveys. Anchored on the Google Cloud Platform, the REST API incorporates the consumer surveys data gathering, moderation, and processing functionalities into web- and mobile-based research applications. Google Consumer Surveys conveys requests and responses in JSON and HTTP formats. Its authorization requires OAuth 2.0 authentication. Existing Google Consumer Surveys Enterprise customers can gain immediate access to the API through an invoicing contract while non Enterprise customers have to contact the company by email prior to gaining access.


Passable API is a free, lightweight, RESTful web service that developers can easily implement to prevent password hacking and breaches. Developers can send the hash of the password and its algorithm and will receive a 0 (insecure password), or 1 (secure password) response. Developers will find it even easier for them to connect to this API than implementing a password check for user sign-up: just send the request, and if the answer, is 1; it's ok for the user to sign-up, if it is 0 ask the user to type another password. Passable API is currently in beta.

Helcim Payment Gateway

The Payment Gateway API by Helcim connects businesses in Canada and the USA with credit card processing services. Accept online payments in the form of Interac Visa, Interac Debit, Visa, American Express, MasterCard, Discover Network, Union Pay and other popular forms of payment. Helcim is a credit card transactional service based in Calgary, Canada.


IATACodes is a system that provides International Air Transport Association codes for airports, airlines, cities, and aircrafts. Also, it provides information about countries, routes, and timezones. This data can be used for SEO purposes or to improve the functionality of search and meta-search services. Paid users receive real-time flight statistics as well as access to the fr, de, es, it, ru, th, tr languages. This REST API uses API Keys for authentication and exchanges information in JSON format.

Be Like Bill

The Be Like Bill API is used to integrate "Be Like Bill" meme creation functionality to websites. The Be Like Bill meme is a stick figure that ignores trolling or offensive behavior that he runs across on the internet. Developers need only to call the public API by arguments via POST. The text varies with user's sex. Also, text is generated randomly, but developers can modify it within the API itself.


Zalando is a fashion platform for the European market which integrates an expansive shopping store with secure transactions dedicated to its business partners and their third party applications. Zalando is based in Germany, and its strategic areas include "Consumer Products, Brand and Merchant Products, Intermediary Products, and Core Capabilities". The Zalando API is REST based, exchanges information in JSON format, and uses OAuth 2 for authentication.

Orange Radio

The Orange Radio API provides worldwide free access to thousands of digital radio stations and podcasts. A catalog of over 20,000 radio stations and 5000 podcast programs is sorted by continent and genre: music, business, sports, and news. Protocols available in HTTP, JSON, and REST. Authentication via OAuth2. Orange is a global telecommunication company that provides IT and telecommunications services.

Orange 118712 Directory France

The Orange 118712 Directory France API, can access contact details (name address, landline/mobile phone numbers) from all authorized French business and residential directories, according to developer's requests. Protocols available in HTTP, JSON and REST with OAuth2 authentication. Orange is a global telecommunication company that provides IT and telecommunications services.

Orange Form Filling France

With Orange Form Filling France API, customers can automatically complete registration forms faster with reliable information from Orange, such as address and telephone numbers. Formats include HTTP, JSON, and REST. Authentication is required via OAuth2. Orange is a global telecommunication company that provides IT and telecommunications services.

Orange Check ID France

By using the Orange Check ID API, customers can access extra security as their identity is double-checked prior to any transaction validation. Users can benefit from reduced fraud, reduced costs and faster transactions. Available in HTTP, JSON, and REST protocols with OAuth2. Orange is a global telecommunication company that provides IT and telecommunications services.