Tetragy is a Computation-as-a-Service company that focuses on mathematics education & publishing. The Quatriceps API lets developers integrate the QuatraTeX service into their applications. With this API, developers will be able to make calls/requests to receive instructional output for various mathematical operations. It is problem/solution generator that also has plugins for Drupal and Wordpress.

Humanitarian Data Exchange Ebola Data

The Humanitarian Data Exchange (HDX) provides a dataset containing top line figures for the Ebola outbreak. The dataset includes information on cumulative cases of ebola, cumulative deaths from ebola, open ebola treatment centers, people receiving food aid, appeal coverage, and currently affected countries. The Ebola Data API allows users to access this data for integration into their own applications.

School Loop High Priority Groups

School Loop is a learning management system designed to power professional learning communities, especially those that support at-risk youth. It has many features, including easy integration with Google, student performance tracking, learning management teams, secure in-network mail, and daily email newsletters that cover assignments and grades. The SchoolLoop High Priority Groups API enables users to programmatically create, list, update, and delete high priority groups.


Vidyo can be implemented into websites for video and audio communication abilities. The VidyoWorks APIs incorporate the VidyoConferencing infrastructure via the client or server, with easy plugin API capabilities for adding videoconferencing to desktop or web environments. The VidyoWorks Server API can be implemented over HTTP using SOAP protocols. The API enables complete video and calling management and control features. The Server API also allows access to a custom web portal and application integration.

Zendesk Help Center

Zendesk is a software as a service company that provides businesses with different communication tools. The Zendesk Help Center API enables developers to integrate the Zendesk Help Center feature into their applications. With this API, depending on the request, users of the applications will be able to access the filtered information that is already in the Help Center.


Showtime is a media center designed for use directly on TVs. It can be used on Linux, Mac OS X, Raspberry Pi, and Playstation 3 systems. It provides playback for video and audio, a unified search service, live TV streaming, installable plugins, automatic upgrades, and more. Some of the service's common actions can be accessed via the Showtime API.


audioBoom provides audio content from major sports and media outlets, as well as smaller podcasters. Content hosted on audioBoom can be shared via the website, embeddable players, mobile applications, and social media websites. The audioBoom API provides users with access to almost every function the site offers. Full documentation for the API is available on GitHub.

bn.gy short urls

The bn.gy API provides developers tools for short URL creation and looking up URLs using SOAP and HTTP GET requests and responses.

Vivek Sentiment Tool

Vivek Narayanan proposed a fast and accurate sentiment classification using an enhanced Naive Bayes model along with authors Ishan Arora and Arjun Bhatia. The paper can be retrieved online from the department of computation and language at Cornell University Library. Along with the article, Vivek has developed Vivek Sentiment Tool, an API that could be useful to access sentiment classifications. This application is about sentiment analysis. Developers who work with sentiment research could benefit from this work. To use it, users need to send a POST request with a JSON array to http://sentiment.vivekn.com/api/batch/


Square helps consumers to pay with card in a mobile environment. For a business that prefers to keep all sales information in a settled location, Square Stand is the choice. In contrast, if the enterprise is mobile, Square Reader is the alternative. With the aim to ease commerce, Square offers The Connect API. This application provides HTTP endpoints to retrieve reports for users' payments, refunds, and settlements. It also allows to manage merchant's items. Square Connect API is about point of sale transactions with cards using iPad, iPhone, and Android. Additional resources of transactions, OAuth, and eCommerce are available on Square site.