Windows Azure Billing

The Windows Azure Billing API, that predicts and manages billing services, is available for preview. It works with HTTP protocol and authenticates with Token. The goals of this API include to interact with Azure Resource Usage, which affords to obtain consumption data for an Azure subscription and Azure RateCard, which gets prices used in an Azure subscription.

BlockCypher Microtransaction

What the Microtransaction API does in addition to the Transaction API, is to propagate smaller and more frequent transactions that still exist on the blockchain and are still publicly auditable. BlockCypher pays the mining fees for the first 8,000 microtransactions. After that number, the company optimizes a fee to gain balance and achieve results.

BlockCypher Transaction

With BlockCypher,the crypto-currency platform as a service, developers can create block chain applications with the APIs that include Transaction API. In detail, this API affords to find information related to unconfirmed transactions, create own transactions, and embed data on the blockchain based on the coin chosen for endpoints.

Mozilla Canvas

Mozilla Canvas is an API that allows to edit graphics, create animations, and process videos in real time. Resources include the canvas handbook, along with specifications and 11 libraries. The type of topics that can be found on the libraries explain how to work with canvas and SVG parsing, interactivity, game engines, data visualization, creative coding, and game development.

Mozilla WebVR

The Mozilla WebVR API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of Mozilla WebVR with other applications and devices. Some example API methods include integrating virtual reality devices with WebVR functionality, managing movements and tracking of the devices, and setting parameters for the VR experience. Mozilla WebVR builds projects and platforms that intend to bring high performance virtual reality experiences online. Laundry and Dry Cleaning offers laundry, food, alcohol, and grocery delivery in over 38 cities of the United States and abroad. To have an idea, users can choose laundry cleaners with wash & fold, tailoring, and dry cleaning options around a convenient location. Next, they can select pick up and delivery times around a convenient schedule. The API overviews how to make requests and how to receive HTTP response codes. Private endpoints are password protected. Sign up for an API key to implement laundry delivery services into mobile applications.


The CloudBoost API provides database services for building apps. The REST API uses JSON over HTTP with HTTP Basic Auth for authentication. Use CloudBoost to add data-storage, search, graphs, and realtime to your apps. See the extensive API documentation for detailed instructions on setting up your database.

LeadSift Consumers Insights

The Consumer Insights API allows for easy integration of real-time social insights into other business applications to enrich contact and profile data. The API uses RESTful calls and responses are formatted in JSON.<br> <br> LeadSift is a social intelligence platform that mines audiences to help brands identify, understand and reach consumers in real-time through the lens of intent, profile and affinity. For every user collected, over 100 attributes about their habits, trends, preferences and lifestyle are extracted and analyzed to create a 360-degree view of a customer.

FutureSimple Sync

Base by FutureSimple provides small and medium sized businesses with sales and CRM services. The FutureSimple Sync API allows developers to connect to the Base synchronization layer, in the same way mobile devices do, which allows for keeping data up to date with Base.


project44 is middleware that uses cloud-based web services APIs to instantly connect shippers and 3PLs to capacity by integrating our services into the the Transportation Management System (TMS) you already use. Using project44 eliminates EDI. Think of us as the pipes that allow data to be instantly communicated from one system to another, supercharging the speed of your TMS. The result is real-time freight transportation management. Write one API connection to us, and we’ll instantly connect your TMS to capacity. Pull carrier rate quotes in seconds, automate dispatch requests, track your shipments and pull images (bill of lading, proof of delivery) in real-time, without the use of EDI. It’s that simple. Really.