US Poverty Data

The US Poverty Data can be used to determine where a group is located on the official poverty line in the United States. Developers can make a simple GET request to US Poverty Data using input variables such as income, social security, welfare, veterans, housing, energy, child support and more. The API will return poverty information that relates to the amount, rate, and share of impoverished people according to the input criteria. The API will also return race, sex, age, disability statistics that correspond to the input criteria as well. The API uses US government census data, and is open for any developer to integrate into a website or 3rd party app free of charge.

5 Day Weather

The 5 Day Weather API accepts a city as a single parameter and returns a 5 day forecast. Specifically, the API will accept an HTTP request with a city name identifier and will return a JSON object that includes the requested city name, the temperature, the sky conditions, projected humidity, wind speed in MPH, and day names with associated calendar dates. Users can make specific calls to switch between Celsius and Fahrenheit and Km/h and mph according to local standards. The API is free to use without restriction. Developers interested in testing the functionality of the API can visit the web app that is accessible on most devices. The site also hosts a widget for website add-on integrations.


ScubaTribe is a service focused on helping scuba diving businesses compile reviews & ratings on the dive industry. Diver reviews are by invitation only, so they are verified. The ScubaTribe API allows developers to programmatically invite customers to review their scuba service with an automatically generated code. With the API developers can set up feedback templates, and extract metadata from individual reviews or see trends in large amounts of accumulated data. The API also gives the ability to edit the public-facing company profile, which includes photos, company description, location, and more.


PlugChain is a cryptocurrency multiplatform that developers may use to create new cryptocurrency applications. Their API is a blockchain platform as a service that supplies a raw set of methods for building new BitCoin themed apps. PlugChain is powered by CEX.IO, a BitCoin trade and mining platform. The PlugChain API will accept specific block hashes, address, or transactions to return detailed information for each occurrence. To use LiteCoin GET instead of BitCoin, point the call toward LiteCoin instead of BitCoin with the same API.


Ersatz is a web-based machine learning program that can automate recognition tasks that previously required human interaction. The Ersatz platform can be used or model & data visualization, team collaboration, and GPU computing, all from within a browser. The Ersatz REST API allows developers to make HTTP requests to programmatically access the platform to create, retrieve, and update objects concerning datasets, models, predictions, and ensembles. Using the API, developers can upload files to a maximum of 10MB per API call.


Pixiebulksms is a Nigerian bulk SMS marketing platform for both companies and private individuals. It enables users to send SMS to any mobile phone worldwide or to resell its SMS services as their own. Developers can use the Pixiebulksms API to add an interface to their website for sending SMS, managing users as an admin, and linking to resellers.


TV Bulk SMS is an SMS advertising platform that can be used to contact customers, friends, family, team members, etc. The platform can also be resold by the user. Developers can integrate with the platform's messaging gateway using the TV Bulk SMS API. Through the gateway, users can send single or bulk SMS and check their account balances.


247-BulkSMS is a bulk SMS service that is available for both direct use and resale. Its features include customizable sender IDs, message scheduling, multiple payment options, and more. Users can integrate the service's messaging gateway into their websites, applications, or systems using the API. Once integrated, the messaging gateway allows users to send SMS and check their account balances.


NetBulkSMS is a Nigerian bulk SMS provider that can deliver messages to more than 210 countries around the world, and instant message delivery is guaranteed. The NetBulkSMS API enables developers to send single and bulk SMS from their websites by integrating them with the NetBulkSMS messaging gateway. American Job Center Resource

Usa.Gov offers American Job Center Resource API, an application ideal for developers who aim to help job seekers to find government employment, training, and education. Users can find this API in ONet, a site that displays an interactive demo with REST services, responses, and resources. American Job Center API supports HTTP and XML formats. For more information about this API, developers can contact the staff via email. At the same time, they can connect in social media to interpret audience preferences.