National Agricultural Statistics Service VegScape

The VegScape API provides access to geospatial data of daily, weekly averaged, and biweekly averaged vegetation condition across the United States. Calls are made over HTTP and data is returned in XML format. VegScape is a vegetation condition monitoring system using a web-based interactive mapping platform that allows navigation, zooming, panning, and downloading of data.

National Agricultural Statistics Service Quick Stats

This API, provided through the USDA, provides access to the information in the Quick Stats database; an on-line database containing official published aggregate estimates related to U.S. agricultural production. Each request can return up to 50,000 records and supported formats include JSON, XML and CSV. Developers should register for an API key.

Text Marketer Sending SMS

The Text Marketer Sending SMS service offers to interact with API and wrappers using a free account. What the API can do is to inject numbers directly into an account, create new sub accounts, and create new groups. It features XML and HTTP protocols. It offers wrappers in PHP, Java, .NET, C++, C, VB.NET, ASP, and Ruby languages.

Microsoft Health Cloud

Preview Microsoft's Health Cloud API and leverage data from Microsoft Health in your own apps. The API uses HTTP GET methods and JSON data types with OAuth2 for authentication. Register for a developer account to receive your Client ID and Secret. Use Microsoft Cloud API to access user data like heart rate, step counts, or distance and activity data like run, bike, guided workout, or sleep activity. See the project documentation for full method descriptions and instructions on getting started.

JustVisual Face Detection/Expression

JustVisual Face Detection/Expression API provides data access to face recognition features. Integrating with this API, users can find faces inside the query image and return the coordinates where the faces were found. The API can also classify the expression, once the face has been identified.

JustVisual Adoptable Pet

JustVisual Adoptable Pet API offers data access to image recognition capabilities, in this case to identify adoptable pets. A sample GET request to the pets API is available. Every time a user uploads the picture of a pet, results will display organizations such as and, institutions that have that particular pet ready for adoption. Besides images, responses will present imageURL, title, description, pageURL, and breed.

Local Government Association

The Local Government Association API is a tool that allows users to view and download open data about local areas (such as demographic details and performance data). The LGA API can help developers of any knowledge level to provide services such as: enriching apps with data about local places and people, creating community dashboards for local councils, powering GIS tools with neighbourhoods and geographies in the UK, and more.


The Gitbook API allows users to list their books, get details about a book, get details about an author, proofread a text, spellcheck a list of words, and access the OPDS catalog. Gitbook is a publishing toolchain designed to help take users' works from ideas to finished books. Users can publish their finished books using Git or GitHub and sell them on all main marketplaces at the price they want.

Blockchain Data

The Blockchain Data API allows Bitcoin block and transaction payments data query functionality. This API provides requests for data regarding single block, single transaction, chart, block height, single and multi address, unspent outputs, unconfirmed transaction, inventory and more. CORS header information is provided and all responses are in JSON. Blockchain is a service that provides information on bitcoins and block chain data. Blockchain also allows users to manage their online bitcoin currency with online wallets


Quini provides a suite of APIs that enable the display of rich, detailed and visual consumer wine reviews information. The Quini APIs connect wine e-commerce sites and kiosks, wine e-commerce solution providers, wine clubs and other industry related websites that offer wine listings, wine ratings and wine reviews search, to Quini’s expanding collection of crowdsourced consumer wine reviews and wines database. The Quini API suite is designed to easily allow wine industry related websites to integrate engaging visual wine reviews content into their sites. Visit the Quini API home page for additional information on the APIs within the suite.