Diffbot Discussion

Diffbot provides developers tools that can identify, analyze, and extract the main content and sections from any web page. The Diffbot Discussion API extracts discussions and posting information from web pages. It can return information about all identified objects on a submitted page and the Discussion API returns all post data in a single object. The Diffbot Discussion API is currently in Beta.

Diffbot Image

Diffbot provides developers tools that can identify, analyze, and extract the main content and sections from any web page. The purpose of Diffbot’s Image API is to extract the main images from web pages. The Image API can analyze a web page and return full details on the extracted images.

Diffbot Analyze

Diffbot provides developers tools that can identify, analyze, and extract the main content and sections from any web page. The Diffbot Analyze API can analyze a web page visually, and take a URL and identify what type of page it is. Diffbot’s Analyze API can then decide which Diffbot extraction API (article, discussion, image, or product) may be appropriate, and through automatic extraction, will be returned in the Diffbot Analyze API call.


bx.in.th is a Thailand-based Bitcoin and cryptocurrency exchange platform operated by Bitcoin Exchange Thailand (Bitcoin Co. Ltd.). Their API accessibility is divided into Public and Private. The bx.in.th Public API allows anyone to view market data from the exchange, including rates, orderbook, currency pairing for comparison, high and low trades, average Bitcoin pricing, and more. The Private API requires an API key for use. HTTP POST requests can be made to place orders and manage existing orders. Private account data may be returned, such as balances, order history, transaction history, and withdrawal requests. All requests made to the API will return JSON encoded data as a response.


VIDAL Group is a French healthcare informatics group specializing in databasing and distributing healthcare data, pharmaceutical information, treatment specifications, and scientific publications for patients and healthcare practitioners in the European continent and worldwide. VIDAL Group also supports a medical software application under the same name. VIDAL's database may be accessed by 3rd party developers to construct healthcare-related applications and websites. After acquiring an app ID and API key from MIDAL, users can query the VIDAL server to return data on drug scores, allergies, product information, ingredients, related documents, and more.


Crowdfunder is a UK based platform where people can crowdsource funding for unique projects. Crowdfunder projects typically involve social endeavors related to community, charity, environment, art, music, publishing, film, and theatre. Currently in an open beta, HTTP GET calls to the Crowdfunder API can be made to request JSON lists of all current campaigns filtered by project name and category. Implementing the API, users may have programmatic access to specific details on individual projects, including all project fields: biography, description, URL, current funding amount, last pledge amount, project video, image, category, and additional details. As the API is in beta, Crowdfunder is accepting any feedback users may have while implementing the API.


Based in Amsterdam, Coinzone enables European online retailers and eCommerce providers to accept digital currencies such as Bitcoin instead of traditional payment methods. Using the Coinzone REST API, secure calls can be made to authenticate, initiate transactions, retrieve transaction details, and process refunds. Authentication requires a client-code, timestamp, and signature for processing all API requests. Use of the API requires a 1% cross-the-board fee for purchases.


LakeBTC is a Chinese based BitCoin exchange service. Using their REST API, developers can make requests to the Market Data ticker to receive information on the last price, best bid, best ask, 24-hour high and 24-hour low prices in New York and the United States. Calls to the API may also be made to return information from the 'Orderbook,' and 'Trade History' parameters in order to showcase details on all recent trades. For authentication, users must submit an API key, valid timestamp, and use the correct JSON formatting aimed as a POST HTTP method. Private functionality of the API allows users to programmatically purchase, sell, and trade, edit existing orders, etc. The public Market Data API may also be retrieved by subscribing to the LakeBTC Websocket. Client libraries exist to enable developers to access the websocket API from various languages (C++, Ruby, Rails).


Bitso is a Latin American BitCoin exchange service. The Bitso API allows developers to interface with the Bitso platform from 3rd party applications or websites. The publicly accessible Bitso trading API can be called to return data on average BitCoin prices, daily low and highs, trade volume, and additional data using the Peso as a referent. Calls can expose the Bitso orderbook which includes lists of all recent BitCoin transactions. An API key and encrypted signature is required to access the private API functions, which include account balance, user info, placing trades, and editing orders.


Bitcoind.de is a Germany-based BitCoin exchange service. The Bitcoin.de API allows users with an API key to obtain summaries of recently completed BitCoin trades. The API can be used to access current bids and offers, as well as the current average BitCoin asking price. All requests are made with JSON formatted requests to an HTTP endpoint. The API can return rates, queries by user ID, and calls to access the order book which includes all bids and asks.