Wish is a social network for sharing products. Users can find, collect, and share products with their friends, enabling a connected shopping experience. The Wish merchant platform enables merchants to put their inventory for sale on Wish. They can upload and manage their products, fulfill orders, and manage customer service issues. The Wish API is a fully programmable alternative to the GUI version of the platform. All responses are returned in the same schema to provide a predictable way to check request status. Responses include code, data, message, and paging (if applicable).

NamSor Gendre

NamSor designs name recognition software that specializes in accurately extracting information from names. The Gendre API, created by NamSor, is designed to predict the gender of a name, taking into account the name's geographical location of origin. Currently, the API is configured to handle names from the US, Europe, Russia, China, and Arab countries. Further work is needed to cover Baltic- and Slavic-origin names.

Gateway To Research

The Gateway To Research allows users to discover and view information on the people, publications, organizations, and results for research projects sponsored by Research Councils UK. This organization invests in research across all academic disciplines, including medicine, astronomy, physics, economics, environmental sciences, and the arts. Developers can access research information using the GtR, GtR-2, or CERIF APIs.