PortaText is an SMS marketing platform based in Florida. Its features include bulk SMS, integrated notifications, added security, and auto responder. PortaText as a platform can be used as a communication layer between businesses and customers. This REST HTTP based API uses HTTP Basic Auth as well as API Keys for authentication.

HTTP Library Test

The HTTP Library Test API allows developers to test different kinds of HTTP scenarios. All endpoint responses are JSON-encoded.

Volo Commerce

The Volo Commerce API allows developers to integrate their application with the Volo commerce platform. More information is available upon contacting the provider. Volo Commerce is a provider of multi channel ecommerce software and services.

Knurld Verification

The Knurld Verification API allows developers to verify a consumer's utterance of a word or phrase with that of a previously enrolled voiceprint. Knurld provides speech biometrics services, which can recognize not only what a person is saying but also verify is who is speaking.


The Ents24 API gives developers access to the UK’s most comprehensive live entertainment database. The API is REST based with CORS enabled. Ents24 allows users to browse and buy tickets for music events in the UK. Users can follow performers for gig alerts.

Bulk SMS Gateway

The Bulk SMS Gateway API is a service provided by KAPSYSTEM, a fast growing Bulk SMS Gateway/API Provider Company in India. Kapsystem offers promotional and transactional bulk SMS services and solutions. The Bulk SMS Gateway API can be provided to integrate on user applications and portals.

Direct SMS

The Direct SMS API is a manageable, feature-rich SMS Gateway and REST API that lets users integrate SMS into their applications or systems. With the Direct SMS API, users can send, retrieve, receive, and schedule notifications and SMS messages, as well as send unicode messages. Access to the API servers comes with Australia based phone and email.


The Craft.ai API is an HTTP REST API that provides developers tools for using Craft.ai. Craft ai is an AI (Artificial Intelligence) engine created for developers, and is powered by a visual editor and the RESTful APIs. Users can add contextual and personalized automation in mobile, web and IoT applications.


The Intellexer API enables developers to embed text mining products in consumer or enterprise applications, or web-services using JSON. Intellexer API includes natural language processing solutions for sentiment analysis, named-entity recognition, summarization, multi-document summarization, plain text extraction from different file formats (pdf, doc, rtf, html, ppt, chm, etc.), document comparison, language detection, spellchecking and more. You can use Intellexer API with any software component that issues HTTP requests.


smsgatewayhub API provides developers a way to integrate SMS Gateway services into their applications, enabling them to send multile sms, check report, and more. More information about the API is available upon contacting the provider.