Cycling Analytics

Cycling Analytics is a software for cyclists. With a bike, a heart rate monitor, a device and an account, cyclists can monitor performance on the road. The main value of this API could be the convenience to display data from a user oriented perspective. Developers who work with health apps, sport apps and even medical apps could benefit from this service because they will have access to laps, geographical locations and histograms. With this in mind, they could measure a user strength to improve health. This API is about analytics for cyclists. The steps to follow are available on the site, where developers can access preliminary remarks, development status, OAuth 2.0, HTTP methods, parameters, responses, examples and endpoints.

Space Telescope Science Institute

The Space Telescope Science Institute features the Barbara A. Mikulski Archive for Space Telescopes. To create an application related to science, astronomy, data and telescopes developers can visit MAST Web Services, where they can find HTTP GET requests, script examples, mission searches, general search parameters, simple cone search and SOAP services. The API about science search aims to provide complete information for developers, who can explore multiple examples and can work with PHP, Python, Unix Shell and IDL languages. With this API, users could display and reorganize scientific data stored in archives. E-mail is available to start application development.


Using the Uber API, developers can integrate the power of Uber into 3rd party applications. Calls to the API can be made to request information on available car types, driver location expressed in geo-coordinates, time estimates, estimated prices (including currency conversion when applicable), as well as user account history and activity. The Uber API documentation describes deep linking techniques to programmatically launch the native app from iOS or Android, or the Uber mobile site from mobile web. The API comes with a detailed style guide and asset package for implementing licensed brandings. The Uber API Affiliate program grants cash and issues Uber credits for new user onboarding through a 3rd party app.

The API makes setting up reminders for webhooks very easy. Developers can use the API service to set notifications to trigger webhooks to then perform additional events. 100 Boomerang requests per month is free, and fees are applied for higher volume rates.

Ribbon BIN List

The BIN List API by Ribbon is a Bank Identification Number (BIN) lookup service. The API accepts a simple HTTP request with the last 6 digits of a credit or debit card and returns information on the baking institution associated with the card. The BIN lookup service can also assist in distinguishing between debit and credit, tracking international payees, and processing verification. The BIN List API is hosted by Ribbon, a mobile to mobile payment provider.


Vibe API is a simple service that accepts an email as an input and will return rich data on a user. The returned information is sourced from many open databases and includes location data, past job experience, recent social activity and links to accounts, an automated short biography, and more. The app also returns meta classifications on interests and tastes to give a general personality overview. Developers can visit the documentation page to find out how to register for an API key. The service is currently in beta mode with a limited number of signups.


Vizago offers various 3D services and products such as 3D reconstruction, face exchange, 360° views, photo expressions and cloud service. Developers could benefit from Vizago API because the main value aims to create virtual characters with 3D animation using a single photo. This could be useful to create avatars, virtual presentations and product demonstrations. The 3D animation API supports HTTP and JSON formats. In the site, developers can find an API walkthrough, where they can create a 3D reconstruction, see a sample of upload image function, and review error and successful responses.


SurfBulkSMS is a bulk SMS provider based in Nigeria that provides cell phone coverage in more than 210 countries. The SurfBulkSMS API enables developers to integrate the service's messaging gateway into their own websites or applications. This allows both the developers and their end users to send single or bulk SMS.


Extract web information for a program with Crawlera. This API is about web scraping and it could be useful for developers who work with websites on a daily basis. Crawlera displays its API in a redirected site, where users can access endpoints, requests and samples in Curl, Java, Node, PHP, Python, Objective-C, Ruby and .NET languages. The protocols are HTTP and HTTPS. SSL support is offered along with assistance for app creation. Developers might find this API beneficial if they want to download content from webpages.


Bizvizz is a service that offers corporate data to consumers often found on regulatory documents, financial statements and advocacy reports. This deal could be useful for startups, consumers and developers. For developers, a free API can be accessed using a key to make corporate data accessible. In their site, Bizvizz displays documentation to explore companies, list companies by industries and list all industries with its respective parameters and example responses in HTTP method.