Twin Prime Data

The Twin Prime Data API provides users with programmatic access to rich client and network data collected by Twin Prime, including data and metrics about end users' mobile app performance and usage. Twin Prime is a service that analyzes real-time network data to help users deliver their content faster to any location, device, and network.


The NewOCR API integrates character recognition into applications. The interface, available in HTTP protocol with Key, allows to convert JPG, PNG, GIF, BMP, TIFF, PDF, and DjVu files into text.


The Open Federal Election Commission API in beta stage provides access to data that presents how candidates and committees fund government campaigns. Data includes information about candidates, leadership PACs, electioneering communications, lobbyist committee statements, committee summaries and much more. Available HTTP methods through GET and response protocols in JSON. Developers can apply for a Key at


Serendipify.Me helps you match up people (e.g. your app's user base) who have shared interests. We effectively set up and run your private matching group that you (or your app) make available to the users who are looking for valuable or interesting connections. Using the API, the users' app instance joins your matching pool, record their private preferences by which they will be matched anonymously against the others, and on successful matches, they initiate the communication with the matched counter-party. For the search group administrator (you), there are matching pool management, analytics of the user base, and much more. API is a location finder solution that summarizes the geographic parameters of mapped locations. The API sends HTTP requests and returns responses in JSON format. It also provides code samples in Ruby, Python, Node.js, PHP, and jQuery languages. offers free both free and paid access. Free access is restricted to 1,000 daily requests without email support, while paid access provides email support and charges $15, $25, and $50 for 2,000, 4,000, and 10,000 daily requests respectively. API is a data streaming platform for professional soccer competitions. The API generates full-season analyses for leagues, tournaments, teams, players, and all fixtures. It sends requests in HTTP protocol and returns responses in JSON format. The API's provider extends coverage to over 325 leagues and cup competitions around the world. However, the number of leagues accessible by the API depends on specific standard or customized plans priced at between EUR15 and EUR125.

iP.1 RESTful

iP.1 RESTful API is an integrative messaging solution for broad range of digital communication and web-based data collection instruments such as online surveys. The API automatically dispatches messages to target recipients of the surveys, questionnaires, e-forms, and WebSMS correspondences and allows real-time transmission of respondents’ feedback. iP.1 RESTful stands out as an effective solution for channeling bulk messages to large audiences. The API conveys requests and responses in JSON format.


myCloudData API facilitates the development of secure cloud-based data processing and storage solutions for desktop, mobile, and web applications. The API supports creation of tables and processing of metadata on the fly in addition to facilitating storage, retrieval and restricted sharing of data in cloud platforms. myCloudData is also readily compatible with IoT devices, thanks to its high-speed properties, solid architecture, and lightweight attributes. The RESTful API deploys JSON and HTTP formats in its request and response generation processes. Access requires paid subscription although free access is provided to a limited extent.

Google Consumer Surveys

Google Consumer Surveys API facilitates the use of Web and mobile apps in the creation and integration of surveys. Anchored on the Google Cloud Platform, the REST API incorporates the consumer surveys data gathering, moderation, and processing functionalities into web- and mobile-based research applications. Google Consumer Surveys conveys requests and responses in JSON and HTTP formats. Its authorization requires OAuth 2.0 authentication. Existing Google Consumer Surveys Enterprise customers can gain immediate access to the API through an invoicing contract while non Enterprise customers have to contact the company by email prior to gaining access.


Passable API is a free, lightweight, RESTful web service that developers can easily implement to prevent password hacking and breaches. Developers can send the hash of the password and its algorithm and will receive a 0 (insecure password), or 1 (secure password) response. Developers will find it even easier for them to connect to this API than implementing a password check for user sign-up: just send the request, and if the answer, is 1; it's ok for the user to sign-up, if it is 0 ask the user to type another password. Passable API is currently in beta.