247-BulkSMS is a bulk SMS service that is available for both direct use and resale. Its features include customizable sender IDs, message scheduling, multiple payment options, and more. Users can integrate the service's messaging gateway into their websites, applications, or systems using the API. Once integrated, the messaging gateway allows users to send SMS and check their account balances.


NetBulkSMS is a Nigerian bulk SMS provider that can deliver messages to more than 210 countries around the world, and instant message delivery is guaranteed. The NetBulkSMS API enables developers to send single and bulk SMS from their websites by integrating them with the NetBulkSMS messaging gateway.

USA.gov American Job Center Resource

Usa.Gov offers American Job Center Resource API, an application ideal for developers who aim to help job seekers to find government employment, training, and education. Users can find this API in ONet, a site that displays an interactive demo with REST services, responses, and resources. American Job Center API supports HTTP and XML formats. For more information about this API, developers can contact the staff via email. At the same time, they can connect in social media to interpret audience preferences.

Express SMS

Express SMS is a platform that allows users to send and receive text messages from their applications, websites, or systems. The platform provides international coverage along with intelligent routing, load distribution, and dynamic capacity management. Express SMS's messaging gateway can handle up to 1500 messages per second.

TripleClick SMS

TripleClick is a Nigerian bulk SMS service that can be branded with the user's business name for either direct use or resale. The TripleClick SMS API allows users to integrate the service's messaging gateway into their applications, websites, or systems. The messaging gateway enables users to deliver messages and check their account balances.

iWiz SMS

iWiz is a company that develops services geared toward businesses and entrepreneurs. One of these services is its SMS API, which allows users to send SMS to any GSM or CDMA mobile device in the world using a custom sender name. Users pay per SMS sent with no monthly fees. The iWiz SMS API enables developers to integrate the iWiz SMS Gateway into their websites and applications.


Sales.lv is a platform that enables users to automatically send SMS messages in order to provide reminders, confirm telephone numbers, perform two-factor authentication, and more. The Sales.lv API allows developers to integrate the ability to send SMS and to retrieve information on sent SMS into their own systems and applications.

TripAdvisor Content

TripAdvisor is one of the world's largest travel sites featuring reviews and advice on hotels, resorts, flights, vacation rentals, vacation packages, travel guides, and more. TripAdvisor's Content API allows access to business information on travel destinations. API calls can be made using HTTP requests to return data in JSON formats. The API returns rich data on ratings, prices, location, and reviews of travel-themed accommodations, restaurants, transportation, and hotels. The destination parameter will return top local restaurants with business details for each. The API is free to use for any developer that requests an API key and is approved.


Intlexc API provides users access to a cryptocurrency trading platform, using both public and authenticated methods. Users have the options to create their own private API keys or create public ones for their accounts. Depending on the needs of the users, Intlexc API provides different methods and in depth discussion on how to use its service. Intlexc is open to all users, individuals and businesses alike.


Badips.com is a free abuse tracker and IP monitoring community offering a way to report and compile blocklists of bad IPs. With an API key, developers can access Badips.com through a simple HTTP request RESTful API to receive a list of bad IPs along with specific individual IP information. Developers are also open to make a POST method to add new IPs to add to the directory.