The Bondora API allows developers to programmatically access the Bondora investment platform for European personal loans. These loans are funded directly by investors rather than through banks. All borrowers are risk-assessed and assigned into credit groups whose interest rates reflect their relative risk. Bondora loans are fixed-income investments that provide monthly returns in the form of principal and interest payments.


The ClearBlade API offers a scalable application development platform to integrate with existing applications. Features include micro services, real-time messaging, and analytics. This REST API responds in JSON, and uses Token for authentication. ClearBlade is based in Austin, and focuses on delivering enterprise software to companies around the world.


The Streamable API allows developers to implement streaming features into an application. What the documentation shows is related to video schema, upload a video, and import a video from an URL. The API is in JSON format accessible with OAuth2 authorization. Resources to interact with users are also available.

MapFruition Demographic Inquiry

The MapFruition Demographic Inquiry API is available in JSON format with an API Key. The API allows users to integrate demographic features such as population summaries, income, consumer expenditures, and educational level into applications. MapFruition provides GIS and GPS services to the government and the state. It also serves commercial clients.

MapFruition Spatial Operations

The MapFruition Spatial Operations API is available in JSON format and accessible with an API Key. The API allows developers to integrate GIS features into web services and web applications. With the API, developers can geocode a point location, analyze travel time from point to point, and generate travel time polygons useful to predict drive time. MapFruition provides GIS and GPS services to the government and the state. It also serves commercial clients.


The LotaData API provides integration of location features with the aim to target mobile advertising efforts. Protocols in JSON. Authorization with API Key. LotaData is a spatiotemporal intelligent service that predicts audiences' habits when they plan their day, attend social events, and shop at their favorite stores.

CoverMyMeds Pharmacy

The Cover My Meds Pharmacy API provides implementation resources to organize patients information in a pharmacy. Useful for developers who create healthcare projects that require medicine information, dose, and patients' data. The API is available in JSON format with an API Key.

Periscope Embed

The Periscope Embed API allows developers to programmatically create and customize graphs made from SQL data. Periscope connects directly to the user's SQL database, letting them run, save, and share analyses of billions of data rows in seconds. It automatically keeps charts and dashboards up-to-date so users won't need to run the same query repeatedly.

DusuPay Merchant

The DusuPay Merchant API allows developers to integrate the DusuPay payment channel into their websites, which enables them to handle online payments for goods, services, and utilities in Africa. DusuPay allows customers to make purchases online without the need for a credit or debit card by using their DusuPay account or a Dusu voucher purchased at a physical store, such as a supermarket or gas station.


The PatrolServer API allows developers to automatically scan their servers for outdated software. PatrolServer watches software manufacturers and adds the newest software versions and exploits to their system as soon as they become available. They also email all users for whom the updates are relevant so they can make the necessary changes. PatrolServer currently supports more than 5,100 software packages. Users can manage as many servers as they like from their PatrolServer dashboard.