Open311 allows developers to create third-party apps to report and view citizen neighborhood issues such as potholes to graffiti and more using a city's 311 reporting system. Now on version 1, the RESTful Inquiry API is the tool used to query the 311 database. HTTP GET calls can be sent to the API to list services and expand details on specific services. Information for specific cities accessible with Open311 can be found in the wiki. The API is heavily supported in New York City. The Inquiry API supports XML and JSON formats.

Google Enterprise License Manager

Located within the Admin SDK, the Google Enterprise License Manager API enables enterprise developers to programmatically manage their licenses. The API can be used to revoke a license, return a specific user's licensee by inputted product SKU, create and assign licenses, list all licenses associated with a specific product, and reassign SKUs with licenses. The API is constructed to be processed with HTTP and JSON formats.


migme is a social media service that offers chat, microblogging, and entertainment integrations to increase monetization through marketing and user onboarding. The RESTful migme API allows access to it's 9 million user base, enabling programmatic social media functionality, such as the acquisition of comprehensive user profile information, and the ability to invite friends, make a post, and bill a user for in-app purchases. The migme API is processed using HTTP requests and supports JSON formatting.


Clearent is an integration tool for eCommerce, combining sites, shopping carts, mobile interfaces, payment processing, and Point of Sale applications to create comprehensive payment-enabled eCommerce applications. The API is compatible with shopping carts such as ZenCart, OpenCart, OSCommerce, and custom user applications. Using the Clearent API, providers can process sales, authorizations, captures, refunds, and voids. The RESTful Clearent API is processed via HTTP. All requests require an API key for access. Clearent offers an API sandbox for testing purposes.

DOJ Law Jobs

The U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) Law Jobs API distributes available government legal job openings and vacancy announcements, sourced from the Office of Attorney Recruitment and Management. This digital distribution channel exists to make job openings more transparent to the public. This API is also the main data source for the DOJ law jobs mobile application. The API allows developers to filter responses by date and hiring specifications. HTTP GET requests to the API can be made to return responses in either JSON or XML formats.

DOJ News

The U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) News API aggregates over 14,000 press releases, speeches, blog entries, and announcements sourced from the Office of Public Affairs. These documents are available for digital distribution to create transparency for the Department's activities. GET HTTP requests can be sent to the API with options to filter by date, topic, or unique identifier to query the database. Results can be returned in either JSON or XML formats.

AppCorner is a discount listing service that catalogues deals and price drops on the App Store. Deals include iPhone, iPad and Mac discounted apps from App Store worldwide. The API can be integrated into 3rd party websites or applications to showcase special deals and earn commission through the iTunes Affiliate Program. The AppCorner project is open sourced and can be forked on GitHub. The AppCorner API uses JSON and is RESTful.

Jobs2Careers Publisher

Jobs2Careers is a site where users can search through job listings specific to their location. The Jobs2Careers Publisher API enables 3rd parties to add job content to monetize their sites. This job generating ad placement API also has the ability to query nearly 4 million job postings in the U.S. The API is web accessible and uses XML and JSON formats.


Terminal, supported by Cloudlabs, allows developers to build applications on virtual servers that mimic the convenience of local builds combined with the scalability of cloud services. Using Terminal, developers can manage instances and snapshots, manage versioning, and create applications that provision and duplicate code for others to use. The Terminal API can be used to access these virtual computing environments using HTTP requests and JSON-formatted responses. The API can specifically be implemented to create terminal instances, manage user permissions, manage terminal access, authorize keys, and more.

The Pressmon REST API queries an inputted word and returns it's different usages throughout varying languages. This is done by sourcing from press and literature in different languages which contain given words or word combinations, allowing one to retrieve examples of use of a word in different contexts. This tool could be useful for online dictionaries and other linguistic resources. Current available language categories for the API include: English, Spanish, Italian, German, Russian, French.