The Fleetio REST API allows developers to access the functionality of Fleetio for integration with other applications for fleet management needs. Some example API methods include retrieving vehicle information, retrieving and managing fuel information, and managing work orders. Fleetio is a fleet management system that allows customers to manage their vehicles and equipment.

Amazon WorkSpaces

The Amazon WorkSpaces API is one of Amazon Web Services many tools for developers to use. This API aids in creating, describing, rebooting, rebuilding, and terminating workspaces. There are several data types that the actions can use. The Amazon Workspaces API Developer Guide provides all the information developers will need to utilize these features of Amazon Web Services.

Atlassian Confluence SPM

This API allows you to manage your Confluence account and apps remotely - without needing to be logged-in via browser. Use the API to create new apps, enable and manage alerts, and access metrics and reports. Use of Confluence SPM requires the API Key for any accounts you would like to manage. See the API documentation for detailed information on all endpoints and instructions for getting started with Confluence SPM.

Flowplayer Drive

Drive by Flowplayer is a video management API. Use Drive to integrate video sharing, uploading, publishing, encoding, and metrics tools into your app. The REST API accepts calls and returns responses in JSON and authenticates via API Token. Drive is free for account holders with videos less than 4 minutes, and with Flowplayer branding. Upgrade to extend video limit and remove branding. See the API documentation for detailed descriptions of all API endpoints and code samples.


The Xverify API allows developers to integrate Xverify's real-time email verification platform into their applications or systems. It checks each email address to make sure the username is actually registered at the domain given. The platform comes with built-in fraud protection to make sure none of the addresses are from temporary accounts or linked to known fraudsters.


The LDS API allows developers to retrieve LDS.org's membership and calling directory. The API can serve the stake calling directory, stake photo directory, ward member and calling directory, and ward photo directory as well as member details. This information is returned wrapped, normalized, and sanitized for use with 3rd-party apps and services. LDS.org is the home page of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (Mormon church).


The Infogr.am REST API provides developers access to infographic creation, update, and download. This API identifies applications and users using OAuth-like protocol, responses are available in JSON format. Developers can get credentials for the API by following the instruction on the API home page. Infogr.am is a platform for creating, publishing and sharing infographics.

Statista Media

Statista Media API lets developers integrate its services into their websites, enabling them to generate relevant content to drive more traffic to their sites. Statista is an online statistics portal that aggregates data from thousands of sources. The two most common format used for this API are jSON and XML.

VineOS Landed Cost

VineOS's Landed Cost API calculates international brokerage fees, taxes and duties based on a customer's shopping cart details. The Landed Cost API uses JSON over HTTP and authenticates via API Key. See API documentation for a sample API requests and an API test client. VineOS connects with third-party APIs such as Google Analytics, PayPayl, UPS and more to provide ecommerce solutions.

Object RTC

The Object RTC API provides developers instructions and access to WebRTC. The API provides calls to send and retrieve media from various browsers and devices using real-time protocols. The Object RTC API is provided by WC3.