SocialRadar LocationKit

The SocialRadar LocationKit REST API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of SocialRadar LocationKit with other applications. Some example API methods include initializing locations services, retrieving single point locations, and streaming location data. SocialRadar's LocationKit is a location manager for applications and devices.

The REST API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of with other applications. Some example API methods include retrieving current Bitcoin market condition information, retrieving transaction details, and withdrawing Bitcoins. is a Bitcoin and cryptocurrency online trading portal.


The Wunderlist REST API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of Wunderlist with other applications. Some example API methods include retrieving lists, retrieving tasks within a list, and managing user accounts. Wunderlist is an application that lets users create, manage, sync, and share lists and tasks, as well as files.


The Forte API allows developers to integrate its payment platform into their projects. Specifically, the API allows users to send queries, retrieve detailed object information, and update or delete customer and transaction records. Forte offers a single-source payment processing solution that accepts all major card brands and is capable of handling recurring transactions.

Flipkart Affiliate

The Flipkart Affiliate API allows affiliates of the Flipkart e-commerce website to integrate with its services. Methods are available for retrieving product feeds, Deal of the Day offers, top offers, and more. Flipkart is an online megastore and one of India's top e-commerce websites. It offers more than 20 million products across categories that include books, apparel, jewelry, office supplies, home appliances, and many more.

Google Open Spherical Camera

The Google Open Spherical Camera API is a proposed set of commands for controlling spherical cameras with built-in WiFi. This should allow any app developed on any platform with this API to control a connected spherical camera that also implements this API. This documentation is composed of the Open Spherical Camera Manufacturer Guide, which provides API implementation guidance to manufacturers of spherical cameras, and the Open Spherical Camera API Specification, which describes the proposed set of commands for said cameras.

Twinword Text Analysis Bundle

Twinword Text Analysis Bundle API processes text analysis. This API offers various natural language processing features such as lemmatizer, sentiment analysis, and topic tagging. All services are included in one plan. Users could benefit from this NLP tool to analyze and understand human sentences.

Twinword Lemmatizer

Twinword Lemmatizer API returns the root of a word or roots of a string of words. For example, "dogs" to "dog" and "abilities" to "ability." If users sign up now to consume this API, the price is free and the time to use is unlimited.

Twinword Sentiment Analysis

Twinword Sentiment Analysis' free API returns sentiment analysis results with score for the given text. Because it allows to find the tone of a user comment or post, users can find positive and negative comments in social media platforms.

Twinword Word Associations

Twinwords Word Associations API gets word associations with semantic distance score. Because it aims to work with more than just synonyms, users can get related words of the same family like "cats" and "dogs." This API allows to find synonyms and related words for one word or a phrase.