National Agricultural Statistics Service CropScape

The National Agricultural Statistics Service CropScape API provides access to the cropland data layer. This data layer is geo-referenced and crop specific and is created using satellite imagery. The API is available in both RESTful and SOAP forms and returns data in Text, CSV and JSON formats.

National Agricultural Statistics Service Quick Stats

This API, provided through the USDA, provides access to the information in the Quick Stats database; an on-line database containing official published aggregate estimates related to U.S. agricultural production. Each request can return up to 50,000 records and supported formats include JSON, XML and CSV. Developers should register for an API key.


The Yozio REST API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of Yozio with other applications. Public documentation is not available; API access comes with account service. Yozio is a platform that helps mobile application publishers and advertisers grow their user base via deep linking, personalization, closed loop attribution, and other technology.

Language Detection

Language Detection currently detects 160 languages. It works by accepting text and displaying results with code and score. Available in JSON protocol, the API provides basic detection, batch requests, and secure mode (SSL). It requires an Api Key that can be accessed through Ruby, Java, Python, .NET, and PHP.

UC Berkeley CoolClimate

With the CoolClimate API, an initiative created by the University of California, Berkeley developers can create projects that calculate carbon footprints, measurement that assists with the individual management of climate impact. Available as a limited preview, users can access a set of parameters in an Excel document. They can also visit the CoolClimate Calculator homepage available at

Active Popular Activity Search

The Active Popular Activity Search API provides data associated to endurance, team sports, youth camps, tennis leagues, parks & recreation, fitness, classes, outdoor adventure, and business events. This API requires a key, features JSON format, and it returns a list of the most popular activities in the world. is an online community revolving around people and the sport and recreational activities that they like to do.

Active Campground

With the Active Campground API, developers can create applications with the goal to promote campgrounds available at the site This site contains planning trip guides, hunting & fishing licenses, and camping gear. Examples of data that users can access includes campgrounds with horses in the state of California and campgrounds in the state of Main that allow pets. The API is read-only and it requires an Api Key as authentication method. To test the API, visit - is an online community revolving around people and the sport and recreational activities that they like to do.

Active Campsite Search

The Active Campsite Search allows to access data from parks, campgrounds, and campsites located in the United States and Canada. Search filters include RV friendly, electricity, hunting, fishing, arrival date, and length of stay. Formats in JSON, REST, and XML facilitate the interaction with the API accessible with a Key. is an online community revolving around people and the sport and recreational activities that they like to do.

Microsoft Health Cloud

Preview Microsoft's Health Cloud API and leverage data from Microsoft Health in your own apps. The API uses HTTP GET methods and JSON data types with OAuth2 for authentication. Register for a developer account to receive your Client ID and Secret. Use Microsoft Cloud API to access user data like heart rate, step counts, or distance and activity data like run, bike, guided workout, or sleep activity. See the project documentation for full method descriptions and instructions on getting started.

Bugsnag Events

The Bugsnag Events REST API allows developers to access and integrate the event functionality of Bugsnag with other applications. The API methods include listing project events, retrieving event details, and managing events. Bugsnag is a software that detects and diagnose crashes in web or mobile applications.