Joysticket is a rewards platform and loyalty program that can be integrated to existing applications. It can be used as a recommendations platform to acquire more users or as a retention option for existing users. Joysticket features a community for users, and real time retention. The Joysticket API is REST based, and responds in JSON format.


The Reviso API allows developers to integrate accounting functions into their own applications and systems. Reviso provides all standard accounting features, such as online invoicing, reports, support for VAT schemes, and free access for accountants and bookkeepers. Reviso is 100% online and allows users to import data from their previous systems.


The Bookalope API allows developers to integrate manuscript analysis and conversion into their own applications. Bookalope can structure, clean, and convert manuscripts into e-books for Nook, iPad, or Kindle; into PDF print books; or into another file format for continued editing and design. All e-books produced with Bookalope validate and pass standard publishing industry tests.


The Weaver API provides tools for developers using the Weaver Internet of Things services and frameworks. Use of the Weaver API enables handling many devices with no relation to brand or vendor. Weaver strives for user-friendly, efficient, scalable, and cost effective service for developers connecting apps with IOT devices such as smart bulbs, thermostats, and much more.


The Gerencianet API allows developers to integrate its services for handling billing, payments, and receipts into their own applications. Gerencianet is a Brazilian intermediary payments company that allows users to issue bills or payment books to their customers and to get receipts for payments received. The Gerencianet website and API documentation are provided solely in Portuguese.

HTTP Library Test

The HTTP Library Test API allows developers to test different kinds of HTTP scenarios. All endpoint responses are JSON-encoded.

Volo Commerce

The Volo Commerce API allows developers to integrate their application with the Volo commerce platform. More information is available upon contacting the provider. Volo Commerce is a provider of multi channel ecommerce software and services.

Knurld Verification

The Knurld Verification API allows developers to verify a consumer's utterance of a word or phrase with that of a previously enrolled voiceprint. Knurld provides speech biometrics services, which can recognize not only what a person is saying but also verify is who is speaking.

Stellar Horizon

Stellar is a platform that helps developers in building financial products and applications. It features a decentralized distributed database, Multisig, and smart contracts. Horizon is Stellar's client-facing API server that connects to the ledger (Stellar Core). The Stellar Horizon API is REST based, and returns data in JSON format. It is used to submit transactions to Stellar Core, check status of accounts, subscribe to event streams, among other functions.

SYSTRAN Multimodal

The SYSTRAN Multimodal API enables developers to use the Multimodal features: Speech recognition, Image Processing, Text extraction.. SYSTRAN Platform is a collection of REST APIs, Client Libraries and samples for Text extraction, Translation, Multilingual dictionaries searches, Natural Language Processing (Language Identification, Segmentation, Morphological analysis, Speech to text and OCR).