Mycroft Assistant Integration

The Mycroft Assistant Integration API is a user-friendly web based API. Its purpose is to offer services that analyze the data of your company’s operations (such as current product balance, sales and receipts documents of your products, and accompanying guides), securely and with ease. To achieve its goals, the Mycroft Assistant system provides an open API based on XML technology, with HTTP Secure protocol and assures complete privacy and data integrity. Mycroft Assistant offers automated supply chain management solutions and helps small to mid-sized businesses avoid inventory overstocks/ shortages, reduce waste, cut costs, and maximize profitability.


The Coub web API allows you to send and retrieve data from the Coub server via HTTP requests and responses. Almost all of Coub's features are available through the API, such as querying and managing user and channel data, uploading coub videos, searching for a video or channel, and much more. A coub is a looped video that lasts about 10 seconds.


Knowtify offers engaging marketing experiences with email notifications, user insights, and customer behavior. The JSON API is available with Token authentication with the aim to integrate event data with transactional emails, segment data with digest emails, and behavioral data with behavioral emails. Knowtify is a company that intends to drive lifetime customer loyalty providing its engaging marketing platform.

MobiCart Store

MobiCart helps eCommerce website providers to create mCommerce mobile applications. Create native iPhone, iPad and Android apps that users can download from app stores and HTML5 web apps that are accessible from a mobile browser. MobiCart Store API aims to facilitate business transactions with mobile devices, providing API features such as store settings, shipping, tax, countries, and states. Available in JSON and XML format, this API can be accessed with a Key. Additional APIs that could enhance integration include Product API, Order API, and Department API.

CartoDB Maps

CartoDB Maps API offers database, data, and location services for developers interested in generating maps, working with JSON format. With the API, anonymous maps and named maps can be customized using SQL and CSS parameters. In addition to Maps API, CartoDB provides Data API, Import API, and SQL API.


Mailboxlayer offers a free JSON API for instant email validation and verification using SMTP, syntax checks, typo checks and suggestions, free and disposable provider filtering, an email quality score, and more. The system is REST-based, secured by 256-bit HTTPS encryption, and is designed to aid developers and businesses in fighting fraudulent users and increasing success rates of email campaigns.

DigitalGlobe Maps

The DigitalGlobe Maps API is a scalable, cloud-hosted solution that feeds beautiful, high-resolution map content straight into web or mobile applications. Developers can use the DigitalGlobe Maps API to access satellite, vector and terrain content as well as build captivating, location-based applications.

Robohash Image Generator

Robohash Image Generator API is available on Mashape in JSON format and API Key authentication method, with the goal to produce robot images for any text. Along with robots, aliens and monsters can also be displayed in IP address, email, filename, and userID. Created by independent developer


WordAi uses JSON and plaintext return to show spintax, or article spinning, a technique that aims to write various versions of a text with artificial intelligence. WordAi automatically creates human quality content. The machine understands word interaction, article rewriting, and human writer readability.


The Circuit API allows for extensive business collaboration and integration using such systems as ERP or CRM. Circuit is a collaboration tool that brings voice, video, screen sharing, file sharing, and messaging into a single view. Please register on and see the extensive API documentation, YouTube videos and blog posts.