The BetterWorks API allows developers to integrate enterprise goal-setting software into their applications. BetterWorks provides a single platform from which users can manage their strategic plans, collaborative goals, and ongoing performance conversions. BetterWorks uses S.M.A.R.T. (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, Time-bound) goals and OKRs (Objectives and Key Results) to help users formulate and achieve their business goals.


Alerta is a notifications platform that combines alerts from the same environment together to avoid duplicates in order to see only the most recent ones. Also, notifications can have multiple custom attributes and be tagged for monitoring purposes. The following alert sources are supported: Syslog, SNMP, Nagios, Zabbix, and Sensu. The Alerta API uses JSON for data exchange, and API Keys for authentication.


minimesos is an experimentation and testing environment for the Mesos cluster manager. It can create clusters which receive assertions from the API; after tests are done, the clusters are destroyed. This is a REST based API which exchanges data in JSON format. Container Solutions is an Amsterdam based software consultancy that offers R&D, and training services.


The StudentConnect API allows websites to validate the personal profiles of students that sign up for products that are restricted to, or targeted at, students enrolled in academic institutions. The API provides an integrative interface for filtering and retrieving the personal details of students from the databases of their respective colleges. Its provider, the Student Money Saver, is a vendor of proprietary solutions for building student databases for targeted marketing. Contact the API provider for its technical documentation.


Configure multiple Virtual Machines located across several data centers. Protect data while managing your disaster recovery options via access to iland’s console and cloud infrastructure using this REST API. Simplify your data footprint while monitoring resources. iland provides enterprise cloud hosting and other services.

Apizee Server

Apizee is a platform that integrates WebRTC technology, and adds real-time text, audio, and video capabilities to third party applications. This platform features visual collaboration, plugin-free web based communication, and presence-based text messaging. The Server API is used to obtain and delete recorded video streams, and exchanges information in JSON format. Apizee is a French SaaS firm that offers video-conferencing, enterprise collaboration, and telemedicine deployment streamlining.


This API is a waiting service for voice calls. Integrable on most systems, virutalQ reduces waiting hold times. Callers receive notice when a call agent is available via text, web or call back. Other options are to leave feedback after every call. It is also available to place a request via mobile app. Cross-Device User Identification

The Cross-Device User Identification API lets users submit a list of device identifiers and get back a list of identifiers that belong to the same users as those on the input list.'s technology can match devices to people and people to households. This service complies with Germany's consumer privacy laws.

Digital Bible Platform

The Digital Bible Platform API is a free service that lets users access Bible text, audio, and video programmatically. The Digital Bible Platform is a large repository of Biblical rich content. Users can access the Bible in more than 800 languages, get premium Bible audio, and get Bible videos designed for deaf viewers.


The Foneverify API integrates verification and security services into mobile applications. Available in JSON format with App Key. Parameters include CustomerID, VerificationID, TimeOut, and code.