Rich Citations

PLOS Labs's Rich Citations API automatically collects rich citation information from any PLOS article. It accessible through a web API, allowing developers and researchers to use rich citations from PLOS articles to build their own tools and databases.


The S3 Bubble is a cloud storage and media streaming service that syncs with an Amazon Web Services API. Through storing, selling, and streaming media S3Bubble states they are a revenue generating service. Currently in production, the API is meant to give users and developers more control in implementing the S3Bubble plugins.

Senfluence Social Media Monitoring

Senfluence was founded in 2007 with the goal to monitor social media. With the API Social Media Monitoring, developers have access to a demo key that will help to import results, search articles in Twitter, Facebook and other social media channels, and monitor in autopilot. The API supports XML and JSON formats. Once developers register, they will choose between several pricing options according to the number of services requested. In the site, users will have access to an API Key, an API Syntax, and an API response.


SMSBump is a multi-channel messaging service that is capable of delivering messages to more than 200 countries and networks. It can send SMS, VMS, USSD, MMS, and WhatsApp messages. The SMSBump API allows users to send any of these kinds of messages and to check their account balances programmatically.


2PEAK helps users create and stick to training plans for cycling, running, swimming, triathlons, MTB, and cross-country skiing. The service responds dynamically to changes in the users' plans and helps calculate an appropriate training load. 2PEAK also includes a nutrition app that specifies what and how much the user should be eating based on their activities. The 2PEAK API enables developers to access the entirety of 2PEAK's Dynamic Training Platform from their applications.

Vacation Labs Tours & Activities

Vacation Labs is a marketing and technology platform for tour operators. It allows tour and activity operators to manage all their content, rates, inventory, and bookings on a cloud-based SaaS platform. It allows them to distribute their products to various marketplaces via APIs. Using this API marketplaces can get a unified feed of all tours and activities that are being managed on the Vacation Labs platform. Individual tour operators can also use these APIs to build custom tools around the platform.

TripAdvisor Content

TripAdvisor is one of the world's largest travel sites featuring reviews and advice on hotels, resorts, flights, vacation rentals, vacation packages, travel guides, and more. TripAdvisor's Content API allows access to business information on travel destinations. API calls can be made using HTTP requests to return data in JSON formats. The API returns rich data on ratings, prices, location, and reviews of travel-themed accommodations, restaurants, transportation, and hotels. The destination parameter will return top local restaurants with business details for each. The API is free to use for any developer that requests an API key and is approved.

Dandelion dataTXT-NEX

dandelion dataTXT-NEX is a semantic API to extract meaning and insights from texts in several languages (Italian, English, German, Portuguese and French at the moment). Understanding text has never been so easy, especially short texts, such as tweets and other social media. <br/> dataTXT-NEX extracts entities (such as persons, places, concepts, organizations and events), augments the text with tags and links to external knowledge graphs and more. There is a wide range of use cases like: enriching existing databases, building smart search engines and recommender systems on document collections, adding location knowledge to web apps, automatically tagging products on e-commerce sites, using data to create infographics and marketing research, giving context to web apps, and many more! <br/> dataTXT-NEX easily scales to support billions of queries per day and can be adapted on demand to support custom and user-defined vocabularies. Additional languages are available on demand. <br/> The website provides contact e-mail, forum and a support link to facilitate application development.


Intlexc API provides users access to a cryptocurrency trading platform, using both public and authenticated methods. Users have the options to create their own private API keys or create public ones for their accounts. Depending on the needs of the users, Intlexc API provides different methods and in depth discussion on how to use its service. Intlexc is open to all users, individuals and businesses alike.


250ok is a software company that specializes in email delivery. 250ok provides businesses and organizations with necessary insight to identify and prevent potential risks and issues with delivering messages to their recipients. 250ok API provides its customers the freedom to share and use its application data however they want. In addition to being able to both read data and interact with the application using POST/PUT, 250ok customers can also choose the desired output format i.e. JSON, XML, CSV, or serialized for their data.