Robohash Image Generator

Robohash Image Generator API is available on Mashape in JSON format and API Key authentication method, with the goal to produce robot images for any text. Along with robots, aliens and monsters can also be displayed in IP address, email, filename, and userID. Created by independent developer


WordAi uses JSON and plaintext return to show spintax, or article spinning, a technique that aims to write various versions of a text with artificial intelligence. WordAi automatically creates human quality content. The machine understands word interaction, article rewriting, and human writer readability.


The Circuit API allows for extensive business collaboration and integration using such systems as ERP or CRM. Circuit is a collaboration tool that brings voice, video, screen sharing, file sharing, and messaging into a single view. Please register on and see the extensive API documentation, YouTube videos and blog posts.


The SignalFx API allows developers to submit data points, extract raw data, execute analytics jobs, and more. Users can send all of their metrics and events to SignalFx for processing, storage, and analysis. Data can be sent at any scale and at frequencies up to every second. The API allows developers to perform the same tasks as they could through the SignalFx web interface, and then some.

Indigo Domotics

The Indigo Domotics API allows developers to integrate methods for monitoring and controlling their smart home devices into third-party applications. Comprehensive scheduling and triggering features allow users to not only control their smart homes, but to automate them as well. Indigo Domotics offers support for hundreds of popular smart devices, and users can customize its graphical user interface to their liking.


The Glidera API provides Bitcoin buy and sell capabilities to existing applications. This API uses OAuth 2 authentication, and requires an account to access its intermediary services. Glidera does not hold funds and manages banking, liquidity, and fraud challenges.


The InPlayer API service brings developers a tailored experience and white-labeled management from all parties that are interested in taking on the direct-to-API approach. In the time of AWS, distributed systems, and expanding need for integration and growth, the InPlayer API has grown into its own CMS-as-a-Service and User-Management-as-a-Service. The API document and key is only available to registered users. For more information and to register, contact InPlayer at InPlayer allows media publishers to monetize videos via video ads within the player, user data capture, and paywall within videos, and other services.

Smoke Reports

The Smoke Reports API provides developers a way to access a growing list of more than 16,000 cannabis strains, extracts, edibles, products, producers, seed companies and dispensaries. Smoke Reports is one of the largest cannabis databases on the planet.

adjust KPI Service

The adjust KPI Service API allows developers to retrieve statistics on the mobile applications that they track with adjust. Adjust is a business intelligence platform designed for mobile app marketers. It provides information on where the user's customers are coming from, as well as advanced analytics and app store statistics.

Zip Code to USEAC

The Zip Code to USEAC API provides developers direct access to the U.S. Export Assistance Centers (USEACs) that have been assigned to all of the 40,000+ zip codes in the United States. This API has outputs in JSON format, and the data set gets updated weekly. The International Trade Administration (ITA) strengthens the competitiveness of U.S. industry, promotes trade and investment, and ensures fair trade through the rigorous enforcement of our trade laws and agreements.