BTCXIndia is an India-based BitCoin exchange service, allowing users to see real time prices and BitCoin market data compared to the Rupee. Customers may buy, sell, or trade BitCoin with Rupees, using the online wallet service to host their digital currency. Currently in an open beta, BTCXIndia hosts a simple ticker API that will respond with important market information. Calls to the API can return BTC to INR pricing, high, low, and average daily prices, volume of trades in the last 24 hours, last traded prices, highest buy order, lowest sell order, and more. The ticker for BTCXIndia may be accessed via XML or JSON formatted requests made to the HTTP endpoint.


Huobi is a Chinese BitCoin and cryptocurrency online exchange service. Using the Huobi Trade API, users can submit transaction requests with HTTP POST methods in order to buy, sell, or trade BitCoin. Users may also use the Trade API to check and modify existing orders, return account balances, and perform account maintenance. The Huobi Quotes API can be used to receive market data and cryptocurrency pricing information. Huobi also offers web-sockets for easy web implementation.


OKCoin is a Singapore-based BitCoin and futures exchange platform. Using the OKCoin Trade API, OKCoin users can exercise programmatic access to real time cryptocurrency market data, account management, and to check transaction history. The Price API can be called upon to value cryptocurrency prices in comparison to the U.S. dollar and to return latest trade information. Similarly, the Futures REST Price and Trade APIs allow OKCoin users to manage their accounts and perform similar functions but in regards to trading futures. OKCoin also hosts websocket APIs for their Trade and Public APIs. All HTTP requests to the OKCoin API will return JSON-formatted responses. Developers can apply for API access from their OKCoin account.


Localist is an online calendar, event management and event promotion service. The Localist API is a simple HTTP interface that returns JSON formatted responses. Developers may access this read-only API in order to retrieve geographic information, data on events, recent activity, user-submitted reviews and photos, organization & group information, and more. Currently there are no defined usage limitations for the Localist API. The Localist REST API is included as a part of the enterprise-level Localist software package. All requests require OAuth signature for use.

YouTube Analytics

YouTube Analytics allows to retrieve data from an application related to statistics, popularity metrics, and demographic information. This API is particularly useful for channel owners who want to quantify data from YouTube videos uploaded in a channel. Some of the alternatives to benefit from the API include to build custom reports to display YouTube Analytics data, automate reporting tasks, integrate YouTube Analytics data with other business applications, and build mobile applications that integrate YouTube Analytics data.

YouTube Live Streaming

YouTube Live Streaming allows to create, update, and manage live events on YouTube. Music executives, artists, and independent entrepreneurs could benefit from this API because they could schedule broadcasts to associate them with video streams. Some of the options to use this API include to enable users to predefine broadcast settings, associate video streams and broadcasts, enable broadcasters to define information about a broadcast using the YouTube Data API at the same time, and simplify transitions between broadcast states such as testing and live.

Telematic REST

This REST based API provides developers easy access to the telematics data of a vehicle fleet. Service providers may install and connect their cars in seconds to the Internet of Things. Examples implementation scenarios include: receiving the location of your cars, measuring driving behavior, receiving alarms and warnings, and managing geo-fences.


Fingerbank is a service that determines what type of device is connected to a network. It does this by exposing the device's MAC unique identifier address and analyzing the order of DHCP commands to determine device and operating system. This type of information can be utilized by Network Access Control administrators who want to target content to specialized devices, ignore features to certain devices, or use this data for web visitor analytics. Visitors to the site may either query the fingerprint database, download the database as an SQL database, or implement the Fingerbank API to make calls directly from applications. Users may register for API access with Fingerbank through their GitHub accounts. Indian Railways

Through their mobile apps, web interface, and public API, offers gateways for accessing real time train information on the Indian Railway database. Calls to the API can be made to return a list of stations with associated geolocation data. The API can also return unique train ID given two locations, return the route of a given a train number, calculate the fare between destinations, check Passenger Number Statuses, return the live status of any given train, infer seat availability and booking logistics, track train timing, and more. Usage limitations require calls to be made from a single IP server, requests are per IP address, and no more than 5 calls a second may be made. All HTTP requests to the API return JSON-formatted responses, and an API key is required for usage.

Hacker News

Hacker News has made it's data available for programmatic access in near real time for iOS & Android and web-enabled devices that implement Firebase. Using the server API, calls can be made to retrieve news, updates, comments, jobs, polls, and more, all by using unique identifiers. HTTP calls will return JSON-formatted responses that include actual text from articles, titles, as well as associated metadata and URL links. Though Hacker News plans to unveil an OAuth API in the future to access user data, currently the API is free for public consumption.