The Ents24 API gives developers access to the UK’s most comprehensive live entertainment database. The API is REST based with CORS enabled. Ents24 allows users to browse and buy tickets for music events in the UK. Users can follow performers for gig alerts.

FNA Platform

The FNA Platform API allows developers to access financial network data in the form of a time series. The FNA platform is a cloud-based solution that is designed to model, analyze, and visualize financial networks. It can connect to databases or online data sources and automate data analytics to enable real-time, data-based decision-making.

Perfect Scraper

The Perfect Scraper API enables developers to retrieve information on all Walmart purchases available from a consumers savings catcher account. This API is Rest based.


With the Pepipost API, you can connect Pepipost to a CMS, your application server, blog platform, and more for instant sending of transactional mails. The custom developed HTTP API can send up to 1000 emails per API call. Since a single API call can suffice for multiple email addresses, it can reduce bandwidth costs significantly. In addition, you can track statistics for number of emails sent, bounces and spam complaints. Pepipost is a reliable and scalable email delivery engine.


The Deepviz API allows developers to interact with the Deepviz sandbox to submit malware samples and retrieve analysis reports on them. Deepviz is designed to help users analyze, correlate, and understand key information about malware. This may include whether the malware is well-known or unique to a given environment, the communication infrastructure used by the malware, and the behaviors of a specific object.

Traity Insurance

The Traity Insurance API secures users' transactions with the aim to increase trustworthiness of startups' members. It provides methods in JSON format and access with OAuth2. Once developers implement insurance in an application for a given transaction, users will be able to report claims. Traity is a platform for helping users maintain online reputations.

Catalyze.io Mock

The Catalyze.io API is available as a simulation for initial implementation in healthcare practices. Documentation includes JSON protocols and access with API Key. Developers can use the API to create projects that require HIPPA compliance to protect patients' privacy rights. Catalyze is a HIPPA compliant, healthcare software company.

Forio Data

Forio provides an education simulation platform to universities and organizations. The Forio Data API allows develpoers to integrate with the platform and create, access, and manipulate data. With interaction in JSON and REST & access via token, developers can customize applications for analysis and predictions.


Pilot is a Point of Sale and Web Store platform for retailers that sell parts and accessories. It created by marine supplier Crowley Systems to support retail and online sales. The Pilot API allows developers to integrate sales features into applications. In particular, orders and users. Developers can interact with the API in JSON and REST protocol. Api access with Key. SSL support available.


The Opencart API allows developers to integrate shopping cart functionality into their own websites and systems, as well as manage the checkout process. The API includes methods for creating, reading, updating, and deleting store data. Opencart is an open source shopping cart system and ecommerce solution. The API supports Opencart versions 1.5.x and 2.