Zendesk Zopim

Zendesk is a software as a service company that provides businesses with different communication tools. The Zendesk Zopim API enables developers to integrate the Zendesk Chat service into their applications. With this API, users of the applications can interact with each other by chat.

Base Commerce

The Base Commerce API provides numerous functions for developers to utilize. These functions of the API pertain to credit card processing, ACH processing, secured vault, and a push notifications platform. The API allows companies to easily accept payments to help minimize fraud and keeps their margins high.

Wowza REST

Wowza Streaming Engine software has REST Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) that can be used to manage, configure, and monitor the media server with HTTP requests. Wowza Streaming Engine 4.1 includes a servlet that provides access to runtime documentation of these REST APIs as a preview feature. The documentation is displayed as JSON data in the Swagger user interface (v1.2). Developers can use the "Try it out!" buttons in the Swagger UI to control the Streaming Engine software if they acquire a preview license.


audioBoom provides audio content from major sports and media outlets, as well as smaller podcasters. Content hosted on audioBoom can be shared via the website, embeddable players, mobile applications, and social media websites. The audioBoom API provides users with access to almost every function the site offers. Full documentation for the API is available on GitHub.


SparkPost's API enables client applications to integrate with SparkPost and perform actions associated with account management, message generation, and reporting. JSON is the basis for its request input and response format. SparkPost is built by Message Systems.

1Linx Operator Look Up

1Linx Operator Look-Up API allows you to find out the carrier tied to a specific number. This way, you can authenticate the validity of a number and determine if it is a land line, VOIP, or mobile number. Coverage includes US and Canada. Don’t waste your messages on a customer that can’t receive them! As a marketer you already know the value of quality data. With 1Linx’s Operator Look-Up, you can: -Stop hackers in their tracks. -Receive intelligent data on patterns and the history of the phone type, so you can flag high-risk transactions or outright block them. -Increase the rate of successful calls. -Reduce false leads, improperly formatted numbers, or other inaccurate information - and make you next customer call successful. -Ensure the phone number can receive SMS messages. -Enables you to know the origin of the number, and - if it’s a mobile number - confirm that the carrier allows SMS messages.

Neofonie TXT Werk API

TXT Werk is a lightweight text analytic API that specializes in analyzing German texts. Using TXT Werk, users can easily get information from any unstructured text data and can quickly digest information of any size. This API provides the following features: Entity Recognition and Linking to Freebase URI, Concept Tagging with Freebase URI, Keyword Extraction, Category Classification and Date Recognition.

Amazon Cloud Drive

The Amazon Cloud Drive API is a REST-based API that developers can add to web, desktop or mobile applications. The Amazon Cloud Drive API provides the ability for developers to let their customers access the photos, videos, and documents they have saved in Amazon Cloud Drive. The Amazon Cloud Drive API is free and offers the experience to put your own creative spin, as a developer, to how the users upload, view, edit, download, and organize their digital content using your app. The Amazon Cloud Drive API can offer confidence and peace of mind to your customer, as their content is safe and accessible from Amazon Cloud Drive.


Search hashtags on multiple social networks and more all in one API! Hashedtags is a REST API that can receive hashtag search results. It can sort and return result fields such as ID, Type, Image, and more.

Time Extractor

Time Extractor API allows the extraction of time and date information from text. This API is able to identify several types of objects such as, absolute dates, relative dates (e.g. "Monday", "yesterday", "next month"), times, date/time intervals, durations, duration intervals and their combinations, recurring dates, and time zones. Time Extractor API can parse plain text or HTML and returns extracted information as JSON structured data.