The JsonOdds API allows developers to integrate odds data for MLB, NBA, NCAA Basketball, NCAA Football, NFL, NHL, MMA, soccer, and tennis into their own websites and applications. JsonOdds is a sports betting odds service designed specifically to provide developers with the data they need to create their own applications.

Zeit Now

The Zeit Now API allows developers to programmatically orchestrate Node.js deployments in the cloud. Zeit is a project designed to make cloud computing as easy and accessible as mobile computing. The entirety of Zeit's command-line deployment tool is made available for users to remix.


The Recombee API allows developers to access its real-time recommendations cloud service programmatically using a sophisticated query language. Recombee is a recommendations system as a service that uses data mining, flexible query language, and a variety of machine learning algorithms (including collaborative filtering and content-based recommendation) to provide useful recommendations.


The Bibler API provides full-text access to information searches and English translation comparisons of the Holy Scripture. Requests submitted to the RESTful API generate JSON-formatted responses. Developers can freely integrate the Bibler API into their own platforms or use it in pilot programs of other apps, for as long as they submit reasonable number of requests at a time.


The Investifly API is an integrative builder solution for testing and piloting a diverse range of automated trading techniques in virtual environments prior to deploying them in live trading platforms. The RESTful API is a full release that is accompanied by a Java SDK. It strictly uses JSON format to send requests and return responses. The API’s provider, Investfly LLC, is a leading provider of automated and analytical platforms for algorithmic trading strategies, virtual stock exchange trading, stock market game, and technical stock screener solutions. The Investifly API can be integrated with trading APIs provided by Tradier Inc. and Interactive Brokers.

UAE Car Registration

UAE Car Registration API aids the real-time retrieval of registration details along with technical data and functionality characteristics of vehicles bearing UAE number plates. Instead of prodding automobile sellers for vehicle descriptions, users can use the SOAP-based API to access crucial government-sourced automobile information including: model type, year of manufacture, year of registration, engine size, vehicle identification number, gross weight, displacement, and 50 other descriptive data fields. The API deploys both XML and JSON formats in the conveyance of requests and responses. Its coverage extends across all the seven emirates of the UAE comprising: Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Dubai, Fujairah, Ras Al Khaimah, Sharjah, and Umm Al Quwain.

CityFALCON Financial News

CityFALCON offers foreign exchange, commodities, and stocks services by providing portfolios with a variety of online publications. This information is based on the user's trading preferences. The Financial News API integrates an application with a curated publication service which sorts news by paywall, publication type, and tweet categories. This API uses JSON for data exchange, and API Keys for authentication. Developers need to register to access API documentation.

URL Sensei

URL Sensei allows developers to integrate Whois lookup and screenshot capabilities to existing applications. Viewport, delay and "javascript/image loading" options can be customized by using the screenshot endpoint. URL Sensei offers 3 paid plans, and one free trial with a limit of 500 combined requests per month. The URL Sensei API uses JSON data format for data exchange, and API Keys for authentication.

Mutual Funds NAV - India

The Mutual Funds NAV - India API returns mutual funds information from the Association of Mutual Funds of India (AMFI). This API supports searching by name, scheme code or International Securities Identification Number (ISIN), and returns data in JSON format.

Space Bunny

Space Bunny is an Internet of Things platform that can be used to monitor live streams, and to remotely control devices. This platform features safe message queues, user management, protocol bridging, and data stream separation. The Space Bunny API supports smart home and industrial application development. This API exchanges information in JSON format, and uses API Keys for authentication.