If developers have been looking for a different, yet strong password protection API, Passwd could be the ideal documentation for app creation. Three categories can be seen in the API site to classify password security: secure, super secure and insanely secure. Nowadays it is not enough to have the same access code for multiple sites, that is why a good combination of letters and numbers from 8 to 62 characters might work to prevent unwelcome access from hackers. The API features JSON and JSONP protocols with the parameters of name, type and values. Simple examples, and immediate support available for developers.


When consumers have an ailment, they usually go to the doctor. Many times doctors recommend dietary changes in order to preserve health. FoodCare offers personalized nutrition for users from the comfort of a mobile phone. Unlike other apps, FoodCare uses a community based approach, where individuals, restaurants, schools, senior communities and hospitals can benefit from the specialized information from registered dieticians and nutrition educators. This is where developers have an ample opportunity to create apps with the FoodCare API. To get started, developers need to apply for a key. Various features in the API documentation site include cuisine types, health conditions, dishes and restaurants for a more complete application development.


Inbox is a tool that compiles all mail carriers into a single easy to use web service. It streamlines the email experience by giving added control over the collection & cataloguing process. The Inbox RESTful API allows one to access, modify, and filter incoming mail from popular providers like Gmail or Microsoft Exchange. Old protocols such as IMAP or MIME are thus not a problem using Inbox API. Mailbox API uses Threads and Tags to delineate and classify objects, and is enterprise compatible.


Skynet is an API for the internet of things. With a collaborative approach, Skynet offers an API that helps developers to make drones dance, turn on hue light bulbs and control electronic devices like Belkin WeMo. This hybrid cloud API also offers to send and receive messages to and from devices to monitor sensor activities. The main value of Skynet is a chrome app already built in the market named NodeBlu. This app helps developers to experiment with easy dragging, dropping and writing in their own terms. Some of the features of this API include status, devices, messages, events and data. The site provides examples in REST, a demo and social media for additional support.


Imgflip is a SFW image generator targeted to the youth culture. In this site, teenagers can caption memes, make a gif from video, make a gif from images and even make a pie chart. Using the API, developers can reach a younger audience in their internet practices. The main value of this API is the possibility to make a paid version, even if at the moment it’s free. The paid version can occur when developers contact Imgflip directly. Imgflip API uses REST and JSON interfaces. In the documentation site, developers can see how to implement the API to get memes and to caption images with their respective examples of success and failure responses. Imgflip API can work for developers interested in the youth culture and it can make revenue when agreed by both parties involved, the Imgflip and the developer team. is the API in beta that developers might find beneficial to create activities in a local community. This API aims to provide an intuitive approach for consumers who tend to choose events targeted to their preferences. From the administrator perspective, the API serves as an organizer to spread the word of an event, track attendees, manage the activity and receive feedback for improvement. Developers in public relations industries who manage big events can benefit from this API, since according to the site the interface keeps concerts, marathons and shows digitally organized from beginning to end. API offers the features of user, search, event, stream, avatar and notification. Even though the site publishes worldwide events, technical support is available where developers can submit tickets for a personalized mashup creation.

Carousel SMS

Carousel is a simple HTTP API designed to send high volume SMS messages to mobile devices in scalable campaigns. The service allows organizations to operate outside of carrier-enforced sending limits by pooling numbers and managing links between those numbers and end-users. Developers can schedule when messages will be sent, and keep record of detailed message logs and analytics. Carousel's platform also offers optional callbacks, and modules for increased functionality and the automation of certain tasks. Messages can be arbitrary in length, and for long messages that exceed text limits, customizable character, word or sentence boundaries can be applied to break up the message.

Exceptiontrap Notifier

Exceptiontrap is a hosted Ruby on Rails and PHP error tracking and exception monitoring service. The provider's goal is to allow users to be notified about all errors & exceptions in your app, in real-time. Exceptiontrap also aims to collect relevant information, group similar errors together and let the user manage and fix errors faster.

OpenCage Geocoder

OpenCage Geocoder combines multiple geocoding systems and lots of open data to provide geocoding and reverse geocoding services that cover the entire world. Users are free to display geocoding results on any type of map and even use those results for commercial purposes. The OpenCage Geocoder API does not currently support bulk geocoding, but users are encouraged to request it if they want it.


OrganiTask is a web-based task management application that allows users to create and manage tasks from anywhere with any browser. Users can edit multiple tasks at once, create templates for tasks, organize tasks on a calendar, upload files to tasks, and download those files at any time. Tasks can be categorized and filtered using contexts, folders, tags, and other criteria. Users with a pro account can use the OrganiTask API to create and retrieve tasks programmatically.