The Predikt API is available for partners interested to integrate prediction features into applications. The API is helps users screen job candidates and search jobs. Formats include JSON, REST, and XML. Users can try a free demo that demonstrates how to identify job candidates. Predikt helps users discover talent and screen candidates for hiring and talent acquisition. is a hackable text editor. The API allows users to customize contents of the editor., the open source program in JSON protocol and accessible with API Key, is available for download directly from the site serving as a platform as a service for developers.

SkyWay JavaScript

The SkyWay API available in English and Japanese languages, allows to develop real time applications with WebRTC features. The JavaScript version works with desktop devices, while the iOS & Android components are compatible with mobile devices. JSON and REST protocols accessible with Api Key.


The Parsebot API allows developers to extract content from a website. The API is useful to embed articles, images, video and audio directly into a developer's applications. Responses in JSON and authentication with API Key. Guides are available to maximize API calls, embed data, and send & receive responses.


The NumVerify API allows developers a way to validate International and National phone numbers. Requests are made using a simple URL structure, and results are delivered in JSON format.


ZipBooks provides small businesses with free invoicing software. The ZipBooks API allows for the creation of ZipBooks' users in its user-friendly online invoicing service. Developers can also use this tool to create and update clients, projects, tasks, time, create estimate and expenses, and more.

Deal Hunt Daily Deals

The Daily Deals API offers a retail platform to integrate in existing applications. It delivers product deals and coupons from stores such as Amazon and Ebay. This RESTful API responds in XML or JSON format, and it uses the API key authentication type. The Daily Deals API is still in beta development.


The TorrentProject API offers a search engine for torrent files to integrate in existing applications. It features JSON responses and RSS feeds. TorrentProject is still in development but over 9 million torrents are indexed, and currently offers over 80 trackers.


The Onfleet API provides a local delivery system to integrate in existing applications. Features include metrics monitoring, driver support, and SMS integration. This REST API responds in the JSON format, and makes use of the HTTP basic access authentication. Onfleet focuses on developing logistic systems.

Fiz FizPlaces

The FizPlaces API provides location based feedback with customized capabilities. High quality content for all locations, and up to 20 pieces of informaton can be shown per place (plus custom content). This REST API responds in the JSON format, and uses the OAuth2 method for authorization. Fiz focuses on aggregating 'experiential' travel content, and supplying custom feeds to travel, hotel, and leisure companies.