allows to create thumbnails and screenshots of videos and websites. The API offers services free of charge and options that require payment for additional capacity. A particularity of this API is that users can test the screenshot generator before register on the site. After sign up, they can choose a plan according to the number of screenshots required for a development plan.

Scout App

Scout App aims to provide a server with a clean and reliable hosted solution to monitor Linux servers and apps. When users integrate 2 lines of code, they can monitor data applications and servers built in Linux. This API is valuable to customize plugins, assign roles, and perform HTTP POST or webhook calls. In the site Scout offers API information related to ground rules, fetch alerts, roles, and notifications. Scout currently monitors the servers of AirBnB and The New York Times.


Kandy offers cloud services in real time for voice, video, co-browsing, SMS, WebRTC, mobile, analytics, and conferences. The API is about cloud services for businesses. In the site, developers can find request format, response format, and response codes. Authentication and security are also available to facilitate integration.

Vufind Real Time Recognition

Vufind offers deep-learning analytics with the aim to understand behavioral persona for e-commerce purposes. Photo recognition can be integrated to websites and apps with Real Time Recognition API. Video recognition is available as well. However, at this point video is part of a premium feature. 2 privacy notes are available. The first one mentions that photo analytics are based on 100% algorithmic computer vision and no humans inspect the pictures. The second one indicates that videos are not stored on Vufind and developers don't need to supply Facebook or Twitter ID for the user.

Vufind Social

Vufind believes in using profits for the good for humanity. The company offers social analytics services collected from photos, videos, text, likes, shares, and clicks. Because most users connect to social media everyday, Vufind offers Social API, an application that integrates artificial intelligence to e-commerce activities in websites and applications. The site offers various APIs: submit check-in, submit comment or tweet, and submit FB page like. Each API includes description, method, parameters, and response.

Wise is a machine learning company that aims to provide value with target market, client retention, customer behavior, and marketing automation services. The API is about machine learning. It helps developers to integrate handwritten digit recognition, spam filtration, political party affiliation recognition, and activity recognition with sensor data as mentioned in the examples of the website. API documentation is available on HTTP and Pyhton. At a later stage, Wise will offer Twitter sentiment, event recommendation, and language detection features.

Landlord Secure

Landlord Secure is UK based, servicing landlords by offering referencing, insurance, eviction services, and tenant tracing. Developers may add programmatic tenant tracking to their web systems by accessing the Landlord Secure REST API. HTTP GET calls to the API will return JSON arrays. The API is broken into 4 categories. The Referencing API will take a keyword name and query a database to search for related documents and personnel profiles. The Account API retrieves information about the account that is using the API, allowing general management as well. The Property API will retrieve any stored information about a specific property. The Document API accepts a unique ID to retrieve a specific document. Landlord Secure also offers web-hooks to notify landlords about changes to reference documents.


SITA specializes in air transport communications and IT solutions. SITA BagJourney API presents passengers the option to track baggage in real time using mobile devices. The BagJourney API aims to provide integration services in the complex world of baggage management. One of the development options of BagJourney API include to access the real-time status of a bag using either a bag tag number or a passenger surname. The other alternative is to obtain a list of bag tags for a particular flight. More events' choices are available. A particular benefit is to check delayed tags of a flight. This means no more lost luggage at the airport.


MuninMX is a service for monitoring CPU usage, processes, load, memory, and more. It can scale to thousands of nodes without suffering IO or CPU problems, and it queries those nodes on a timescale measured in seconds rather than minutes. MuninMX also comes with custom plugins, alert notifications, and user permissions management capabilities.

ImRaising Public

ImRaising is a service for helping users raise stream donations. It allows users to add sounds, widgets, and text files to their streams for free. In the future, a small fee may be implemented. The ImRaising Public API allows users to receive notifications for stream donations, get donation information, get a list of top donors, and send test donations.