Credly Social Management

With Credly Social Management, developers can manage relationships between users from groups, memberships and affiliations in other sites. Since Credly is a service that authenticates digital badges, the function Contact List of this API could be particularly beneficial to aggregate and update lists of contacts who want be identified with professional certifications. This deal helps consumers to display badges in communities and associations. Partners who intent to organize long lists of class rosters could value this API because it assists to create new directories, manage feeds and retrieve follower information. Registration is recommended to test endpoints for authentication.

Credly User Management

Credly authenticates digital badges to recognize users when they reach life accomplishments. As stated in the site, the service verifies, shares and manages credentials. This is useful for consumers who intent to showcase their work through online communities, and professional associations. For developers, partners and startups the API user management could be beneficial because they could organize users' data to predict future trends of badge recognition in additional learning environments. This API is about user management. To start application development, it is recommended to create an account and test endpoints. In the site, developers can find registration, user profile, e-mail addresses and password and organization management methods.

Sipcentric PBX

Sipcentric PBX enables businesses to create virtual Private Branch Exchange (PBX) systems. These systems are suitable for businesses of all sizes and can be scaled up or down as needed. The Sipcentric PBX Developer API enables users to access the platform's core features - such as initiating calls, and sending text messages - and integrate them into their own applications. is a simple service for finding postal addresses using REST calls. This API is free to use for most apps and websites, and users can make unlimited requests from their accounts. This API is being updated continuously on a daily basis.

Mozello Reseller

Mozello is a website builder allowing non-developers to create professional-looking websites with cross device compatibility and SEO features. Registered Mozello resellers may forward users to Mozello via simple URLs, or may implement the Mozello Reseller API into their own platforms or applications to further control the system. The API accepts HTTP requests and returns JSON objects. API tokens are required for authorization.


AeroFS offers a Private Cloud file sharing service that interacts behind a company's firewall, mitigating the security risk of file-sharing on a public cloud. AeroFS Private Cloud hosts a RESTful API that uses JSON protocol for both response and request bodies to facilitate communication and perform audit control for accessing content via 0Auth 2.0 authentication. Developer licenses for the Private Cloud can be accessed by contacting customer support. Developers can sample API behavior at the AeroFS API Playground hosted through Apiary.

Follow Up Boss

Follow Up Boss is a real estate lead tracking and gathering interface, compatible with common realtor/home-buying portals such as Zillow, Trulia,, IDX websites, and many more. The tool uses open data sources to extract information on potential leads, organizing content in an easy to manage environment. The Follow Up Boss API enables further customization of notifications and accessing data from profiles. For GET list queries, ISO 8601 standard date formatting is used. Developers can contact Follow Up Boss directly to acquire a developer account.


Using the Uber API, developers can integrate the power of Uber into 3rd party applications. Calls to the API can be made to request information on available car types, driver location expressed in geo-coordinates, time estimates, estimated prices (including currency conversion when applicable), as well as user account history and activity. The Uber API documentation describes deep linking techniques to programmatically launch the native app from iOS or Android, or the Uber mobile site from mobile web. The API comes with a detailed style guide and asset package for implementing licensed brandings. The Uber API Affiliate program grants cash and issues Uber credits for new user onboarding through a 3rd party app.


KimonoLabs offers a tool that allows users to create an API using any web page directly from within a browser. The Kimono API is a RESTful interface that accepts simple HTTP requests and delivers JSON responses regarding metadata on a user's API creations.


The cloudXLS API accepts a CSV file and converts into an XLS or XLSX spreadsheet. It can also receive an XLS or XLSX file to be reformatted into an existing spreadsheet. Templates exist for creating more sophisticated spreadsheets that generate graphical components. Default responses come in JSON with a URL for direct download.