is a web based company that provides users with information about restaurants in and around Belgium, Serbia, and The Netherlands areas. The lets developers integrate its database with their applications, enabling their customers to have access to the same data directly. The API is RESTful, and it uses HTTP Basic Authentication.


TryMyUI is a site that can be used to acquire feedback on web software usability from users. Try My UI will find targeted demographics from a customizable testing pool size to rate a user interface. The testing provides a video of people using the web site for specific tasks, with the screen, mouse movements, keystrokes, and voiced narration by the testers giving an opinion on the product. The RESTful TryMyUI API accepts HTTP GET and POST requests to require customer use test information, view active test data, send crash reports, aquire tokens for users to request access with the TryMyUI server, retrieve tasks for a test, return a worker's information, and more. All responses from the API are in JSON. The TryMyUI service requires per-survey costs or monthly subscriptions, and can be used with enterprises who intend to source from their own user-base.

Slack Real Time Messaging

Slack, the team collaboration and messaging chat app, hosts the Slack Real Time Messaging (RTM) API for embedding real time chat functionality within clients. This WebSocket based API enables developers to programmatically receive events as well as send messages using Slack in real time. Once connected, the server will provide a continuous stream of events, recent messages, and updates made to the Slack team. The websocket connection uses JSON for requests and responses, and uses OAuth2 for authentication.

Postmates Delivery

Postmates is a courier service accessible via Android and iOS apps, allowing offices or individual users to request deliveries form any restaurant or store. Using the Postmates Delivery API, developers can integrate the on-demand delivery service into 3rd party applications. The API specifically allows developers to book a delivery, check delivery prices, request a quote, and track the status of a delivery until its arrival. The Postmates API uses standard HTTP request verbs GET, POST, DELETE, returns JSON formatted responses, and uses Basic HTTP and a customer ID for access for authentication purposes.

Platfora REST

Platfora is a big data analytics company that provide businesses a way to analyze their data. The Platfora REST API lets developers integrate the Platfora's services with their applications, enabling their customers to access their data directly. This API is RESTful, and resource objects are represented in JSON.

Mojio Push

The Mojio Push API is a RESTful interface that lets developers to get real-time notifications whenever conditions are met for events that happen to an entity e.g. a vehicle, connected car. With this API, developers have a way to integrate its services with their applications, enabling their customers to use the service directly.


TimezDB is a time zone database for many locations/cities around the globe. The TimezDB API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of TimezDB with other applications. Some example API methods include retrieving times, retrieving locations, and retrieving timezone information.

GitHub Search

GitHub's Search API allows you to search GitHub for any specific item you're looking for (users, files, unresolved issues). Each search will return up to 1,000 results and the default sort is by best match. Authenticated requests to the API are limited to 20 per minute, while unauthenticated requests are restricted to 5 per minute. The API is well documented and includes example code for customizing your queries. Examples include: searching for lines of code and how to highlight matching text within code searches, how to search for repositories written a specific language, and searching for issues.

LeaseWeb CDN

LeaseWeb is a hosting company and global Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) provider, offering cloud and bare-metal servers, as well as domain hosting. The LeaseWeb CDN (Content Delivery Network) API offers a user programmatic control over specific LeaseWeb domain services. The API can accessed over HTTP with GET, POST, and PUT requests in order to retrieve JSON-serialized data on web visitor statistics, gauge average site traffic, push zones for specific customer IDs, and to retrieve the total number of API calls being made. Calls to the API can be adjusted to reflect subgroups based on country tags, billing region, granularity of frequency (daily, weekly, monthly), and additional factors.


The only accurate long range forecast API available. Using the LRC methodology and created by actual meteorologists, the Weather2020 API offers 12-weeks of written forecasts as well as video forecasts and education.