API.AI enables programmers to add speech interface to their apps and devices allowing them to understand and perform verbal requests. It creates a mapping between language and data structures to allow programmers to create a natural user interface that is well-defined. When mappings are defined, queries made through text or voice sound files will return structured data with actions and parameters. This RESTful API makes HTTP requests and exchanges data using JSON.


AllCoin is a BitCoin & cryptocurrency exchange platform. The AllCoin API is split into a public open API, and a private API that requires special user access permissions. The public API may be used to return market summaries, a list of exchange-wide recent orders, and live cryptocurrency prices. Using the private API, users may access the Wallet & Trade APIs to request personal account balances, and to order trades. The Public and Private APIs have caps of 3000 & 1000 calls per hour per IP address, respectively. Users interested in accessing the private API (currently in beta) may email AllCoin to request API keys.

ANXPRO Exchange

The ANXPRO Exchange is a cryptocurrency exchange platform hosted by ANX that specializes in trading AltCoin. ANX allows users to perform account management such as making withdrawals & deposits, checking balances, seeing account history, and performing trades. The API can also return exchange-wide trade history, order book information, and live cryptocurrency pricing with the ability to compare major international currencies with key crypto-currencies to determine valuation. To use the API, ANX users may apply for an API Key from their profile with ANX.


MonkeyLearn is a cloud based text mining and semantic processing service. Developers can integrate MonkeyLearn into their app for natural language processing and machine learning customized for uploaded text. Users can extract and classify content using MonkeyLearn's web interface or through their APIs. MonkeyLearn hosts a web API with a wrapper for major programming languages for compatibility with most applications.


Ersatz is a web-based machine learning program that can automate recognition tasks that previously required human interaction. The Ersatz platform can be used or model & data visualization, team collaboration, and GPU computing, all from within a browser. The Ersatz REST API allows developers to make HTTP requests to programmatically access the platform to create, retrieve, and update objects concerning datasets, models, predictions, and ensembles. Using the API, developers can upload files to a maximum of 10MB per API call.

Atosho Channel Partner Search

Atosho is an e-commerce company based in Copenhagen. Along with Retailer API, Atosho offers Channel Partner Search API that helps developers to create a correspondence between XML and JSON results of an API call.


Mailee.me is an e-mail marketing service that offers monitoring of e-mail receivers. The company aims to provide consumer insights with the goal to create targeted marketing campaigns. Developers can integrate Mailee.me to any online application through a REST API that requires access key. The main benefit of this API about e-mail marketing is to keep contacts in sync. In the site, developers can review tutorials. They can also access a code library available in Java, PHP, Ruby, Python, Objective-C, Windows 8, and .NET.


BitKonan is a Croatian-based BitCoin and cryptocurrency trading platform that offers a flat trading rate of 0.29% per transaction. The BitKonan Public API allows access to market data including recent BitCoin prices, highest buy and sell orders, order book, and recent transactions. Using an API key, developers may access the private API to retrieve a user's balance, view a specific user's transactions, and perform order maintenance. Requests to the server are made over HTTP and return JSON objects.


MyBitX is a global BitCoin and crypto-currency exchange service and wallet hosting service. With MyBitX, users can accept, spend and receive BitCoin using personal secure wallet. Using the MyBitX API without authentication, developers may retrieve market data. Using HTTP basic authentication, developers may request recently placed orders, create new trade orders, receive balances, make withdrawals, and more. API calls are currently limited to one request per minute per IP address.

OpenDrive WebDAV

OpenDrive is a platform that offers file storage, syncing, backup and team collaboration services. Developers can connect to the cloud storage service OpenDrive's web server to access files and perform account management with the same permissions as a user login on their site. The OpenDrive WebDAV API's basic tier allows access to mange a single account, whereas the manager partner tier grants a new account creation privilege, along with additional functionalities. The API uses basic HTTP login for authentication, and can be used to create & update users, set permissions, receive user data, delete a user, receive file information, and create, move, copy, or rename individual files.