Automatic Text Summarizer

Automatic Text Summarizer is a service for summarizing text articles. It uses an algorithm to extract the most important points from the original document and builds a summary based on the extracted points. The Automatic Text Summarizer API enables developers to integrate the ability to generate summaries from text or URLs into their own applications.

Eyedea Recognition

Eyedea is a recognition service that offers eyeface, vehicle, copyright and plate detection. The main value of the API could be to have access to an instant understanding about objects, users, and behaviors. The API is about object recognition. To start app creation, developers can visit the link provided to access sample codes in Curl, Java, Node, PHP, Python, Objective-C, Ruby and .NET. Eyedea is based in Czech Republic and contact information is available for support.

EDGAR Online

EDGAR Online is a service that provides data related to equities, mutual funds and public assets. With the API, developers could retrieve financial information from an individual, search financial content of a company and even complete targeted searches in multiple locations. The API is about financial data and it may be useful for developers in the financial sector who intent to have access to financial public information. To create an application, developers can register for an API key. At the same time, they can review the datasets along with actions and description for different parameters such as companies, coreFinancials and CompanySets. Just as the API Key is required, also is the protocol HTTPS, endpoints and responses in JSON/XML formats.


Visualize data with Indicative, a service that provides the main value of business analytics. Even though the API is currently in Beta stage, the documents are available in the website and in Github. Indicative invites developers to contact them for application creation. The API is about data analysis for business. Developers who work with large amount of e-commerce information could benefit from this service that aims to provide smart dashboards, segmentation, versatile funnels, cohort analysis and effortless integration for web and mobile. Indicative offers access through an API key along with development and best practices with REST and JSON protocols. Developers can contact Indicative via e-mail to ensure the success of application development.

International Flipper Pinball Association

The International Flipper Pinball Association (IFPA) is a group aiming to increase the exposure of pinball as a legitimate competitive sport. They endorse tournaments and leagues, and have established the World Pinball Player Rankings as the first official pinball ranking system in the world. They have opened a RESTful API that allows access to their database of player information, stats, player rankings, scores, recorded games and competitions, and more. Currently, only GET operations are supported to retrieve said information.

Radio Reddit

The Radio Reddit API allows access to the Reddit Radio stream via a simple interface. Calls to the API return data on the currently active radio channels, including the associated artist and song names for tracks that are currently streaming. Access to the Radio Reddit's archive to view their library of songs and artists is also granted. Currently the API is free for use without developer authentication method required.


The Leggy API allows developers to programmatically shorten and expand the size of a URL using simple HTTP requests. The tool is applicable for social network settings where posting requires a small number of characters. The Leggy service is free to use without authentication required.

Google Mirror

The Google Mirror API allows you to build web-based services that interact with Google Glass. It provides this functionality over a cloud-based API and does not require running code on Glass.

NoXLS html2image

The NoXLS html2image API generates an image from a screenshot from a web page. It allows for HTML/CSS support and allows for generating customized image sizes.

NoXLS html2pdf

NoXLS html2pdf API allows you to create a PDF from a web page with full HTML/CSS support. The generated PDFs are able to have customized headers and footers as well as a watermark.