Dropbox for Business

The Dropbox for Business API enables businesses to manage the lifecycle of their employee file sharing accounts with Dropbox. With the ability to perform Core API functions across all members of a team, the API can be used to view team usage statistics, check an audit log, and perform admin functions for team management. The API allows access to 4 basic parameters: Team information – an aggregation of team data, Team auditing – the team activity log, Team member file access – admin functionality grants the ability to perform any normal Dropbox action as any team member, and Team member management – a function that enables the creation, deletion, and editing of team members. The API accepts standard OAuth2.0 for authentication, is accessible over HTTP, and returns a JSON object.

Bandwidth Voice

Bandwidth is a leading US network carrier powering digital communications and supporting Republic Wireless. Bandwidth offers a voice and messaging cloud API platform for developers and businesses to integrate direct-to-carrier communication into their applications. The Bandwidth Voice API specifically enables developers to programmatically manage and send voice calls, retrieve inbound call, initiate auto-reply functions, forward incoming calls, create voice reminders, voicemail, and more. The RESTful interface comes well documented, and works with JSON formatted responses.

OEC Time Zone

The simple OEC Time Zone API accepts a time zone as an input and returns the corresponding local time. The zone can be abbreviated (i.e. PST, EST) or spelled out in full (i.e. Eastern Standard Time). Subscribers to the API are able to return 5 calls/minute with limit of 100 calls/week. Increased API limits require administrator approval.

GSA Auctions

GSA Auctions is a site that auctions out Federal personal property assets such as equipment, furniture, vehicles, heavy machinery, helicopters, airplanes, and other vessels. These online listings allow access from any potential buyer across the country. The API can be used to programmatically retrieve all corresponding data fields for each listing. Developers can create GET HTTP requests to the RESTful API in order to receive responses in XML and JSON formats. The rate limit for the GSA Auction APi is 5,000 calls per day, and 5 calls per 5 seconds. As GSA Auctions API is government operated, all content and software is made open source by default.


Blockstrap, developed by Neuroware.io, is a complete Bitcoin development stack meant to connect an app, HTML 5, blockchains, and the Blockstrap API to enable easy development of Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Dogecoin cryptocurrency-enabled applications. The stack comes equipped with jQuery plugins, front end HTML components, and a RESTful API that accepts HTTP GET requests and provides consistent high performance returns for blockchain hashes and associated metadata. Developers interested in implementing Blockstrap can visit their site to view public API documentation and to request an API key for usage.

Link Developer

Link allows users to include links to rich digital content in their printed documents. Users can create digital watermarks, QR codes, and short URLs to add to their posters, labels, invitations, flyers, and other printed items. Digital watermarks and QR codes can be scanned by mobile devices to take people directly to linked digital content. The Link Developer API allows users to create short URLs, QR codes, and watermarked images and analyze their traffic. The API also lets users update the destinations linked to by QR codes.


PressureNet.io is a company that provides atmosphere data and software intelligence for improving weather and climate forecasting. They've built an open source platform that collects live atmosphere data from Android smartphones locate around the world. This network takes 5 million measurements per day. Atmosphere researchers can access a feed of this data from the PressureNet API.

VoiceIt Voiceprint Portal

VoiceIt offers voice biometrics services that provide true multi-layered security. Because voiceprint templates are multi-layered with text-dependent characteristics, they are not directly linked to the user. This means that voiceprints can be invalidated if they are compromised without losing the user's identity. The VoiceIt Voiceprint Portal API allows developers to integrate voice biometrics into their websites, mobile applications, or Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems.

BitPay Rates

BitPay hosts a REST-based interface for developers to interact with a user's BitPay account and online Bitcoin payment service. Users can submit orders in over 30 currencies, display payment instructions, receive payment notifications, and receive payouts to banks in 9 countries. The BitPay Rate API returns exchange rates which compare the price of Bitcoin to hundreds of currencies across the world. The API can be accessed over HTTPS and returns a JSON-formatted responses.

Fun Translations

The Fun Translations API accepts a body of text and translates it into fun themed responses. The simple JSON API can be accessed to programmatically convert text using the Yoda speak generator, Pirate talk generator, Pig Latin Converter, Jive talk and many more. Each API functionality offers a description of the grammatical process that creates the output, such as restructuring key words to automatically create Yoda structured sentences. Fun Translations offers a web interface where users can test out the service. For bulk requests and increased API usage, Fun Translations offers monthly payment plans.