The Neon API is for customer relationship management applications for non-profits and is currently in the Beta testing stage. It's features include working with accounting data, managing information from accounts, households, donations, pledges, events, and membership details. It also allows for online store management for purchases and inventory.

SearchBug Find Name and Phone Number from Address

With SearchBug Find Name and Phone Number from Address, users can identify data for people and businesses in the United States. Searches can be specified by address, city, and state. Inquiries can also include apartment number, unit number, and zip code.

Vivek Sentiment Tool

Vivek Narayanan proposed a fast and accurate sentiment classification using an enhanced Naive Bayes model along with authors Ishan Arora and Arjun Bhatia. The paper can be retrieved online from the department of computation and language at Cornell University Library. Along with the article, Vivek has developed Vivek Sentiment Tool, an API that could be useful to access sentiment classifications. This application is about sentiment analysis. Developers who work with sentiment research could benefit from this work. To use it, users need to send a POST request with a JSON array to

Komet Sales

Komet Sales specializes in solutions for flower companies. This organization based in Medellín, Colombia offers an API that aims to create customized e-commerce, invite growers to integrate orders, and integrate with CRM systems. A knowledge base presents 43 articles with information pertaining to the use of the API along with tokens. In the same section, Komet Sales provides parameters related to customers, payments, and invoices.

Google Core Reporting

Google Core Reporting API can build customized dashboards to show Google Analytics Data, automate reporting assignments, and integrate Google Analytics information. A reference guide shows steps to facilitate development. Elements include requests with query parameters, responses with formats, and samples with results. Google Helpouts are available to assist with questions. Camera, mic, and speakers should function efficiently to interact with an expert.

Unified Communications Web

Microsoft's Unified Communication Web API (UCWA) REST API allows developers to modify their Enterprise applications using the Lync Server 2013's Instant Messaging and Presence capabilities. The API enables developers to add functions like anonymous web chat, multi-party instant messaging, and scheduling online meetings. The API also supports cross-platform communications across browsers and devices. It can be used from any language and any platform. Data is transferred with JSON or XML. Using the API requires that users have Lync on premises.

SearchBug Verify Phone Number

SearchBug provides Phone Number Verification API, an application that aims to verify, validate, and check wireless phones, VoIP numbers, and land line phones. This application could be useful to identify if a phone number is active or disconnected.

SearchBug Reverse Phone Search

SearchBug Reverse Phone Search allows to access name and address from a phone number. The API can search businesses, people, and directories on yellow pages, white pages, and unlisted sources.

SearchBug Email / IP Address Verification

SearchBug Email / IP Address Verification verifies the validity of e-mail address in real time from a server. Output examples include XML and JSON.

PushApps Remote Server

PushApps Remote Server API allows remote access to PushApps system's features. PushApps is a premium service for product managers, marketeers, and entrepreneurs to schedule, automate, analyze, query, and test push notifications. The Remote Server API allows access through and automation through the users' backend. This API requires an API Secret Token and all requests are HTTP Post and JSON and all responses are in JSON.