The SigOpt API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of SigOpt with other applications and websites. Some example API methods include creating and managing experiments, retrieving data and analytics, and managing accounts. SigOpt is an optimization platform that helps users optimize anything through fine-tuning experiments.

The API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of with other applications and to create new applications. Public documentation is not available; interested developers should contact for more information. is an on-demand roadside assistance application.


The Trackin API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of Trackin with other applications. Public documentation is not available; interested developers should email for API access. Trackin is an online ordering and delivery management platform for restaurants.

World Tides

Use the World Tides API to retrieve tidal information for anywhere in the world. World Tides API accepts calls via GET or POST, returns data in JSON, and supports both HTTP/HTTPS. Developers will receive an API Key for authentication after registering with World Tides. The API will return information on: the coordinates of the closest point where tidal information is available, the height of tides at a given time, or tidal data so that users can calculate tide heights at a given time. See World Tides API documentation for more information and code examples.

Edamam Nutrition Analysis

Edamam's Nutrition Analysis API provides developers the tools to submit recipe content (the title and ingredient list), and in return get a nutritional analysis based on the original information provided. With the API, other fields of the recipe can also be analyzed- types of recipes, nutrient information, and label definitions.

Xero Files

Offered by Xero, an accounting software service, the Files API offers Xero interfaces with members' files and folders. The RESTful API accepts requests in either JSON or XML and authenticates third party apps via OAuth 1. Use the XERO Files API to upload and download files, manage folders, and associate files with other documents like invoices or contacts.

RxNLP Text Similarity

RxNLP is a Text Mining and Natural Language Processing service. One of RxNLP's API's, is the Text Similarity API. It is used for analyzing and computing surface similarities between texts, both long and short. Having the tools to identify text similarity can help with things such as query reformulation, finding and analyzing similar topics, and grouping similar items.


MiningRigRentals is a service that allows clients to rent or lease mining rigs using Cryptocurrency. A selection of options and information is provided based on individual needs within this market. The MiningRigRentals API allows both the rig owners leasing and the clients renting to automate most of the processes on the platform. The MiningRigRentals API also allows for listing several subsets of data, such as rig pricing, performance and also access to the users own accounting information.


The Coinleap API allows developers to integrate digital currency methods into a project. Coin features such as incoming and outgoing transactions are available. This service is about simplifying payments by sending digital currency. Documentation shows an option to display parameters and responses in the same place.


The API of 6fusion offers integration features of billing, contracts, and infrastructure. The service is about infrastructure as a service. It allows users to analyze the cost efficiency of IT services and market trends. JSON fetches resources through GET method. Available documentation, generic key, and OAuth token.