If developers have been looking for a different, yet strong password protection API, Passwd could be the ideal documentation for app creation. Three categories can be seen in the API site to classify password security: secure, super secure and insanely secure. Nowadays it is not enough to have the same access code for multiple sites, that is why a good combination of letters and numbers from 8 to 62 characters might work to prevent unwelcome access from hackers. The API features JSON and JSONP protocols with the parameters of name, type and values. Simple examples, and immediate support available for developers.

OpenCage Geocoder

OpenCage Geocoder combines multiple geocoding systems and lots of open data to provide geocoding and reverse geocoding services that cover the entire world. Users are free to display geocoding results on any type of map and even use those results for commercial purposes. The OpenCage Geocoder API does not currently support bulk geocoding, but users are encouraged to request it if they want it.

World Cup in JSON

World Cup in JSON is an API that scrapes current match results for the World Cup. The API can retrieve information on the current day's soccer matches, the match in progress, matches for a given country, results for teams, a list of all teams participating in the World Cup, and data for all football matches.


Iframely allows users to embed the contents of a URL in their own app or web page. It can be used to embed articles, slideshows, media players, and more. Iframely is available through the cloud or as an open-source service that the user hosts. Users can embed Iframely in their websites or apps using the HTTP API.

Clickslide Datadipity

Datadipity allows users to combine APIs from multiple sources into a ready-to-use JSON API which can be used with any Javascript Library. It also creates an XML API endpoint with the mashup for connecting to app servers. Datadipity can integrate any API into the system with a simple form based tool. Users have the ability to restructure APIs as they please, allowing them to unify multiple APIs into a standardized format. Mashups or restructured APIs can be published for others to see or kept private.


SiteSummary is a service that retrieves basic information about websites as well as their statistics on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Reddit, and StumbleUpon. Basic website information includes the site's URL, title, description, etc. Social media statistics include things like the number of Likes or Shares a site has.


GraphHopper is a travel routing service designed to find the fastest route between two locations based on OpenStreetMap data. GraphHopper provides worldwide coverage and can suggest routes to take by car, bicycle, or foot. It can even offer elevation data. The GraphHopper API enables users to integrate this information into their own applications.

SoChain Blockchain

SoChain provides a blockchain API that enables developers to build applications using blockchain data for Dogecoin, Bitcoin, and Litecoin. This includes address data, transaction data, and block data for each currency. The API is currently free with no use limits. A sandbox environment is available to help developers get started. Developers who want additional features or who are interested in making a large number of calls are encouraged to contact SoChain.

Tamil Dictionary

The online Tamil Dictionary (அகராதி) draws on multiple dictionaries to provide detailed descriptions of more than 100,000 Tamil words. The Tamil Dictionary API allows users to get the dictionary definition of a given word, as well as get a list of the dictionaries used by the Tamil Dictionary.

Ontario Beer

The Ontario Beer API is a free to use REST service that provides The Beer Store store, product, and availability information. The service periodically crawls The Beer Store website to collect data and serves JSON. This service has no official association with The Beer Store.