ContentMine is a content mining service designed primarily to work with science articles. It uses processors such as crawlers, scrapers, and visitors to mine data. Metadata from crawlers is stored in the ContentMine catalog in bibJSON format. Developers can call processors and access metadata programmatically using the ContentMine API. The API also has methods for querying which catalog records have been processed and by which processors. There are also methods for querying facts extracted by visitors.

The Pressmon REST API queries an inputted word and returns it's different usages throughout varying languages. This is done by sourcing from press and literature in different languages which contain given words or word combinations, allowing one to retrieve examples of use of a word in different contexts. This tool could be useful for online dictionaries and other linguistic resources. Current available language categories for the API include: English, Spanish, Italian, German, Russian, French.

Fun Translations

The Fun Translations API accepts a body of text and translates it into fun themed responses. The simple JSON API can be accessed to programmatically convert text using the Yoda speak generator, Pirate talk generator, Pig Latin Converter, Jive talk and many more. Each API functionality offers a description of the grammatical process that creates the output, such as restructuring key words to automatically create Yoda structured sentences. Fun Translations offers a web interface where users can test out the service. For bulk requests and increased API usage, Fun Translations offers monthly payment plans.

Sezion Video

Sezion is a solution that automatically generates personalized videos using various types of content from a social media feed, databases, tweets, a website, and more. The Sezion video API automates this process by accepting these content inputs as well as additional customizable details all through a JSON-RPC protocol over HTTPS, enabling the programmatic creation, management, and distribution of these personalized videos. Sezion offers free services as well as a sandbox to test API functionality.

ArcheAge Spy

ArcheAge is an MMORPG (massively multiplayer online role-playing game). ArcheAge Spy allows users to check the status of the game's services, monitor server latency, get scheduled maintenance times, and get patch notes. Developers can access this information as a feed through the ArcheAge Spy API in order to integrate it into their servers, guild sites, or applications. This information is updated every 20 seconds, and feeds are cached at one-minute intervals.


easySYS provides software and services for small businesses to help them manage customers, suppliers, appointments, warehouses, orders, invoices, accounting, and other tasks. easySYS is entirely web-based and offers free support and updates. The easySYS API allows users to integrate easySYS's functions into their own applications using REST calls. Although the API documentation is provided in English, much of the rest of the site is provided in German.

Bazaarvoice Conversations

Bazaarvoice is a networking company that connects brands and retailers to their consumers’ voices. The Bazaarvoice network provides businesses information on their customers’ reviews and opinions that influence purchase decisions. Bazaarvoice Conversations is previously known as the Bazaarvoice Platform API. The API allows developers to access Bazaarvoice clients' data.


EDMdesigner's API is an easy to use drag 'n' drop html email editor, which can be integrated into arbitrary web based systems. The generated email html is extremely robust, so the result can be gratifying for a variety of email clients and devices.

Diffbot Image

Diffbot provides developers tools that can identify, analyze, and extract the main content and sections from any web page. The purpose of Diffbot’s Image API is to extract the main images from web pages. The Image API can analyze a web page and return full details on the extracted images.

Diffbot Analyze

Diffbot provides developers tools that can identify, analyze, and extract the main content and sections from any web page. The Diffbot Analyze API can analyze a web page visually, and take a URL and identify what type of page it is. Diffbot’s Analyze API can then decide which Diffbot extraction API (article, discussion, image, or product) may be appropriate, and through automatic extraction, will be returned in the Diffbot Analyze API call.