Meteotest Data Exchange

The Meteotest Data Exchange API provides data and weather forecasts. Available in German language, Meteotest offers measurements of the past and forecasts of the future, in addition to information about temperature, sunshine, rain showers, snow and wind and fog and thunder and lightning calculated by Meteonorm software. Protocols include JSON, JSONP, XML, YAML, CSV, and Text. Accessible with Key.


IATACodes is a system that provides International Air Transport Association codes for airports, airlines, cities, and aircrafts. Also, it provides information about countries, routes, and timezones. This data can be used for SEO purposes or to improve the functionality of search and meta-search services. Paid users receive real-time flight statistics as well as access to the fr, de, es, it, ru, th, tr languages. This REST API uses API Keys for authentication and exchanges information in JSON format.


The LingoHub API allows developers to access their translation projects and resources programmatically. LingoHub is a service that lets users manage their texts, developers, marketers, language coordinators, and translators from one central interface. Users can integrate text into LingoHub's browser-based translation environment in any file format or framework they like.

Kehalim Text Classification

Kehalim is a monetization platform focused on contextual and semantic automation which can be used to integrate affiliate programs to existing applications. The Text Classification API offers page level accuracy, 3000 categories for content, and multilingual support. This API is REST based, exchanges information in JSON format, and uses API Keys for authentication. Kehalim is headquartered in Israel.

ProPublica Campaign Finance

The ProPublica Campaign Finance API allows developers to retrieve data from United States Federal Election Commission filings and other sources. This data includes summary information for candidates and committees and some kinds of itemized data. The ProPublica Campaign Finance database is updated daily, with electronic filings being updated every 15 minutes.

Objective Revision Evaluation Service

The Objective Revision Evaluation Service (ORES) API offers a machine learning service for building new wiki tools. It provides access to different fitness models. An example is 'wp10' which predicts the quality level of an article, and can learn to imitate article quality assessments that humans perform. These models are available in 15 languages, and Wikidata. This API returns data in JSON, and JSONP formats, and is REST based.


The Packagist API allows developers to list packages by organization, search packages by tag, search packages by name, and get packages by name. Packagist is the default repository for public PHP packages that are installable with Composer (Dependency Manager for PHP). It helps users find packages and lets Composer know where to get the code.


The DomainTally API allows developers to access WHOIS records, website data, and domain metrics for any website. DomainTally is a cloud-based domain name intelligence and analytics platform that allows users to find information such as a page's Alexa Ranking, PageRank, MozRank, SEM Score, social engagement, traffic reports, search engine reports, page speed, and domain valuation.


The Font API access font and glyph level details using REST protocol. Developers can build a font manager or incorporate the application into a workflow to provide font preview options. Font Editing tools are also supported. Along with REST, formats include HTTP, JSON, JSONP, and XML. Key is required to authenticate. This API is provided by Everything Fonts, a Font tools service and marketplace.

OpenStreetMap TagFinder

The OpenStreetMap TagFinder API is a RESTful HTTP API that provides users access to the underlying data on the OpenStreetMap wiki. Users can integrate TagFinder data in their webpage or application. OpenStreetMap is a project which creates and distributes free geographic data for the world. Users have tagged things such as "points of interest". The most important tags are documented on the OpenStreetMap wiki, yet no true "tag search" exists. TagFinder is a web page where one can simply search for a term and get back a managable list of related tags. The most relevant information about tags is provided, as well as links to further details on the OpenStreetMap wiki and statistics at