Diffbot Image

Diffbot provides developers tools that can identify, analyze, and extract the main content and sections from any web page. The purpose of Diffbot’s Image API is to extract the main images from web pages. The Image API can analyze a web page and return full details on the extracted images.

Diffbot Analyze

Diffbot provides developers tools that can identify, analyze, and extract the main content and sections from any web page. The Diffbot Analyze API can analyze a web page visually, and take a URL and identify what type of page it is. Diffbot’s Analyze API can then decide which Diffbot extraction API (article, discussion, image, or product) may be appropriate, and through automatic extraction, will be returned in the Diffbot Analyze API call.

ImRaising Public

ImRaising is a service for helping users raise stream donations. It allows users to add sounds, widgets, and text files to their streams for free. In the future, a small fee may be implemented. The ImRaising Public API allows users to receive notifications for stream donations, get donation information, get a list of top donors, and send test donations.


The Restopolis API allows developers to connect to the restopolis's database, to search and to browse restaurants, to make reservations, and/or to setup a reservation system for restaurants using the Restopolis platform. By using this API, developers will also expose their linked date on Restopolis.


TvMaze.com shows information about TV listings. If users visit the website and choose a show, they can see the categories of episodes, cast, crew, characters, reviews, and galleries. They can also share the info on Reddit, Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr. This service offers an API to add TV information into a website or app. The data includes shows, actors, tonight's schedule, episode lists, and more.


Enjin is a service that helps users build websites for their Minecraft servers, guilds, clans, and other gaming communities. The service comes with its own CMS, blog publishing platform, visual page editor, member modules, activity wall, message system, chat, notifications, and forum system. Enjin offers multi-gaming features, character and game integration, and a full recruitment system for all games. All websites built with Enjin are mobile-ready.

Last 10K

Integrate SEC filing data within apps using the Last 10K API. The Last 10K developer portal facilitates the rapid creation of applications that inter-operate with Last10K’s RESTful service, providing access to SEC filing data and support services to help developers.

dandelion dataTXT-SIM

dataTXT-SIM is an experimental semantic sentence similarity API, optimized on short sentences written in several languages (Italian, English, German, Portuguese and French at the moment). With this API users are able to compare two sentences and get a score of a semantic similarity. It works even if the two sentences don't have any word in common, and it accepts also URLs as input values.

Watchful REST

Watchful.li allows users to keep Joomla websites safe with regular updates, maintenance, and backups. With the aim to save time, Watchful.ly API helps to backup, upgrade, and monitor Joomla websites from a remote location. This REST API about secure website management supports XML, JSON, JSONP, and serialized protocols. In the site, programmers can find resources, API Keys, authentication instructions, formats, error handling, and examples in PHP.

Spredfast Experiences

Spredfast Experiences API allows users to create their own visualization by using streams that were created with Spredfast Experiences product.