Atosho Channel Partner Search

Atosho is an e-commerce company based in Copenhagen. Along with Retailer API, Atosho offers Channel Partner Search API that helps developers to create a correspondence between XML and JSON results of an API call.

Dandelion dataTXT-NEX

dandelion dataTXT-NEX is a semantic API to extract meaning and insights from texts in several languages (Italian, English, German, Portuguese and French at the moment). Understanding text has never been so easy, especially short texts, such as tweets and other social media. <br/> dataTXT-NEX extracts entities (such as persons, places, concepts, organizations and events), augments the text with tags and links to external knowledge graphs and more. There is a wide range of use cases like: enriching existing databases, building smart search engines and recommender systems on document collections, adding location knowledge to web apps, automatically tagging products on e-commerce sites, using data to create infographics and marketing research, giving context to web apps, and many more! <br/> dataTXT-NEX easily scales to support billions of queries per day and can be adapted on demand to support custom and user-defined vocabularies. Additional languages are available on demand. <br/> The website provides contact e-mail, forum and a support link to facilitate application development. Corporate Consumer Contact Corporate Consumer Contact API allows users to access corporate information. The US government updates data often and the information is reviewed annually. With this API in REST format, developers could access and use data related to corporations that directly affects consumers. For example, in the consumer action handbook, users can read about how to be a savvy consumer, how to file a complaint, how to access key information resources, and to find consumer assistance. The sections help consumers to make smart decisions, that is why is important to use the API effectively. JSON, XML and JSONP formats are available, but the site only shows JSON responses. Developers can access an interactive documentation for the API, an API data model and API methods. Before application development, users should read terms of service.


Sheetlabs is an API creation, documentation, and hosting service that allows the creation of easy to implement APIs. Using Sheetlabs, users can upload spreadsheets in CSV, XLS or XLSX formats or input via Google spreadsheets to create APIs accessible via JSON protocols. With customizable returns, the APIs are easy to implement and integrate into a variety of languages. Their sample API "ACME / getDomain" returns a list of the 100 oldest registered web domains. When making a request to Sheetlabs, the account username and password are used as access tokens.


SherpaDesk is customer service software that enables users to track support requests, log their times, and send invoices to customers. Support issues are managed centrally and can be routed to the correct technician via email or the company portal. Technicians can log time against specific projects and support issues. SherpaDesk's mobile application, SherpaDesk Tote, allows users to create tickets, track time, send invoices, and send close-out requests from their smart phones. Developers can integrate SherpaDesk's functions into their own websites or applications using the API.


OpenDataSoft is a cloud based platform aiming to act as a resource for firms to publish and retrieve open data. The OpenDataSoft platform uses an API for search based retrieval and analysis of published data sets. Parameters allow for complex queries using full-text or geolocation search strategies, and for exporting a flow of records in JSON or CSV. The API supports GET & POST methods.


CubeSensors are small devices that contain seven different sensors for detecting environmental conditions. They are capable of monitoring air quality, temperature, humidity, noise, light, barometric pressure, and sensor motion. CubeSensors glow different colors to reflect the health of indoor environments. The CubeSensors API enables developers to access CubeSensors sensor data programmatically.


The Internet Music Video Database (IMVDb) is a large online collection of music videos, artists, and credits. Users can create an account with IMVDb to browse and find new popular music videos, create playlists, help expand the database, and share their findings with others. IMVDb hosts an API that allows developers to easily retrieve metadata from their database. This information includes artist name, playcount, year, associated images, entity names, credits, links to external media, and more. IMVDb also hosts an API Sandbox that allows demo testing of their API without requiring an API key. IMVDb recommends developers stay tuned for more releases, as the API is currently in Beta mode.


The Namey API access the U.S. Census Bureau to combine last and first names to create randomized names. The API can be applied to random user profile generation in a social network setting. The request can be customized by gender, rarity of name, number of names to return, and other considerations. The API is accessible for free using a JSON request.


The RESTful EveryoneAPI gives developers a way to access and collect cellular data by making simple HTTP requests. The API accepts a phone number and will return applicable demographic data on the user, such as name, gender, location, and address. Usage pricing with EveryoneAPI is determined on a per successful lookup basis, making the API scalable for small to enterprise business situations. To begin, EveryoneAPI requires an account ID and access token for authorization.