OpenStreetMap TagFinder

The OpenStreetMap TagFinder API is a RESTful HTTP API that provides users access to the underlying data on the OpenStreetMap wiki. Users can integrate TagFinder data in their webpage or application. OpenStreetMap is a project which creates and distributes free geographic data for the world. Users have tagged things such as "points of interest". The most important tags are documented on the OpenStreetMap wiki, yet no true "tag search" exists. TagFinder is a web page where one can simply search for a term and get back a managable list of related tags. The most relevant information about tags is provided, as well as links to further details on the OpenStreetMap wiki and statistics at

SYSTRAN Natural Language Processing

The SYSTRAN Natural Language Processing API provides developers with a modular approach to cover most language processing needs including: language identification, segmentation, tokenization, named-entity extraction, transcription. SYSTRAN Platform is a collection of REST APIs, Client Libraries and samples for Text extraction, Translation, Multilingual dictionaries searches, Natural Language Processing (Language Identification, Segmentation, Morphological analysis, Speech to text and OCR).

Coinhills CSPA Index

Coinhills is a cryptocurrency and stock market index platform. It features a fully customizable dashboard, portfolio manager, and cryptocurrency news reader. Currency pairs are available as well. The CSPA (Coinhills Spot Price Average) Index API provides price data based on Coinhills' registered markets. This API returns data in JSON, and JSONP formats.


The Addrexx API allows developers to integrate address autocompletion and verification into their projects and applications. Addrexx can validate addresses in more than 200 countries and provides details down to the apartment or suite level. This API can work with ecommerce solutions such as Magento, Bigcommerce, Shopify, 3DCart, Znode, Salesforce, Volusion, and NetSuite.

Image Moderation

The Image Moderation API is a free service that provides content ratings for images. It can detect inappropriate content such as adult material or violence. It can also detect other potentially objectionable content such as smoking, alcohol, and suggestive material. Users can try it out with their own images on the website.

Sefaria Torah Texts

The Sefaria Torah Texts API allows developers to access Sefaria's structured database of Jewish texts and their interconnections in order to make their own apps. Those who are interested in running their own databases are encourages to download the data off of GitHub rather than use the API. Sefaria covers the Torah in the broadest sense, both in Hebrew and in translation. it is created, edited, and annotated by an open community.

Edmunds Media

The Edmunds Media API offers access to the photo content of a dealership inventory. Uses of the API include to get photos by tag, by style ID, by vehicle model, and by year. Formats in JSON, JSONP, and REST. Edmunds is an automotive research and review resource that provides expert advice to car buyers and owners.

Peanut Labs Monetization

The Peanut Labs Monetization API allows developers to increase revenue by inviting users to the reward center. The reward platform allows website users participating in Loyalty, E-commerce and gaming websites to earn valuable incentives in exchange for their engagement with surveys or campaigns. Requests available in HTTP and responses in JSON & JSONP. Authentication with Api Key.

Peanut Labs Publisher

The Peanut Labs allows developers to integrate publishing features into web projects. Once added, users will be able to engage with ad campaigns and surveys from Peanut Labs. The API provides requests in HTTP and responses in JSON and JSONP, and is accessible with a Key. PeanutLabs is based in San Francisco, California and offers monetization services targeted for websites and mobile applications.

EveryBlock Event

EveryBlock aggregates public data from 5 metro areas across the United States. The data available varies by city, but is all made available via the EveryBlock APIs by providing schemas for each metro area. The company also provides a widget for light weight integrations. The Event API is used to publish scheduled events from Everyblock's aggregation platform. Endpoints vary per city. This is a REST based API with responses in JSON format. Everyblock combines different types of data, localizes it, and makes it available to developers through its APIs.