Deal Hunt Daily Deals

The Daily Deals API offers a retail platform to integrate in existing applications. It delivers product deals and coupons from stores such as Amazon and Ebay. This RESTful API responds in XML or JSON format, and it uses the API key authentication type. The Daily Deals API is still in beta development.


The DataMethods API saves users time during research, analysis, and application development by delivering market intelligence data through a single site. The market intelligence data by industry supports sales, operations, and supply chain planning functions by providing information in a geographical context. Each data set returns a comparison across three geographical levels - local, state/region, and country.

Uploadcare Content Delivery Network

The Uploadcare Content Delivery Network API aims to deliver files quickly. Developers can compare and contrast samples on the official site with images downloading, cropping, scaling, stretching, overlaying, rotating, blurring, and inverting. Formats include JSON and JSONP. API Key is available at the web site. Uploadcare provides an API and HTML5 widget to manage files in cloud storage with a smart and fast CDN.


The BetterDoctor API offers access to a database of doctors and insurance networks. The API uses HTTP methods with JSON or JSONP datatypes and requires an API Key for authentication. Use BetterDoctor to search for a doctor by name, location, or specialty. BetterDoctor also retrieves doctor descriptions, a list of known conditions, insurance providers, ratings, photos, contact information and specialties. See the API documentation for code samples and instructions on registering for an API Key.


Cognalys is a multiplatform mobile number verification service. The API available in JSON, JSONP, and XML formats helps developers to integrate two factor authentication instead of the traditional SMS OTP technology. Cognalys aims to offer a less expensive authentication method for users in more than 195 countries.

KonaKart Enterprise eCommerce

The KonaKart Enterprise eCommerce API allows developers to programmatically control KonaKart's ecommerce solution and merge it with their existing websites. KonaKart provides online retailers with a shopping cart, customer registration, customer data capture, a promotion sub-system, content management support, and much more. This API will remain backwards compatible as new versions of KonaKart are released.

Dandelion Sentiment Analysis

The Sentiment Analysis API tells whether the expressed opinion in short texts is positive, negative, or neutral. Given a short sentence (currently only English and Italian are supported), it returns a label representing the identified sentiment, along with a numeric score ranging from strongly positive (1.0) to extremely negative (-1.0). It's one of the available semantic text APIs published on, called Dandelion API.

Spotify Echo Nest Remix

The Spotify Echo Nest Remix API works as an internet synthetizer, transforming music and videos to Python or JavaScript code. In specific, the API manipulates audio files connected with the Echo Next Analyze API. This work aims to create projects from music, like the Remix of a Pianist Cat or the DogStep, that transforms any song like White Stripes' Seven Nation Army into musical barks. See additional music examples with Tetris Attack, Skrillex' Bangarang, and the Infinite Jukebox in this link:

UberStations Music and Radio Search

The UberStations Music and Radio Search API builds search engines for internet radio. The RESTful API accepts JSON or XML data types and requires a partner token for API authentication. Tokens are available after registering for a free account with Use the Uberstations API to search over 100,000 internet radio stations by current song, station name, geographic location, call sign, and more. Uberstations Music and Radio Search API can also build recommendation engines by artist or song.


APIBond is an API management platform for orchestrating, analyzing and updating your app. APIBond analyzes API metrics, filters redundant fields, facilitates customizing response content, monitors API security and performance, and can aggregate and merge multiple APIs. Use APIBond to build your API or integrate your current API with it's management platform. See the detailed documentation for more examples of how to use APIBond and instructions on getting started.