World Weather Online Marine, Sailing, Surfing Weather

The World Weather Online Marine, Sailing, Surfing Weather API integrates forecast data into web services and mobile applications. XML, JSON, and REST are available as protocols to make callbacks.

Gentics Mesh

The Gentics Mesh API integrates content management into web services and mobile applications. It provides REST and JSON parameters and it is accessible through token.


CampDoc offers an electronic health record system built for resident summer camps and day camps. This system features integrated management of health forms, allergies, and medications and illness/injury tracking. The CampDoc API is used to interact with the health record system and specialized functions such as profiles, users, and registrations. This API is REST based and registration is required to access detailed documentation.


nullNude is an adult content moderation platform that can be used to automatically remove unwanted content from a service. This platform features abstract understanding which is more discriminative than regular models when filtering images. 3 paid plans are available, and a free starter option is available as well. The company behind nullNude, dNeural, is a software engineering firm based in Gdynia, Poland. The nullNude API uses API Keys and API Secret for authentication, and JSON for data exchange.

SoftGarden Career Websites

The SoftGarden Career Websites API targets ad agencies that aim to integrate job search, job listings and online application to leverage career websites and applications. Job board vendors can use the API available in REST format with OAuth to sell and receive employment postings.


The JsonOdds API allows developers to integrate odds data for MLB, NBA, NCAA Basketball, NCAA Football, NFL, NHL, MMA, soccer, and tennis into their own websites and applications. JsonOdds is a sports betting odds service designed specifically to provide developers with the data they need to create their own applications.

Zeit Now

The Zeit Now API allows developers to programmatically orchestrate Node.js deployments in the cloud. Zeit is a project designed to make cloud computing as easy and accessible as mobile computing. The entirety of Zeit's command-line deployment tool is made available for users to remix.


The Recombee API allows developers to access its real-time recommendations cloud service programmatically using a sophisticated query language. Recombee is a recommendations system as a service that uses data mining, flexible query language, and a variety of machine learning algorithms (including collaborative filtering and content-based recommendation) to provide useful recommendations.


The Bibler API provides full-text access to information searches and English translation comparisons of the Holy Scripture. Requests submitted to the RESTful API generate JSON-formatted responses. Developers can freely integrate the Bibler API into their own platforms or use it in pilot programs of other apps, for as long as they submit reasonable number of requests at a time.

OnTop Notification

The OnTop Notification API allows developers to get notifications on their phones that keep them informed about their apps. It can be used to get notified of new app content that requires review, report severe crashes or bugs, receive push notifications from internet-connected devices, and perform simple app analytics and engagement studies.