The Sheetsu API lets developers integrate a spreadsheet to API conversion system with existing applications. It supports forms, surveys, and mailing lists. This lets developers use spreadsheets as databases. The Sheetsu API is REST based, and returns data in JSON format.

Stripe Relay

The Stripe Relay API offers a commercial platform to integrate with existing applications. This lets users buy products across different media such as tweets, and advertisements. The Stripe Relay API extends the capabilities of the Stripe API. The Relay API is REST based, and returns data in JSON format. It uses the API Key method for authentication. Stripe focuses on deliver systems that let businesses and private individuals accept online payments.

Harvard Course Planner

The Harvard Course Planner API offers access to Harvard's student course management data. This API allows users to add or remove courses via their own Course Planner. This REST API uses the HTTP Basic Authentication type. The Dataverse project focuses on "sharing, archiving and citing research data", and it is maintained by The Institute for Quantitative Social Science.


The Bondora API allows developers to programmatically access the Bondora investment platform for European personal loans. These loans are funded directly by investors rather than through banks. All borrowers are risk-assessed and assigned into credit groups whose interest rates reflect their relative risk. Bondora loans are fixed-income investments that provide monthly returns in the form of principal and interest payments.

Teradata DMC

The Teradata DMC API lets developers pull data into DMC (Digital Marketing Center) and extract information for use in other applications. Teradata DMC is an email marketing SaaS that lets users plan, implement, and control high-volume email broadcasting. It allows users to analyze customer information such as their product preferences and buying behavior and then use that information to engage with them via email, mobile, social, or web marketing.


The ClearBlade API offers a scalable application development platform to integrate with existing applications. Features include micro services, real-time messaging, and analytics. This REST API responds in JSON, and uses Token for authentication. ClearBlade is based in Austin, and focuses on delivering enterprise software to companies around the world.

Apico Messaging

The Apico Messaging API in REST protocol, allows to integrate messaging features into applications. Benefits of the API include customization, bulk messaging, delivery reports, and notification settings. Apico Messaging guarantees that every message will be delivered with their service.

Apico Numbers

The Apico Numbers REST API allows to obtain numbers from anywhere in the world. Features of the API include simultaneous voice sessions, inexpensive calls without expired balance, and numbers across the world by request.

Apico Voice

The Apico Voice API available in REST language integrates calls services, interactive voice responses, audio recording, advanced call control, and callback features into web applications. Developers can access the API with subscriber ID and password, secret key, or login and password of a rented phone number.

CoverMyMeds Prescriber Systems

The Cover My Meds Prescriber Systems API is available in REST format with Api Key and Shared Secret as authentication methods. One of the main integration features allows developers to register prescribers with credentials offered by the system.