Hablaa provides crowdsourced document translation services. Documents are split into smaller parts and translated simultaneously by multiple translators who only translate into their native languages. Quality is ensured by a final review by a professional translator. Hablaa's Dictionary Translation API translates words to and from more than 140 languages. The API is currently free to use with no signup required.

IBM Watson

The IBM Watson Developer Cloud is currently available to a select group of partner developers who are developing “Powered by Watson” applications. These developers are exploring the use of cognitive capabilities of Watson to enhance their business. You can follow the Watson developer site for the latest news and technical how-to guides, API docs, and tools. Or, choose to request access to the Watson Developer Cloud and Watson APIs when they are publicly available. or make a request to participate in the IBM Watson Ecosystem program.

USA.gov American Job Center Resource

Usa.Gov offers American Job Center Resource API, an application ideal for developers who aim to help job seekers to find government employment, training, and education. Users can find this API in ONet, a site that displays an interactive demo with REST services, responses, and resources. American Job Center API supports HTTP and XML formats. For more information about this API, developers can contact the staff via email. At the same time, they can connect in social media to interpret audience preferences.

Dandelion dataTXT-NEX

dandelion dataTXT-NEX is a semantic API to extract meaning and insights from texts in several languages (Italian, English, German, Portuguese and French at the moment). Understanding text has never been so easy, especially short texts, such as tweets and other social media. <br/> dataTXT-NEX extracts entities (such as persons, places, concepts, organizations and events), augments the text with tags and links to external knowledge graphs and more. There is a wide range of use cases like: enriching existing databases, building smart search engines and recommender systems on document collections, adding location knowledge to web apps, automatically tagging products on e-commerce sites, using data to create infographics and marketing research, giving context to web apps, and many more! <br/> dataTXT-NEX easily scales to support billions of queries per day and can be adapted on demand to support custom and user-defined vocabularies. Additional languages are available on demand. <br/> The website dandelion.eu provides contact e-mail, forum and a support link to facilitate application development.


Palth Public API provides users access to the cryptocurrency trading platform, where they can use different 'get' methods to retrieve information such as market summary, trades, and orders. There is a standard fee of .15% for all trades, unless user comes with referral. Individuals and businesses can register with Palth Exchange.


250ok is a software company that specializes in email delivery. 250ok provides businesses and organizations with necessary insight to identify and prevent potential risks and issues with delivering messages to their recipients. 250ok API provides its customers the freedom to share and use its application data however they want. In addition to being able to both read data and interact with the application using POST/PUT, 250ok customers can also choose the desired output format i.e. JSON, XML, CSV, or serialized for their data.


Coin-Swap is a crypto currency exchange platform that provides users a secured environment where they can trade Dogecoin. Coin-Swap API provides its members with access to both use public methods to get market information i.e. general market summary, trades, graph, data as well as to use private methods to their more individualized information i.e. checking on open orders, account balance, creating buying/selling orders.


F5 is an IT company that improves network security. Some of the solutions include networks functions virtualization, secure web gateway and cloud migration. Products involve platforms, modules, BIG-IP and BIG-IQ device, cloud and security. To access more information developers can visit the link iControl CodeShare, where they will have access to iControlREST and over 100 sample applications.

Traffic Monitor

APItools Traffic Monitor API allows for tracking, transforming and analyzing the traffic between an app and the APIs used within an application.

Autodesk View and Data

The Autodesk View and Data API allows for users to have 2D and 3D viewing functionality. It is a REST and JavaScript API with features that include: uploading a model via their REST API, and generates a viewing stream, provides access to model and model components data without the need for CAD software.