Salesforce Heroku Connect

The Heroku Connect API is an application development platform, and is used to exchange data between a Salesforce organization and a Heroku Postgres database. It can be used to sync accounts, and custom objects from Salesforce. This REST API responds in JSON format, and uses OAuth version 2.0 for authentication. Salesforce is based in San Francisco, and develops CRM software.


Sisense provides big data and business analytics services. The Sisense API allows integration of Sisense server functions including user management and widgets manipulation. Use the API to implement a widget of the service, automate processes, or implement a UI over Sisense. Available in REST and JSON formats & accessible with token.


Episerver is a platform for brands to manage and connect content, ecommerce and digital marketing. With the interface, developers can integrate catalog, inventory, pricing, and order information. The Episerver API allows developers to integrate the platform with business applications. It's available in REST and XML formats with a token.


Priava offers venue & event management services in the cloud. The Priava API allows developer access to the platform for integrating into third-party applications. API methods include query for venues, event types, create and get contacts, opportunities, or event sources and more.


With the BaasBox API, developers can integrate backend solutions to mobile applications. The open source interface provides JSON and REST formats accessible with an Api Key. Additional resources include console, plugin engine, and user cases. BaasBox offers backend services for mobile applications.

Tradable Bits

Tradable Bits Media offers social media marketing services for sports, tourism, entertainment, hospitality, retail, and other agencies. The Tradable Bits API allows developers to implement marketing services into applications. It includes a console URL to try most calls. Developers can query stream and user data as well as CRM push notifications. The API offers documentation accessible with an API Key. API Reference for Facebook Apps (Campaigns) Data, Stream Data, CRM Data is available.

Plytix Resellers

The Plytix Resellers REST API allows developers to access and integrate the reseller functionality of Plytix with other applications. Some example API methods include managing different sites, managing different products, and managing users. Plytix provides a collection of product images for advertising, as well as analytics about products.

Layer Client Rest

The Layer Client Rest API provides developers with a set of endpoints for querying and performing operations. This includes conversations, messages, read and delivery receipts, rich content, and error messages. Layer is a company that provides mobile and web messaging tools for developers. Layer allows users to build text messaging, voice messaging, and video functionality into applications for communication.


The MicroBees API is an Internet of Things platform which exchanges information with MicroBees' products, and is used to create an automated home system. This is done without the need of changing electrical wiring. This system features power consumption measuring, and thermostat functions. The API itself has REST architecture, and responds in the JSON format. Each API call requires a bearer Token. MicroBees is based in Italy, and develops home connectivity products.

Patrons Account Information

The Patrons Account Information API (PAIA) provided by GBV, provides methods for looking up loaned and reserved items, requesting and cancelling loans and reservations, and looking up fees and general patron information. This service is intended to facilitate patron access to integrated library systems. All of PAIA's sources and updates can be found in its public git repository. The GBV Catalogue gives access to the titles in over 250 libraries in the German states Bremen, Hamburg, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Niedersachsen, Sachsen-Anhalt, Schleswig-Holstein, Thüringen and the Foundation of Prussian Cultural Heritage.