dandelion dataTXT-SIM

dataTXT-SIM is an experimental semantic sentence similarity API, optimized on short sentences written in several languages (Italian, English, German, Portuguese and French at the moment). With this API users are able to compare two sentences and get a score of a semantic similarity. It works even if the two sentences don't have any word in common, and it accepts also URLs as input values.

ArcGIS: Spatial Analysis Service

ArcGIS REST API: Spatial Analysis Service helps developers to access, create, and share maps, apps, and information when they become members of the cloud-based collaborative environment. With the Spatial Analysis service, users can summarize data, find locations, enrich data, analyze patterns, use proximity, and manage data. Each category contains license, request URL, requested parameters, responses, and results supported in JSON. As developers explore each area, they can find examples with detailed descriptions.

Esri ArcGIS Mapping and Visualization

With ArcGIS REST API Map Service, users can access content of a map hosted on a server. The site offers visual displays with updates, resource hierarchy, request parameters, and JSON response examples. This mapping service could be useful if developers intent to access functions such as dynamic drawing, query, and search through the server ArcGIS. If they decide to use the map service root URL, they will find network analysis and vector editing tools. More information available via e-mail, forum, and social media.

Esri ArcGIS Location-Allocation Service

ArcGIS REST API Location-Allocation service assists users to choose locations from a list of facilities based on probable interactions. The site offers required parameters that include demand points, tokens, and facilities. The website also shows optional parameters that include analysis_region, target_market_share, and travel_mode. Users can access a data coverage page and code examples with JSON responses for various requests.

Twilio Client

Twilio Client allows browsers and devices to receive and send voice calls. This API could be valuable to integrate softphones, web conferencing, and click-to-talk services in applications. The site shows a quickstart guide in PHP where users can make calls from a browser, receive calls in a browser, and make calls between two browsers. Some of the prerequisites include a browser that supports Twilio client, an account, a web server to test the sample code, and a Twilio helper library. The library can be found in a redirected link and the code can be downloaded in a zipfile.

Twilio Voice

Twilio, a cloud communications company, offers Twilio voice, an API that can access phone accounts, numbers, calls, texts, and recordings. This could be helpful particularly for developers who want to gain new customers, because the service provides a wide variety of methods to understand clients' information. This API is about voice in telephonic environments. The site displays guides for calls, call queues, messaging, phone numbers, usage, accounts, and applications. Users can receive support through Twilio forum.

Canadian Virtual Exchange

The Canadian Virtual Exchange (CAVIRTEX) is a BitCoin and cryptocurrency exchange platform. Their public API allows developers to communicate with CAVIRTEX in order to receive real time cryptocurrency pricing and trading information. Their private API requires special API access, and allows users to implement trading, balance-checking, and more programmatically. This RESTful API uses JSON formatted requests and responses.

Office 365 Discovery Service

This service allows developers using Microsoft Office 365 APIs to browse the API endpoint directory with a simple query tool. Developers can make HTTP requests to the Discovery Service APIs in order to return information on API endpoints for further use in development. In order to access the Office 365 APIs, developers must first register their apps with Microsoft. All APIs use JSON with the Auth0 protocol for authentication, and Azure AD for authorization.

Yahoo Gemini

The Yahoo Gemini API brings native ads and mobile search together to allow advertisers to manage their campaigns more efficiently. Working with a set of RESTful objects, developers will are able to: automate campaign management, target campaigns by factors like location or interests, and receive reports to measure effectiveness of the campaign. After receipt of an API Key developers can use the example PHP code to get started.


Written in Ruby and backed by PostgreSQL, Toshi is a free API for Bitcoin app developers. The Bitcoin node, which is fully compatible with Bitcoin Core, provides a JSON API to query raw blockchain data. This enables developers to read information about blocks or transactions, broadcast new transactions, or get blockchain stats like height and confirmation times.