Carnival is a marketing system designed for customer retention. Some of Carnival's features include in-app messaging, advanced audience segmentation, customized insights, integration assistance, and behavioral triggering. Carnival offers its API which is REST based, and makes use of HTTP Basic Authentication. Carnival is located in New York and Wellington, New Zealand.


Joysticket is a rewards platform and loyalty program that can be integrated to existing applications. It can be used as a recommendations platform to acquire more users or as a retention option for existing users. Joysticket features a community for users, and real time retention. The Joysticket API is REST based, and responds in JSON format.


PortaText is an SMS marketing platform based in Florida. Its features include bulk SMS, integrated notifications, added security, and auto responder. PortaText as a platform can be used as a communication layer between businesses and customers. This REST HTTP based API uses HTTP Basic Auth as well as API Keys for authentication.


The Reviso API allows developers to integrate accounting functions into their own applications and systems. Reviso provides all standard accounting features, such as online invoicing, reports, support for VAT schemes, and free access for accountants and bookkeepers. Reviso is 100% online and allows users to import data from their previous systems.


The Bookalope API allows developers to integrate manuscript analysis and conversion into their own applications. Bookalope can structure, clean, and convert manuscripts into e-books for Nook, iPad, or Kindle; into PDF print books; or into another file format for continued editing and design. All e-books produced with Bookalope validate and pass standard publishing industry tests.


The Rosette API allows developers to integrate linguistic analysis, statistical modeling, and machine learning into their own Big Text processing applications. The API includes methods for language identification, relationship extraction, categorization, sentiment analysis, name translation, name matching, base linguistics, entity extraction, and entity linking against Wikidata for English, Spanish, and Chinese. Rosette is a suite of linguistic analysis components that integrate into applications to quickly add multilingual capability for mining unstructured data. It is provided by Basis Technology.


The Gerencianet API allows developers to integrate its services for handling billing, payments, and receipts into their own applications. Gerencianet is a Brazilian intermediary payments company that allows users to issue bills or payment books to their customers and to get receipts for payments received. The Gerencianet website and API documentation are provided solely in Portuguese.

Virgil Security

Virgil Security is a cloud based encryption and authentication platform. It can be used to easily add a security layer to existing applications. It features at rest and transfer encryption, and identity verification. When used within an enterprise, this platform can be integrated with business processes and protect against internal and external threats. Cloud applications can be secured with paswordless authentication and end to end encryption; each device is secured with its own key.

Volo Commerce

The Volo Commerce API allows developers to integrate their application with the Volo commerce platform. More information is available upon contacting the provider. Volo Commerce is a provider of multi channel ecommerce software and services.

Knurld Verification

The Knurld Verification API allows developers to verify a consumer's utterance of a word or phrase with that of a previously enrolled voiceprint. Knurld provides speech biometrics services, which can recognize not only what a person is saying but also verify is who is speaking.