theThings.IO REST

theThings.IO is a cloud service made for developers of IOT devices to store and query data. The service offers an easily deployable back-end component to things, a customizable front-end interface, and metrics for gauging performance. theThings.IO also offers diagnostics and interoperability between other ITO devices with privacy ensured. To store and share data programmatically in real time across connected things, theThings.IO RESTful API can be utilized. Currently in beta mode, the API uses HTTP requests and JSON formatted calls and responses.


migme is a social media service that offers chat, microblogging, and entertainment integrations to increase monetization through marketing and user onboarding. The RESTful migme API allows access to it's 9 million user base, enabling programmatic social media functionality, such as the acquisition of comprehensive user profile information, and the ability to invite friends, make a post, and bill a user for in-app purchases. The migme API is processed using HTTP requests and supports JSON formatting.


Clearent is an integration tool for eCommerce, combining sites, shopping carts, mobile interfaces, payment processing, and Point of Sale applications to create comprehensive payment-enabled eCommerce applications. The API is compatible with shopping carts such as ZenCart, OpenCart, OSCommerce, and custom user applications. Using the Clearent API, providers can process sales, authorizations, captures, refunds, and voids. The RESTful Clearent API is processed via HTTP. All requests require an API key for access. Clearent offers an API sandbox for testing purposes.


Astra is a cloud platform for media applications, enabling the storing and transcoding of images and videos. Using the Astra API, developers can implement storing static files with key-values, perform type-specific transformations such as resizing or cutting video, and process content delivery methods such as a URL link or channelling through a content delivery network. The API uses HTTP and responds in JSON exclusively. Astra charges a flat rate for disk space and bandwidth, and does not charge for API usage. The infrastructure behind Astra has powered PhotoShelter, an portfolio and eCommerce site since 2005. Astra's storage system currently handles billions of objects, comprising several PBs of data.


Sajari offers a powerful site search and recommendation API that enables anyone to add advanced search, recommendation and personalization capability to their website or app. Ranking rules, personalization, match scores and more can be accessed via the API. The Sajari search solution also uses machine learning and AI to output better results. A key feature of this is the ability to have user generated or real time data promote or demote results. The API is processed over HTTPS with JSON formatted calls. Requests are made with basic HTTPS authentication.


Lingout is an application localization service that can be integrated seamlessly into the user's development process. Lingout collects and manages files to make it easy to update translations at any time and in however many languages the user wants. Users can have their team translate content using a built-in editor or simply order a professional translation. The Lingout API provides methods for accessing the user's projects, resources, translations, and languages.


ApplyGem offers a web-based software that can be used to create forms and review applicants. The interface allows a recruiter to navigate forms, review applicants, filter by category, and more. The ApplyGem REST API allows developers to build web forms and applications on top of the ApplyGem interface by sending applicant data via a REST API. The API can be accessed by stating an account's API key within HTTP GET and POST requests.

V10 Data

V10 Data allows users to programmatically aggregate, search, license, access, and integrate automotive data into their websites or applications. It provides a convenient distribution channel where people pay only for the data they consume. Automotive data can be sold as individual entities or a complete set. Data may be licensed for different lengths of time, including a single use, caching for 24 hours, or perpetual rights for a specific application. The V10 Data API allow data vendors and data buyers to interact with the V10 Data website.


The SmartNotify API allows developers to track and analyze communication habits of customers. The aim is to provide optimized integration for communication mediums such as emails, phone calls, text messaging and social media. It also features predictive algorithms for preferred contact methods and analytic tracking.


Drizly is an on-demand alcohol delivery service. With a Drizly account, users in metropolitan areas can order beer, liquor, or wine to be delivered to their home in a purported 40 minutes or less. With the Drizly API, developers will be able to embed drink ordering into 3rd party applications. The API is currently in a private beta phase, and early access can be requested from the developer's portal. The Drizly service is operational in the following cities nationwide: Austin, Boston, Boulder, Chicago, Denver, Indianapolis, Los Angeles, New York City, Seattle, Washington DC, and Vail.