FreshMail is a platform for composing, sending, and tracking email campaigns. The web portal is equipped with customizable templates, an interface to input subscriber lists, and real time email monitoring. Developers can make HTTP calls to the FreshMail API in order to access a user's FreshMail account functionality. The API can be used to receive campaign reports: list all campaigns, give a cumulative overview of a certain campaign, and analyze a subscriber's behavior. The API allows developers to programmatically create a new campaign, or send, delete, or test an existing campaign. The API can modify batch data on subscriber lists, create new subscriber lists, download subscriber data, perform general account management, and more. The FreshMail API is constructed around REST standards.

Jitbit Helpdesk

Jitbit offers hosted help desk, help desk system, and live chat services. In particular, Jitbit Helpdesk is a great widely-used support ticketing system. Developers can use it in the cloud OR install it on their own server. The endpoint URL is the hosted one, change "subdomain" to account's subdomain. The API allows getting tickets from the app, closing, replying to tickets, and attaching files.

Edmunds Editorial is a third-party automotive website that provides users with information on different make and models of vehicles of their interest. WIth the Editorial API, developers can integrate the Edmunds editorial content into their applications. The editorial content includes articles, editor reviews, and road tests. Response formats are in XML and JSON.


The aboutPLACE RESTful API allows developers to integrate place-based data into interactive maps. The API is in Beta, with data available for Austin, Texas; Boston, Massachusetts; and Miami, Florida. aboutPLACE requires an API Key which is available after creating an account. With the API developers can access local analytics, metrics, maps, visuals, and other insights about cities allowing them to highlight specific datasets and provide hyper-localized results.

The API allows users to quickly build scalable news feeds. After creating a free account and receiving an API Key, users can create Flat, Aggregated, and Notification feeds as well as add/remove activities, follow/unfollow, and batch insert activities. currently has clients for Ruby, JavaScript/Node, Python, and PHP. A free account allows 3million fanouts per month, 5GB of free storage, and unlimited user accounts. More fanouts and storage are available with a paid account.


<p>GlobalNLP handles a wide variety of natural language processing tasks in 20 (yes, twenty) languages. </p> <p>The functionality we support includes but is not limited to:</p> <ul> <li>Word-sense disambiguation </li><li>Part of speech tagging </li><li>Noun, verb, preposition phrase extraction </li><li>Lemmatization </li><li>Stemming </li><li>Chinese / Japanese / Korean / Thai segmentation </li><li>Morphological synthesis </li><li>Sentiment analysis (global and per entity / fragment) </li><li>Entity extraction </li><li>Crosslingual retrieval / semantic search helper methods </li><li>Automatic translation </li><li>Direct / indirect quotation extraction and attribution </li> </ul> <p>Whatever your natural language processing need is, GlobalNLP is a tool for you.</p> <p>Browse our easy-to-use API methods with extensive code samples in Java, JavaScript, C#, PHP, Python, Ruby, and more. Free plan is available. </p>

Testdroid Cloud

The Testdroid Cloud REST API allows subscribed users to test their application on the latest Android and iOS devices at once. The Cloud-based API delivers detailed test results, full logcat outputs and screenshots of devices for side-by-side comparisons of test results. Testdroid Cloud uses OAuth 2.0, and the service is SSL encrypted.


WakaTime is a time tracking service for programmers. It's fully automatic and can detect project names from revision control software. It can provide users with information such as their most-used programming languages, logged time for each project, and email summaries on a monthly, weekly, or daily basis. Open-source text editor plugins are available on GitHub.


Tutum is a platform for building, deploying, and managing applications across any cloud. Users are provided with a free private registry for storing applications as well as quick access to Docker's public and private registries. Tutum helps users manage clusters when deploying applications and also orchestrates infrastructure and application containers. Users can manage and monitor their applications through Tutum's dashboard, API, or CLI tool.


Umajin is a visual designer for building applications without writing any code. The API provides access to the advanced setup feed, allows users to transform the JSON-T data and turn form submissions into a feed.