Via RESTful connectivity, GlobalNLP handles a wide variety of natural language processing. Currently, the API supports many NLP processes including: stemming, morphological synthesis, word sense disambiguation, entity extraction, and automatic translation. A full list of supported processes is listed in the documentation along with code samples in JavaScript, C#, PHP, Python, Ruby, and more. A free account guarantees 20 API calls a minute and 500 calls a month with higher volumes available with a paid account. aggregates a user's cloud servers to help them monitor status and activity with a single unified interface. displays real time analytics and visualizations of system metrics, and offers the ability to create, manage, and edit existing servers and accounts with quality security measures. The service is compatible with Amazon Web Services, Rackspace, DigitalOcean, Google Cloud Platform, and additional major server providers. Aside from their mobile & web interfaces, developers may also extend site functionalities into 3rd party applications via the RESTful API.

Telematic REST

This REST based API provides developers easy access to the telematics data of a vehicle fleet. Service providers may install and connect their cars in seconds to the Internet of Things. Examples implementation scenarios include: receiving the location of your cars, measuring driving behavior, receiving alarms and warnings, and managing geo-fences. allows to create thumbnails and screenshots of videos and websites. The API offers services free of charge and options that require payment for additional capacity. A particularity of this API is that users can test the screenshot generator before register on the site. After sign up, they can choose a plan according to the number of screenshots required for a development plan.

Wise is a machine learning company that aims to provide value with target market, client retention, customer behavior, and marketing automation services. The API is about machine learning. It helps developers to integrate handwritten digit recognition, spam filtration, political party affiliation recognition, and activity recognition with sensor data as mentioned in the examples of the website. API documentation is available on HTTP and Pyhton. At a later stage, Wise will offer Twitter sentiment, event recommendation, and language detection features.


MuninMX is a service for monitoring CPU usage, processes, load, memory, and more. It can scale to thousands of nodes without suffering IO or CPU problems, and it queries those nodes on a timescale measured in seconds rather than minutes. MuninMX also comes with custom plugins, alert notifications, and user permissions management capabilities.


Stamplay allows to build, launch, and run web apps working on the frontend. The principal value of this service is to focus on the user experience, instead of the server-side logic. A secondary and still useful benefit is the aim connect backend to frontend design. This works by picking components similar to building blocks, adding tasks, using pre-built backend services via REST APIs, and building the app frontend.

Bike Index

With Bike Index, users can register bicycles to protect them from burglars. So far, 31,356 bikes have been registered and over 2,118 stolen bikes have been recovered. In the main site developers can find more information about the JSON API, that includes support to cross-origin resource sharing (CORS), a spec that permits web apps to make AJAX calls without workarounds.The code is available on github.

Google Maps Engine

Google Maps Engine provides a means to store geographic data and to layer that data on top of the Google base map. The data can consist of vector and/or raster (imagery) files. The API provides full functionality for uploading the data into Google Maps Engine, for processing and maintaining the data, and for associating the data with the Google Maps Engine components that interact with the Google map.


Brightbox is a company that allows users to build cloud servers across 2 UK data centers in 30 seconds. The RESTful API enables a full control of Brightbox Cloud IaaS resources. In the site, users can find API tools, client libraries, endpoint URLs, requests, attributes, server information, and database material to facilitate application development.