Interactive Chart

Markit on Demand's Interactive Chart API is for displaying the historical value of a company’s stock. The response contains end-of-day historical price information for companies traded on the BATS Exchange in the U.S. The response can include datasets containing open-high-low-close (OHLC) values, volume, Simple Moving Average (SMA), labeling helpers, coordinates and more.

SimilarWeb Website Engagement

The Engagement API could be beneficial for developers who want to obtain 3 web engagement results when they access a website. Because this API is about engagement, developers could create applications with improved functionality and accessibility. The results will display in either XML or JSON. The metrics provided are average page views, average time on site, and bounce rate. API Key is needed. This API is about engagement and it is valuable to monitor device patterns. Developers can contact SimilarWeb via e-mail to have a better understanding about app creation practices.

SimilarWeb Website Search Keywords

SimilarWeb offers website and application analytics. The Search Keywords API could be useful for developers who want to obtain 3 keyword search results when they access a website. This API is about keyword search and it is valuable to measure search results for users who visit webpages from multiple mobile devices. To develop an app, developers can visit the site where they can find endpoints, parameters and examples.

Intention Analysis

Intention Analysis allows users to identify inquiries, expressions of immediate needs, complaints or frustration in social media messages. It allows users to filter out marketing messages from Twitter and identify only messages of value to B2B sales and marketing teams.


Visualize data with Indicative, a service that provides the main value of business analytics. Even though the API is currently in Beta stage, the documents are available in the website and in Github. Indicative invites developers to contact them for application creation. The API is about data analysis for business. Developers who work with large amount of e-commerce information could benefit from this service that aims to provide smart dashboards, segmentation, versatile funnels, cohort analysis and effortless integration for web and mobile. Indicative offers access through an API key along with development and best practices with REST and JSON protocols. Developers can contact Indicative via e-mail to ensure the success of application development.


The RESTful EveryoneAPI gives developers a way to access and collect cellular data by making simple HTTP requests. The API accepts a phone number and will return applicable demographic data on the user, such as name, gender, location, and address. Usage pricing with EveryoneAPI is determined on a per successful lookup basis, making the API scalable for small to enterprise business situations. To begin, EveryoneAPI requires an account ID and access token for authorization.

You've Got Leads

You’ve Got Leads (YGL) is a customer relationship management (CRM) solution designed to help senior living communities increase their occupancy. It helps users track and manage leads, schedule and organize tasks, track the effectiveness of advertising methods, monitor unit occupancy, produce real-time reports, and more. The YGL 2.0 API enables users to retrieve their leads, retrieve recently changed leads, and look up information on their properties.

Minimal Reader

Minimal Reader helps users to set up a customized RSS reader. The API in REST is about the facilitation of RSS reading services. It offers responses in JSON, JSONP and Message Pack formats. As authentication tokens, the API requires username and password. In the site, developers will see diverse parameters in the categories of subscription and entries. In addition, the site offers requests, tags and entries. The main value of this API is to create a customized feed for readers.


Traitify measures personality through a sequence of visual assessments. The API could be useful to understand users’ behavior, predict data and recognize pattern preferences. Developers in the field of user experience can benefit from this API that aims to offer a better understanding about the diverse qualities that make a person human, such as conversational, creative, empowered, competitive, caring, easy-going and outgoing skills. This personal information service API is about personality assessment. It can be accessed using Javascript or REST and returns values in JSON protocol. The API requires a key. In the site, developers can find code samples in Curl, Ruby, NodeJS, .NET, Java, Phyton and PHP to explore the categories of find assessment, get slides, slide response, personality types, and personality traits.

LinkedIn People Search

LinkedIn is a social network service for professionals. The API LinkedIn People Search could help developers to access information about people. This is an API about personal information. As LinkedIn discloses in their website, this API is part of the Vetted Access Program. It is recommended to obtain approval from the company first. The following permissions are required: basic profile default, all or none grant, optimization for 3 permissions and permission changes. Similarly, the next calls are offered: user’s own data, user’s network data, groups data and company data. The API format is XML and requires OAuth for authentication.