FeedSyndicate Stocks and Markets

The FeedSyndicate Stocks and Markets API allows developers to get delayed quote data that is updated each minute during trading hours and delayed according to individual exchange requirements. This API is derived from the FeedSyndicate Stocks, Markets, and Indices Data feeds, which provide access to continuously updated stocks, markets, and index data from over one hundred major markets around the world. FeedSyndicate provides full news to entertainment content feeds for websites and applications.

FeedSyndicate Weather

The FeedSyndicate Weather API allows developers to access up-to-date weather information for their web and mobile applications. The feed is dynamically generated based on the user's zip code, Location ID, or geocode and can provide up to a 7-day forecast. This API provides weather data for thousands of locations, both in the U.S. and internationally. FeedSyndicate provides full news to entertainment content feeds for websites and applications.

FeedSyndicate News

The FeedSyndicate News API allows developers to access a large database of national and international news articles in order to retrieve full text articles and images. Types of news covered include major headlines, business, entertainment, sports, technology, and more. Users can filter the content they retrieve by region, topic, and more. This database is updated daily. FeedSyndicate provides full news to entertainment content feeds for websites and applications.

Sierra Wireless AirVantage

The Sierra Wireless AirVantage API allows developers to integrate data into mobile applications. It aims to be particularly useful for wireless projects associated to Internet of Things. Protocols include CSV, JSON, RSS, and XML. Developers can authenticate with Key, token, and OAuth. Sierra Wireless provides innovative connectivity options for the Internet of Things.


The LinkMyDeals API offers a coupon and deal feeds platform that can be integrated with existing applications. Feeds from over 1000 Indian E-commerce stores in different file formats are available. Full feeds and incremental feeds can be generated. This API can return data in JSON, XML, and other formats. Sellergize Web Technology Services is a new company based in Mumbai which focuses on developing coupon, and cashback applications.


The TorrentProject API offers a search engine for torrent files to integrate in existing applications. It features JSON responses and RSS feeds. TorrentProject is still in development but over 9 million torrents are indexed, and currently offers over 80 trackers.


The Syndicate-G API offers Google Plus data conversion services to existing applications. This API returns public posts to an RSS feed in XML format by using a Google Plus user ID. It runs on Express.js and Redis.

Press Association SNAP.PA

Press Association is a UK based provider of platforms for press and content distribution, offering editorial, photo, cross word puzzles, real time data, event listings, PR, and other services. The Press Association API allows access to content feeds grouped by subject in order to programmatically integrate articles, assets, and general content with 3rd party applications. The RESTful API returns endpoint requests with information formatted in a JSON, Atom, or RSS response.


The webhose.io API is for web-crawling and data integration across multiple online platforms and sources. The API pulls data from sources such as blogs, message boards, comments, review, news, and others. The data can be presented in JSON, XML, or RSS formats and provides contextual metadata that can be integrated into applications and database systems.

Critical Mention

Critical Mention is a news aggregation service offering tools suitable for PR and marketing firms to analyze and monitor various types of media. The Critical Mention API accesses television and radio content, syncing with 2,000 broadcast sources to accumulate 40 hours of content every minute. Developers may implement the API in order to receive near real-time data on television, radio, and news sourced from online news centers and magazines. Requests to the API return machine-readable JSON & RSS formatted respons. The Critical Mention online portal additionally offers reporting on media coverage with analytical interfaces, graphs, and maps.