CM Telecom SMS

The CM Telecom SMS API allows users to integrate SMS functionality into their business applications and platforms. The API's methods enable users to send messages safely, quickly, and in a targeted way. The CM Telecom platform is capable of handling all facets of the mobile ecosystem, including SMS, push, apps, payments, and voice messages. CM Telecom also provides SMS status reports and real time logging of message delivery.

SpringEdge SMS

SpringEdge Technologies provides bulk SMS services that enable instant messaging across all major network providers. SpringEdge also offers web-based cloud messaging and reporting and analytics systems. These services can be implemented and extended to 3rd party applications through the SpringEdge APIs. Spring Edge's Bulk SMS APIs can be called using GET or POST methods and supports HTTP, XML, SOAP, and SMPP formats. Interested parties can contact SpringEdge for additional information and API documentation.

Run The Red SMS

The Enterprise SMS Gateway by Run the Red makes it easy to send and receive bulk customer messages via SMS. This API provides users with the ability to send alerts generated from core business applications, communicate with staff and customers using a CRM system, update social media feeds, reduce costs from using central communication and physical mail delivery and generate successful marketing and brand campaigns.


Pixiebulksms is a Nigerian bulk SMS marketing platform for both companies and private individuals. It enables users to send SMS to any mobile phone worldwide or to resell its SMS services as their own. Developers can use the Pixiebulksms API to add an interface to their website for sending SMS, managing users as an admin, and linking to resellers.

SMS On Tips

SMS On Tips provides bulk SMS services that include both short code and long code SMS. Users can schedule future messages and save pre-defined messages as templates. Users can also retrieve detailed delivery reports for all sent messages and export them to CSV sheets. The SMS On Tips API enables developers to integrate bulk SMS services into their applications.

Sendmode Business SMS

Sendmode Business Messaging provides a bulk SMS gateway that allows users to SMS-enable their websites and applications. Developers can integrate with the gateway using the Sendmode Business SMS API. This allows users to send SMS, retrieve the number of credits left on their account, obtain delivery reports, and check available keywords. Code samples are provided in C#, PHP, ASP, and Java.


HSL (Hay Systems Ltd.) SMS provides a messaging gateway that can easily be integrated with other applications to allow them to send and receive SMS. HSL SMS is a versatile service that can be used for emergency alerts, M2M (machine-to-machine) calls, staff communications, customer promotions, two-factor authentication, and more. Integration can be accomplished using a variety of protocols, including REST, SOAP, SMPP, and SMTP.


donbulkSMS is a Nigerian bulk SMS portal. It provides flexible billing packages and supports both numeric and alphanumeric sender IDs. Users can integrate donbulkSMS with their own website or application programmatically via API, enabling users to send SMS or check their account balances over REST or SMPP calls.