New Zealand Car Registration Number Lookup

The New Zealand Car Registration Number Lookup API access information on any car registered in New Zealand. It uses the /CheckNewZealand endpoint and returns the following information: Make, Model, Engine Size, Fuel Type, Body Style, VIN number, Engine Code, Number of seats, Colour, Country of assembly, Stolen indicator, Odometer reading (last and current), Warrant of Fitness, and Import status. Available in JSON, SOAP, and XML formats with API Key.

Vehicle Registration USA

This API retrieves basic information about a car registered in the USA from its number plate. The data returned includes the car description, body style, VIN number, engine size, and the country of assembly. It works in all 50 US states, including commonwealth countries of Guam, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands.


Wizie is a technology provider specialized in travel solutions. It offers a booking engine with different customization options that can be adapted to travel websites. The Wizie API consolidates the different aspects of traveling such as lodging, insurance, and flights. This API exchanges information in JSON format, and requires API Keys for authentication.

Australia Car Registration

The Australia Car Registration API allows users look up car number plates in Australia. For instance, users of the application would enter a car registration plate like "DB - 6008", and it would return that the number plate belongs to a 2007 Toyota Camry. The API uses SOAP XML standard format (ASMX), ideal for .NET applications, but also suitable for PHP. More information about the API is available upon contacting

Twingly LiveFeed

Twingly is a blog search and data mining service. The LiveFeed API is based in SOAP and allows for the receiving of a continuous real-time (firehose) stream of blog data. It offers livefeed subscriptions to be delivered in XML data.

NAB Velocity

North American Bancard (NAB) is a payment processing platform designed to be developer friendly. This platform offers multi currency support, recurrent billing, virtual terminal, Apple Pay support, and fraud prevention. The Velocity API is used for full integration with Velocity Managed Commerce Services Platform which offers eCommerce, Mobile, and Back Office payment support. This API can be integrated by using REST or SOAP protocols, uses Tokens for authentication, and returns data in JSON or XML formats.

Agile Tix

The Agile Tix API integrates ticket purchase into web services and mobile applications. Developers can work with JSON, SOAP, and XML protocols. An API Key is required to authenticate. Agile Ticketing Solutions provides complete ticketing solutions for small or large events.

Pyton Leisure Portal

The Pyton Leisure Portal provides an API for booking and selling holiday getaways, tours, and packages. This API can be integrated into your travel website, call-center, and travel agency and also provides tools for creating custom tour experiences. Pyton is a travel technology company.

allmysms SOAP

The allmysms SOAP API allows developers to send SMS text messages programmatically. Allmysms is a bulk SMS service that provides international messaging, real-time acknowledgement, and STOP management. It is connected to over 700 operators worldwide, allowing users to send SMS within France as well as abroad. The API documentation is provided in French or English.


The Reviso API allows developers to integrate accounting functions into their own applications and systems. Reviso provides all standard accounting features, such as online invoicing, reports, support for VAT schemes, and free access for accountants and bookkeepers. Reviso is 100% online and allows users to import data from their previous systems.