Reddcoin is a platform that allows people to transfer money from any social media applications to anyone around the world. The ReddAPI allows developers to integrate the reddcoin feature into their applications. With this API, developers will be able to connect their audience/consumers together via digital currency transfer.

ExactTarget Fuel SOAP

The ExactTarget Fuel SOAP API provides developers the tools to develop Marketing Cloud applications in the App Center that developers will able to access via the web. The API also allows developers to establish the ExactTarget permissions that their applications need. Some of the available permissions developers can request include channels (i.e. email messages, sms,..), assets i.e. documents and images, contacts i.e. lists and audiences, data, and more.


TextKey is an omni-factor authentication API that uses seven-factors of authentication to provide security for devices ranging from mobile to electronic door locks. TextKey works through using SMS service, unique code, cellular number, UDID, a single use URL, and an optional pin. TextKey uses Rest with a JSON response and SOAP. TextKey is free for ten users, and available for a monthly charge per user thereafter.


The RxClass API allows developers to retrieve information from RxNorm, a database that includes the normalized names for clinical drugs. It links those names to drug vocabularies that are often used by pharmacy management and drug interaction software, enabling it to help those types of software communicate with each other effectively.

Print From Windows Phone

Print From Windows Phone offers an API in SOAP format that can be used to send documents to print using the print spooler software. Users need to install the software on the PC to connect to the destination printer, either via WIFI or USB. The site shows 3 steps to use Print From Windows Phone: create an account to have access to 10mb, download the software required, use the e-mail in the website to print from a Windows phone. To test the service, developers can access 2 responses in SOAP with respective requests and responses.


CenturyLink is a telecommunications company that offers cloud services for business, development, SaaS and resellers. The company offers an API that supports REST based HTTP requests in XML, JSON and SOAP protocols. The goals are to display billing, data centers, network usage, upcoming events and activity log. This API may serve as a control portal and could help developers to monitor users’ activity when they work from the cloud. To start application development, the site shows a quick overview guide and an instructional video. The website also displays 3 attributes with Success, Message and StatusCode names to show the type of responses developers will receive with requests.

Space Telescope Science Institute

The Space Telescope Science Institute features the Barbara A. Mikulski Archive for Space Telescopes. To create an application related to science, astronomy, data and telescopes developers can visit MAST Web Services, where they can find HTTP GET requests, script examples, mission searches, general search parameters, simple cone search and SOAP services. The API about science search aims to provide complete information for developers, who can explore multiple examples and can work with PHP, Python, Unix Shell and IDL languages. With this API, users could display and reorganize scientific data stored in archives. E-mail is available to start application development.

Omega Ricochet

RacoWireless offers a collection of communication management tools with their DevCloud and Omega Management Suite. The platform is designed to increase interoperability between IoT devices with RESTful API integration. The RacoWireless Omega Management Suite & DevCloud processes are handled by the Omega Richochet API, enabling the ability for device management and acces to rich device data and statistics through SOAP protocols.

Bing Ads

The Bing Ads API is made up of multiple web services that together allow developers to manage their advertising campaigns hosted through Bing. Using the API, developers can create new advertising campaigns, and manage/edit existing campaigns. The API also supplies detailed reporting and statistics for developers to understand how ads are performing.

eBay Business Policies Management

The Business Policies Management API gives sellers the ability to apply consistent business policies to all listings in a category rather than entering in policy information individually. When a seller's category is updated with the API, all listings in that group are updated as well. These programmable factors include shipping, payment, and return details. The RESTful Business Policies Management API accepts HTTP requests and can return in JSON or XML.