SpringEdge SMS

SpringEdge Technologies provides bulk SMS services that enable instant messaging across all major network providers. SpringEdge also offers web-based cloud messaging and reporting and analytics systems. These services can be implemented and extended to 3rd party applications through the SpringEdge APIs. Spring Edge's Bulk SMS APIs can be called using GET or POST methods and supports HTTP, XML, SOAP, and SMPP formats. Interested parties can contact SpringEdge for additional information and API documentation.


Vidyo can be implemented into websites for video and audio communication abilities. The VidyoWorks APIs incorporate the VidyoConferencing infrastructure via the client or server, with easy plugin API capabilities for adding videoconferencing to desktop or web environments. The VidyoWorks Server API can be implemented over HTTP using SOAP protocols. The API enables complete video and calling management and control features. The Server API also allows access to a custom web portal and application integration.

bn.gy short urls

The bn.gy API provides developers tools for short URL creation and looking up URLs using SOAP and HTTP GET requests and responses.


The Neon API is for customer relationship management applications for non-profits and is currently in the Beta testing stage. It's features include working with accounting data, managing information from accounts, households, donations, pledges, events, and membership details. It also allows for online store management for purchases and inventory.


Webmasterchecks is a secure online payment service for issuing high-volume payouts. It can perform check-printing, mailing, wires, and ACH direct deposits, though printing and delivering checks is their specialty. Users have access to real-time reporting, payment details, and transaction history. With the Webmasterchecks API, users can import data directly into the system. Webmasterchecks primarily works with affiliate networks, market research companies, claims administration, insurance companies, and similar businesses.

Reach Data SMS

Reach aims to be the leading provider of mobile messaging services in the United Kingdom. With a global perspective in mind, Reach proposes the values of accuracy, quality of service, reliability, and continuous improvement. The API offered by Reach is about messaging. It is named Reach Data SMS. What the API can do is to send and receive messages from current systems. This application in REST, SOAP, and XML formats adheres to quality standards, brand enhancement, and report delivery.

Mind Pulpy

Mind Pulpy allows users to hook up multiple third party APIs and aggregate data to get simplified HTTP URLs. Developers can use pre-built APIs from different categories and combine them into one.


Reddcoin is a platform that allows people to transfer money from any social media applications to anyone around the world. The ReddAPI allows developers to integrate the reddcoin feature into their applications. With this API, developers will be able to connect their audience/consumers together via digital currency transfer.

ExactTarget Fuel SOAP

The ExactTarget Fuel SOAP API provides developers the tools to develop Marketing Cloud applications in the App Center that developers will able to access via the web. The API also allows developers to establish the ExactTarget permissions that their applications need. Some of the available permissions developers can request include channels (i.e. email messages, sms,..), assets i.e. documents and images, contacts i.e. lists and audiences, data, and more.


TextKey is an omni-factor authentication API that uses seven-factors of authentication to provide security for devices ranging from mobile to electronic door locks. TextKey works through using SMS service, unique code, cellular number, UDID, a single use URL, and an optional pin. TextKey uses Rest with a JSON response and SOAP. TextKey is free for ten users, and available for a monthly charge per user thereafter.