Space Telescope Science Institute

The Space Telescope Science Institute features the Barbara A. Mikulski Archive for Space Telescopes. To create an application related to science, astronomy, data and telescopes developers can visit MAST Web Services, where they can find HTTP GET requests, script examples, mission searches, general search parameters, simple cone search and SOAP services. The API about science search aims to provide complete information for developers, who can explore multiple examples and can work with PHP, Python, Unix Shell and IDL languages. With this API, users could display and reorganize scientific data stored in archives. E-mail is available to start application development.

Omega Ricochet

RacoWireless offers a collection of communication management tools with their DevCloud and Omega Management Suite. The platform is designed to increase interoperability between IoT devices with RESTful API integration. The RacoWireless Omega Management Suite & DevCloud processes are handled by the Omega Richochet API, enabling the ability for device management and acces to rich device data and statistics through SOAP protocols.

Google Analytics Adwords

The Google Adwords API gives developers direct access to the Adwords Platform. The API gives a set of tools that allow developers to access and manage complex Google Adwords campaigns. Use cases include adding, editing or removing existing campaigns, creating custom interfaces for CRM integration, bulk uploading, inventory-based ad management, and more. Google offers client-side libraries in various languages to assist in interacting with the API.


Megaventory is a web-based inventory, order management, and reporting solution for small and medium businesses with multiple points of presence.The SOAP API gives developers access to resources such as account settings, discounts, inventory, product, sales, shipping and more. Megaventory allows users to send sales quotes and purchase orders, issue invoices, get sales orders and more.

Geo Services

Geo Services provides a collection of place locator functions that can return information about a single location, the distance between two locations, locations found within a given city or zip code, or places near a given location. Supported locations include US zip codes and cities, Canadian post codes and cities, and user-defined places. Developers can integrate Geo Services' location-based functions into their own applications using the Geo Services API.

Clickslide Datadipity

Datadipity allows users to combine APIs from multiple sources into a ready-to-use JSON API which can be used with any Javascript Library. It also creates an XML API endpoint with the mashup for connecting to app servers. Datadipity can integrate any API into the system with a simple form based tool. Users have the ability to restructure APIs as they please, allowing them to unify multiple APIs into a standardized format. Mashups or restructured APIs can be published for others to see or kept private.


The AllPay API mirrors the functionality provided by the AllPay user interface. All data is available for CRUD operations. Lists of data can be polled using a fluent SQL-like syntax and updated in batched transactions. Reports and exports can be run, polled and downloaded via HTTP streams. Employee documents are available to update and download via streams. The API also allows for the creation of Single-Sign-On tokens for the employee self service and new employee onboarding portals. The API also support ll payroll operations such as creating check dates, adding checks to employees and submitting payroll for processing.

Experian Data Quality Data Append

Experian Data Quality’s real-time data enhancement solutions can append an extensive list of demographic and attitudinal elements. These SOAP-based Web services are designed to provide insights into your web visitors, prospects and customers. The API lets developers integrate the service into third party applications. Appends information based on the user’s IP address. The geolocation software appends information based on the address data and can return over 900 data attributes, which leverage Experian's ConsumerViewSM database, the nation's largest repository of consumer marketing data.

Experian Data Quality Phone Validation

Experian Data Quality’s real-time phone validation solution helps users determine whether they are collecting accurate phone numbers. The service can also identify if the number is mobile or landline, ensuring compliance with TCPA. This SOAP-based Web service sources data from over 200 telecommunications and cable providers and can be integrated into other applications or web sites. Reverse phone append available.

PSP Platform Subdealers

The PSP Platform is a white-label platform that helps users create their own complete payment gateways capable of performing mobile transactions, currency exchanges, and more. The Subdealers API allows PSP Platform users to perform basic operations on a subdealer's e-card, such as selling the e-card or depositing an amount from one e-card to another.