OnTime is a courier software that helps businesses to work in the cloud with or without internet connection. The API offers to create, update, and tracks orders. It features SOAP and XML services.


The Quetzal API provides users with research tools that are currently used in the bio-medical fields. Quetzal’s unique combination of linguistic and statistical methods quickly delivers contextually relevant results, saving researchers time and minimizing the risk of overlooking critical information. Developers can use this tool to integrate the API to their applications, enabling their users to directly do research from the applications.

Netissime Web Services

The Netissime Web Services API allows developers to integrate their application with the Netissime services, enabling their users to get domain names that are hosted by Netissime. Netissime is a French web hosting company.


The PayItSimple API allows developers to integrate the PayItSimple platform into their e-commerce websites. PayItSimple is a service that acts as an intermediate layer between an e-commerce website or POS (point of sale) system and a payment gateway. It allows merchants to offer their customers the option of making personalized installment payments using their existing credit card.

ProfitBricks SOAP

ProfitBricks SOAP API creates duplicate options that are available in the provider's visual Data Center Designer (DCD) tool. This API supports creating and defining configuration for a virtual data center and controlling activities of the servers established there. ProfitBricks SOAP API also support managing data storage space, load balancing functions, firewall restrictions, and domain name mapping. Requests must conform to XML schema and responses are in SOAP. Authentication is over TLS using basic authentication. The service provides hosting and storage resources via ththe infrastructure as a service (IaaS) model. It allows users to create and configure virtual data centers, including a visual designer tool to simplify and automate the process. Functions include data storage and backup as well as cloud-based application hosting.

Background Check

The Background Check API allows developers to add background check services to their applications. These services includes county-level searches, verifications, DMV info, motor vehicle records, criminal database searches, and more. API documentation and free developer support are provided, including test submissions. Online release forms feature electronic signature for easy cloud based storage of online release forms. Background Check is also offered as a white-label service.


The OnPage SOAP API allows developers to access the OnPage messaging service in order to send messages and retrieve tracking information for messages. OnPage is a Secure Prioritized Messaging System for smartphones that is designed to take the place of a traditional pager. Each message comes with an alert-until-read to ensure no messages get lost.


The Allscripts API allows developers to integrate and develop with Allscripts' EHR (Electronic Health Record) software. Developers can use Allscripts to discretely exchange data between the EHR systems and third-party applications, allowing information to be shared quickly and accurately between healthcare providers. This API is only available to registered Allscript developers.

TeleMessage SOAP

Use this API to access TeleMessage's SOAP API. The API uses HTTP and XML and authenticates via HTTP Basic Auth. Telemessage is a business messaging app for sending secure messages among colleagues. See the API documentation for code samples and detailed instructions on getting started.


The Paynova API supports all aspects of payment processing for online retailers in Europe. Use the API to create and send invoices, accept payments and issue refunds, and process orders. The API exposes services in both REST and SOAP, and accepts requests in XML, JSON, JSV, CSV, or MessagePack. Authentication is done via HTTP Basic Auth. Paynova API accepts many different payment methods and currency types. See the documentation for a full outline of payment methods/currency types and for extensive information on implementing the API.