Scryba Web

Scryba Web API is a secure URL shortener. See the Developer API page for API endpoints for either a custom or random URL. Powered by Scryba Systems.

Trafiklab GTFS Sweden

Trafiklab is an online community that provides developers a space to share data and APIs for public transport in Sweden. The Trafiklab GTFS Sweden is a service provided by Trafiklab, it refers to the general transit feed specification standard that is developed by Google. With an API key, developers can integrate its services into their applications.


ZeroLink is a URL shortener website that converts long URLs into shorter versions. The ZeroLink API lets developers to interact with its service programmatically, enabling them to integrate it with their applications, letting their users to directly use ZeroLink.

2Checkout Admin

2Checkout is a payment service that let businesses to process transactions on the web. The 2Checkout Admin API lets developers to integrate its administrative fuctionality into their applications/websites. With this API integrated, users will be able to automate account and order management processes. Request can be returned in XML, JSON, and HTML format.


LotteryFeed is an online company that provides information on lottery results in North America and around the world. These data feeds are in XML, HTML, JSON and TEXT formats. With the LotteryFeed API, developers will be able to integrate this information into their applications, allowing their users to access lottery information directly.


SegmintConnect is a customer relationship management service that helps users run highly targeted campaigns. Users can send messages to their customers through all of their channels, including direct mail, mobile, SMS, MMS, point-of-sale terminals, CRM systems, and so on. The SegmintConnect API allows users to automatically send targeted media to their customers at any time.

Captain Up

Captain Up is a platform that provides game mechanics and social tools for increasing the engagement and monetization of web and mobile applications. It provides methods for tracking user behavior - both individually and as a whole - and discovering how users interact with an application. Developers can use points, badges, levels, messages, leaderboards, and rewards to encourage users to perform desirable actions (e.g. liking, tweeting, commenting). The Captain Up API allows users to interact with the platform from any programming language or software that can send HTTP requests.


Screendoor is a form-building service that allows users to drag and drop text boxes, checkboxes, and file upload fields in a WYSIWYG form editor. Users can collect responses over the web, mobile devices, and email. Drafts of unfinished forms are automatically saved so that respondents can come back to them later. Screendoor users can export their data whenever they like, and they can integrate their data into other applications using the API.

The API can be used to shorten links. There is no limit on the number of links that can be created, and the links are kept indefinitely. The API is free to use and does not require registration. Developers can use JSON, XML, and plain text as both inputs and outputs for accessing the API. Developers may also create libraries or programs to help explore

EnClout Pacer

The Pacer service provides online access to documents related to appellate, bankruptcy, civil, criminal and multi-district litigation in the United States. This API about public access to court electronic records provides an easy-to-use JSON/XML to the Pacer Case Locator. When developers visit the site, they will see demo data because they have not been logged in yet in the system. Once they create a Pacer account, developers will have admission to an API key. Support available in contact form.