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F9Analytics Lease Optimizer

F9Analytics, owned and operated by Codeworks, offers financial analytics tools for commercial real estate. The F9Analytics Lease Optimizer employs an algorithm that considers metrics such as lease term, property value, start rate, escalations, and more data to determine an optimized lease that reaches long term financial objectives for a tenant and landlord. The F9Analytics tool can be accessed via the F9Analytics iOS app, or can be downloaded to be accessed on a company's corporate server as a cross platform enterprise API.

Pop Up Archive

Pop Up Archive is an application that allows sounds searchable with speech-to-text technology. Pop Up Archive tags, indexes, and transcribes audio files so they are searchable. The Pop Up Archive API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of Pop Up Archive with other applications and to create new applications. Public documentation is not available; interested developers should contact Pop Up Archive for more information.


Scio is a molecular sensor device that can read the chemical make up of materials and objects. With the Scio application, the chemical make up of whatever the user scans with Scio is retrieved. The Scio API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality and data of Scio with other applications and to create new applications. Public documentation is not available; interested developers should email for more information.


Okidokeys is an auto-lock provider for home doors and locks. Okidokeys allows users to lock and unlock their home or office doors via an application on their smartphone. Public documentation is not available; interested developers should contact for access to Okidokeys API documentation. Traction 's Traction API can be integrated into startup mobile applications. The API will track performance, monitor unique visitors to the site, and create an engagement data profile that can be used to pitch the app idea to investors. The idea is to replace standard methods of pitching to investors with a model that is fully based off the app's marketplace performance using raw data. These insights into key performance indicators are also used to create an approximate valuation of the startup. Currently in a private beta, interested parties can request access to the API by visiting


Sightcall is a Platform-as-a-service offering a browser-centric Javascript API that enhances WebRTC to enable easier implementation of real time cloud-based video conferencing. The API allows developers to initiate group video calls from any browser, with the ability to also share screens and transfer files. With open standards in mind, Sightcall eliminates the need for video plugins such as Flash, Java, or Silverlight. Sightcall offers code examples, good documentation, and SDKs for Android and iOS.


Expandly is a platform for eCommerce that allows providers to manage sales online as well as pending orders and inventory, with integrations available including Amazon, Ebay, Alibaba, Etsy, and more. The API allows 3rd party applications to be integrated with Edxpandly. A common practice involving the API is to retrieve sales orders from multiple sales channels in a programmatic fashion. Expandly's bundled services can be used for free up to a maximum of 50 orders per month, after which monthly service costs come into effect. To learn more about the API and to access documentation, interested parties can contact Expandly for additional information. Image URL

IMGX offers video and image processing tools for large amounts of data in the cloud. The Image URL API will accept the direct URL to a photograph, and offers image editing functions to enable developers to manipulate millions of images in real time. These edits include crop, crop circle, saturation, brightness, masking, hue, rotation, and more. The APIs can be tested using API demos on their site. Interested parties can sign up for early API access and can inquire via email to view additional documentation.


IDology is an identity and age verification tool. IDology provides this service by offering a Web Portal, direct Mobile Access, and an API to enable identity verification solutions to be integrated with existing 3rd party applications. Batch functionality also exists for programmatically running verification checks for large amounts of uploaded files. IDology offers round-the-clock customer support for their products.


The Web MIDI API is a browser-based JavaScript web API allowing low-level interactions with music or lighting devices synced with a host computer. Using the Musical Instrument Digital Interface (MIDI) protocol, devices can send digital information regarding tone, sustain, volume dynamic, modulation, and more to trigger software instruments. This information can also be used to trigger non-musical devices, such as lighting effects. This API works on the MIDI protocol to accept these MIDI signals from host devices and to also enable direct access to devices that respond to MIDI.