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Mozilla Web Audio JavaScript

The Mozilla Web Audio JavaScript API allows developers to add audio effects, create audio visualizations, and apply spatial effects. Built as modular routing, the API affords to create audio functions with dynamic effects according to the site. See a work in progress at


Movin gives people directions indoors. The API is available using a Key with the aim to implement mapping & routing applications. Affordances of the API include to create a MapContainer, load a map, and add a map. Based in The Netherlands, Movin provides solutions for indoor navigation to help visitors find an office route and for asset tracking to find valuable equipment with an accuracy of up to 2 meters. Services beneficial for businesses, airports, and warehouses.


MobileCaddy API provides methods in JavaScript to implement into Salesforce applications. The company provides solutions to deliver a full application lifecycle, beginning with building, testing, and deploying following by managing, monitoring, and enhancing app design.

Captcha Bot Detect

Captcha Bot Detect offers integration services to users who work with PHP, ASP.NET, and Java. Bot Detect allows various parameters for customizing Captcha design. Examples include Captcha with bubbles, neon, paint mess, radar, and chess images. To learn more about what a website authorization service can do for a project, see the crash course for developers, available at

Key Captcha

The uniqueness of Key Captcha consists in website authorization solving simple puzzles. An example would be assembling a puzzle piece into an apple image that is missing the piece. Key Captcha could benefit developers who prefer to integrate visuals instead of Captcha words. Common CAPTCHA API works with a private API Key and JavaScript code.


The CxSAST API allows developers to create client scripts for working with CxSAST projects, code scans, and result reports. CxSAST is an application security service that can be integrated as part of the software development life cycle. It scans uncompiled source code in order to detect application-layer vulnerabilities early in the lifecycle. This allows users to discover vulnerabilities early on, reducing the cost of remediation.


WebGL is a web standard for APIs that allow users to work with low-level 3D graphics in a browser without the need for a plugin. The standard is based on OpenGL ES 2.0 and stays very close to that specification. The WebGL standard functions across platforms and is provided royalty-free. The vendors for the Safari, Chrome, Firefox, and Opera browsers are members of the WebGL Working Group.

Real Estate Transaction Standards Web

The Real Estate Transaction Standards (RETS) Web API is available to interact with data related to real estate listings, homes for sale, apartments, houses for sale, and property records, services that provides.

Sentiment Analysis Spanish

Sentiment Analysis Spanish is part of Molino de Ideas, a company based in Spain dedicated to language tools, learning resources, and automated software. Integrate natural language processing features into applications with the API, available at APIcultur. The overview provides documentation and testing, list of operations, and raw version of code. In the same APIcultur eStore, users can find API prices in Euros for each 10,000 calls. To discover how to use the API, visit


Sentdex specializes in the analysis of finance, politics, and geographical data. The company's slogan is: Qualifying the Quantitative, offering sentiment analysis technology to try to predict results, without the guaranty to take it as an investment advice. The API offers financial trading signals and raw data from the stock sentiment analysis database. Contact the founder for customized solutions.