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The CxSAST API allows developers to create client scripts for working with CxSAST projects, code scans, and result reports. CxSAST is an application security service that can be integrated as part of the software development life cycle. It scans uncompiled source code in order to detect application-layer vulnerabilities early in the lifecycle. This allows users to discover vulnerabilities early on, reducing the cost of remediation.


WebGL is a web standard for APIs that allow users to work with low-level 3D graphics in a browser without the need for a plugin. The standard is based on OpenGL ES 2.0 and stays very close to that specification. The WebGL standard functions across platforms and is provided royalty-free. The vendors for the Safari, Chrome, Firefox, and Opera browsers are members of the WebGL Working Group.

Sentiment Analysis Spanish

Sentiment Analysis Spanish is part of Molino de Ideas, a company based in Spain dedicated to language tools, learning resources, and automated software. Integrate natural language processing features into applications with the API, available at APIcultur. The overview provides documentation and testing, list of operations, and raw version of code. In the same APIcultur eStore, users can find API prices in Euros for each 10,000 calls. To discover how to use the API, visit


Sentdex specializes in the analysis of finance, politics, and geographical data. The company's slogan is: Qualifying the Quantitative, offering sentiment analysis technology to try to predict results, without the guaranty to take it as an investment advice. The API offers financial trading signals and raw data from the stock sentiment analysis database. Contact the founder for customized solutions.


With Myle, users can convert thoughts into actions using a wearable device that captures audible ideas. The company refers to the product as a brain back-up. Think about it as a voice recorder to schedule appointments, track budget, post to social media, and categorize activities. Myle is available to pre-order. To know how to integrate with the API/SDK, contact

W3C Geofencing

The Geofencing API by the World Wide Web Consortium is a type of geolocating API. Geofencing API allows apps to create geographic boundaries around a specific location, and then receive notifications when a device leaves or enters the designated area. This differs from the W3C's Geolocating API in that it can be more power efficient by receiving notifications when a boundary is breached, rather than needing to be continuously checked or refreshed. The Geofencing API can also receive notifications even after the app has been closed. Developers should note that this document is a work in progress and may change. See the project page for a detailed description of current issues and methods.

Better Doctor

Better Doctor is a company based in San Francisco that helps users to find medical providers anywhere in the United States. From primary care doctors and dentists, to eye doctors, OBGYNs, pediatricians, and dermatologists. Better Doctor offers an API to integrate into medical applications, once developers can authenticate with Api Key, App ID, and OAuth 1. Opportunities to develop with the API data include to display physician specialties, location details, and contact information.

Adaptive Mailer

The Adaptive Mailer API allows developers to integrate automated marketing email capabilities into their third-party applications. Developers can use drip campaigns to send emails at a frequency of their choice and can schedule news and announcements for a specific date and time. They can also send adaptive emails that automatically adjust based on the recipient's behavior. Adaptive Mailer also provides prospect tracking, lead scoring, activity alerts, and real-time reports. API documentation is available upon request.

W3C Contacts Manager

The W3C Contacts Manager API specification defines an API that provides an interface for managing a user's contacts in an address book. This is a draft document and may be updated, replaced, or declared obsolete at any time. If a developer finds a problem with the specification, they can file a bug on GitHub. This document is made available under the terms of the W3C Software and Document License.


Revinate is a software for hotels that aims to facilitate online reputation with the use of social media reviews. The company intends to revolutionize guest profiles with the goal to increase satisfaction and ROI. This API is about accessing hotel reputation data. It allows partners to integrate hotel ratings into business applications and websites. A recent release by Revinate is inGuest, a service that has the potential to engage guests through targeted marketing campaigns. Get in touch with Revinate to request a demo and ask for protocols & authentication.