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The Elasticode API helps users integrate Elasticode's capabilities directly. Elasticode is a service to help create more personalized mobile user onboarding experiences. To create an API key, follow the regular path to create an app, and choose the API option. More information about the Elasticode API is available upon contacting Elasticode directly.


mnubo is an analytics platform that aims to improve different kinds of hardware by extracting value from sensor data. mnubo accomplishes this by collecting object data which is processed within mnubo's cloud based platform in order to provide strategic insight. SmartObjects is mnubo's proprietary software suite which provides "descriptive, predictive, and prescriptive analytics". mnubo delivers its services to the automotive industry, wearable manufacturers, construction industry, and healthcare providers.


Orchextra is a mobile marketing company based in Spain. The Orchextra platform is used concurrently with customer relationship management, and analytics tools. It features geolocation support, segmentation, and recommendations based on aggregated data and patterns. Developers need to sign up for an account prior to access API documentation.


ArsenalPay is a payment processing platform based in Russia. It features payment module integration, mobile notification tools, mobile integration, and social network support. Also, ArsenalPay offers several rates for legal entities, and individuals. For security, it offers load protection, network vulnerability scanning, and system logfile analysis. Developers need to register to access API documentation.


The WhereIsMyTransport API allows developers to integrate journey planning, data feeds, announcements, timetable info, and travel warnings into their applications. This API is designed specifically for handling transport information for cities in South Africa and improving the commuter experience. WhereIsMyTransport is a platform for smart urban transportation that integrates formal and informal transport.

Common Ledger

Common Ledger is an accounting platform with cloud capabilities. This platform automates collection and delivery of financial data between client and accountant, and its focus is on improving efficiency and productivity. Developers need to create an account to access documentation. Common Ledger is a New Zealand company with headquarters in Wellington.


Teak is an Oregon based marketing company. It provides automation for free-to-play games. Teak features behavioral analytics, social sharing, cohort analysis, and in-game rewards which help game companies in reaching out to their players. Developers need to register to access API documentation.

Flyr Foresight

Flyr predicts air travel prices using machine learning technology.The Flyr API is available upon request to eligible developers interested to improve travel services and predict airfare. With the API, users can implement predictive analysis, report probabilities, and decrease flight cancellation risks. Contact Flyr to receive Keys and the first 25,000 monthly calls at


The Oculus API provides everything necessary for developers to create virtual reality games and applications in conjunction with the Oculus Rift headset. This Standup API and subsequent SDK’s show developers how to install and configure the Oculus Rift, how to create games using game engines, and how to create 'immersive audio' to supplement virtual reality games. Developers must acquire a developer signature through Oculus to publish; temporary signatures are offered.


The Imperavi API works as a plugin to use Redactor, a WYSIWYG text editor that developers can use to develop applications. The aim of Imperavi is to provide immersive user experiences by creating powerful and simple web apps.