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GoDaddy Cloud Server

The GoDaddy Cloud Server API is an API for developers created by developers. It is currently in Beta status and is to be a simple API with fast provisioning and KVM Virtualization. The goal of this new GoDaddy Cloud Server API is to bring better cloud hosting solutions, with improved speed and scalability for developer projects and applications.

Orange Beacon

Use the Orange Beacon API by Orange Partner to send push notifications over Bluetooth. Set beacons to send a message when a Bluetooth device is in proximity to your beacon. Interested developers must sign up for an account for more information.

W3C Clipboard

The W3C Clipboard API document provides a description for an API that allows users to integrate clipboard operations such as copy, cut, and paste into web applications. This document is designed to provide guidelines for compatibility with existing implementations where possible. A few sample use cases are included with the documentation, though not all of them may be supported by this specification.

Geobytes GeoPhrase and GeoFlag

The Geobytes GeoPhrase and GeoFlag API allows users to dynamically insert custom greetings onto their webpages. Users can choose from many available templates, but the default greeting is “Special welcome to our visitors from ...”. This API is offered free of charge, without any sign-up or registration requirements. It can be added to a webpage simply by copy-pasting a bit of JavaScript code.

AddThis Smart Layers

The AddThis Smart Layers API allows developers to configure and customize the Smart Layers displayed on their webpages. Smart Layers are features that float over the user's webpages and provide sharing, following, and content recommendation functions. With the API, developers can enable or disable layers, customize text labels, specify a theme, and choose what services appear.

AddThis Sharing Button

The AddThis Sharing Button API allows users to insert AddThis sharing buttons into their web pages using some unobtrusive JavaScript code. The API supports both global and per-element configuration. This means that all buttons on a page can be made to behave either the same or differently based on the user's needs.


FaceAffinity is a cloud-based personality analysis API. FaceAffinity uses images to analyze facial patterns and assess personality traits. Use the API to create targeted advertisements, improve dating sites and profiles, or to assist in career management.


SupplyStream's new web-catalog aggregates home electronics and automation industry suppliers and products. The API, available to select software partners, will allow dealers to integrate their customized product and pricing catalog with other industry software tools. Developers interested in accessing the API should contact SupplyStream for more information.

WHATWG Notifications

The WHATWG Notifications standard defines an API that allows developers to display notifications to an end user. It is designed to be platform-independent, but also compatible with existing notification systems. The standard covers methods for showing a notification, activating a notification, closing a notification, displaying notifications, and replacing a notification.

The API allows developers to easily insert video communication services into their web pages. was built with WebRTC and will work on Google Chrome, Opera, and Mozilla Firefox browsers as well as newer versions of Android. This service supports video conversations with up to 8 people for free, and it is usable without log-in or installation.