The Free FengShui API allows to integrate compatibility properties into applications using JSON protocol. Intuition and ancient life wisdom can be part of development practices, because it aims to benefit humans and situations as much as possible. FengShui Calculators: KUA Number, Chineese Sign, Astrological Allies, Astrological Enemy, Peach Blossom Animal, Love Compatibility, Bussiness Compatibility, Element of the Hour, Day, Month, Year, Lucky Dimension, Child Gender, Eight Mansions, Flying Star and Four Pillars. Samples available at https://github.com/carriera/fengshui-api


The TranslateMedia SOAP API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of TranslateMedia with other applications. Some example API methods include retrieving translations, posting and managing jobs and projects, and tracking orders and jobs. TranslateMedia offers online translation services for web content.


The PinnacleCart API allows to integrate shopping cart services into eCommerce applications. It can interact with JSON, SOAP, WSDL, and XML formats and it can be authenticated with username, password, and the use of a token. With the API, developers will be able to integrate customers, inventory, orders, categories, and products in addition to the shopping cart. PinnacleCart provides a web store building platform.

Parto Web

The Parto Web API intends to offer developers access to airline pricing with different local market fares. The site requires developers to set up an account to access the documentation. Parto CRS (Central Reservation System) is an airline ticket consolidator in the Middle East.

ReliableSite Dedicated Server

The ReliableSite Dedicated Server API provides developers with a server management interface to integrate with existing applications. Developers can implement server functions and DDoS protection. This SOAP API requires developers to generate an API key and password to access the API. ReliableSite offers infrastructure services with data centers in New York and Miami.

TEC Mailing WebServices

The TEC Mailing Solutions Web Services API provide tools to assist in processing name and address files. The Web Services API provides real time CASS certification, address standardization, National Change of Address (NCOALink), deduping, and postal sortation services. The application interface was designed to provide end users the ability to deploy in an N+1 fashion. The overall services include a full suite of account and user management as well as job based functions.

KonaKart Enterprise eCommerce

The KonaKart Enterprise eCommerce API allows developers to programmatically control KonaKart's ecommerce solution and merge it with their existing websites. KonaKart provides online retailers with a shopping cart, customer registration, customer data capture, a promotion sub-system, content management support, and much more. This API will remain backwards compatible as new versions of KonaKart are released.

Salesforce Metadata

Saleforces's Metadata API is used to assit developers with retrieving, deploying, creating, updating, or deleting customized information. This can be such things as custom object definitions and page layouts for organizations. The Salesforce Metadata API is meant to be used for management of customizations and building tools to assist in managing the metadata mode.

Background Check

The Background Check API allows developers to add background check services to their applications. These services includes county-level searches, verifications, DMV info, motor vehicle records, criminal database searches, and more. API documentation and free developer support are provided, including test submissions. Online release forms feature electronic signature for easy cloud based storage of online release forms. Background Check is also offered as a white-label service.


The OnPage SOAP API allows developers to access the OnPage messaging service in order to send messages and retrieve tracking information for messages. OnPage is a Secure Prioritized Messaging System for smartphones that is designed to take the place of a traditional pager. Each message comes with an alert-until-read to ensure no messages get lost.