Mimeo Connect

Mimeo is an on-demand cloud printing service. Use the Mimeo Connect API to access Mimeo's document workflow and production and distribution functionality. Mimeo's API is RESTful and supported by any programming language. See their documentation for helpful code examples and a starter library. A My Site login is required for access to the API.


Uniware is an eCommerce API that assists in order fulfillment, vendor management, and sales and purchases. The Uniware API is a SOAP API using XML. Using the API, vendors can sell more inventory, and connect with additional marketplaces. Specifically, using the API vendors can create and manage new item types, return sales data information, manage orders, create or edit vendors, adjust inventories, return item details, and access additional account management features. Unicommerce is an Indian multichannel eCommerce software platform.

Txtwire Webservice

The Txtwire Webservice API is the SOAP/ WSDL/XML version of the Txtwire API. The platform enables a developer to create and manage branch divisions and subscription groups. The subscribers within these groups correspond to the person that will be receiving an SMS message. These groups can be accessed over HTTP via the Webservice API in order to send bulk quantities of SMS messages. In addition to the Webservice API, the Txtwire hosted platform allows message campaigns to be scheduled, along with additional management features not accessible via the API. Txtwire also offers a REST API that offers documentation on voice and audio functions in addition to SMS.

bn.gy short urls

The bn.gy API provides developers tools for short URL creation and looking up URLs using SOAP and HTTP GET requests and responses.

GlobalTeach LMS

The service provides learning management system (LMS) functions for e-learning courses and online instructional components. It helps with creation, updating, and accessing educational content for use in courses sponsored by educational institutions and organizational training programs. Other functionality includes student rosters, attendance, assignment submissions, and grading. API methods support search against the course catalog, review of course listings, and selection of individual courses. Methods support course registration and enrollment along with student interactions such as access to the syllabus and instructional materials, interaction with classmates and instructors via chat and forum posts, and posting assignments. The API also tracks course completion and performance with longer-term credential planning.
GlobalTeach LMS