UC Berkeley CoolClimate

With the CoolClimate API, an initiative created by the University of California, Berkeley developers can create projects that calculate carbon footprints, measurement that assists with the individual management of climate impact. Available as a limited preview, users can access a set of parameters in an Excel document. They can also visit the CoolClimate Calculator homepage available at http://coolclimate.berkeley.edu/carboncalculator

Active Campground

With the Active Campground API, developers can create applications with the goal to promote campgrounds available at the site ReserveAmerica.com This site contains planning trip guides, hunting & fishing licenses, and camping gear. Examples of data that users can access includes campgrounds with horses in the state of California and campgrounds in the state of Main that allow pets. The API is read-only and it requires an Api Key as authentication method. To test the API, visit http://developer.active.com/io-docs - ACTIVE.com is an online community revolving around people and the sport and recreational activities that they like to do.

Active Campsite Search

The Active Campsite Search allows to access data from parks, campgrounds, and campsites located in the United States and Canada. Search filters include RV friendly, electricity, hunting, fishing, arrival date, and length of stay. Formats in JSON, REST, and XML facilitate the interaction with the API accessible with a Key. ACTIVE.com is an online community revolving around people and the sport and recreational activities that they like to do.

Google Nearby

Google Nearby API allows to discover other devices, connect, and interact with messages. As Google suggests, this API could be useful for collaboration, using a whiteboard, local multiplayer gaming, using a network, and multi-screen gaming, using a device such as Android TV. What the API can do for developers is to communicate with nearby devices in real time. This API is associated to Nearby Connections. Soon, Google will release Nearby Messages, as Google Play Services 7.8 is available. More info at https://developers.google.com/nearby/


Quini provides a suite of APIs that enable the display of rich, detailed and visual consumer wine reviews information. The Quini APIs connect wine e-commerce sites and kiosks, wine e-commerce solution providers, wine clubs and other industry related websites that offer wine listings, wine ratings and wine reviews search, to Quini’s expanding collection of crowdsourced consumer wine reviews and wines database. The Quini API suite is designed to easily allow wine industry related websites to integrate engaging visual wine reviews content into their sites. Visit the Quini API home page for additional information on the APIs within the suite.

Dynatrace Synthentic Monitoring

The Dynatrace Synthetic Monitoring API offers tools for testing and monitoring a website or app's performance. The API is RESTful and accepts XML and JSON data formats and, in some cases, CSV data outputs. Tokens are used for authentication. Use the Dynatrace Synthetic Monitoring API to analyze CDN and 3rd party outages, monitor web performance, simulate a variety of user experiences, synthesize analytics across thousands of data points, and much more. See the extensive project documentation for more features and detailed information on getting started with Dynatrace. Dynatrace is an application performance management and monitoring service.

Cognition Cockpit

The Cognition Cockpit API allows both Cognition and external customers to programmatically retrieve and modify Cockpit data through a comprehensive interface. Cognition Cockpit provides a unified architecture for application development. It can help users manage requirements for infrastructure, design appeal, reliability, ease of use, configurability, cost, traceability, speed, and integration with design workflows. Cognition Corporation provides solutions for product and process development to medical device companies . Cognition Cockpit is a system that provides users with Risk, VOC, Testing, Requirements and Knowledge Management.

Dota 2

Dota 2, the multiplayer video game powered by Valve, offers APIs that can display data for Team Fortress 2. What developers can do is to integrate Steam information into websites such as news, stats, and users. Obtain an API Key to start with a project. Formats include JSON, XML, and VDF.

Google Maps Android

The Google Maps Android API allows developers to add maps to their applications based on Google Maps data. The API automatically takes care of accessing the Google Maps servers, downloading data, displaying maps, and responding to map gestures. The API allows users to add markers, polylines, polygons, ground overlays, and tile overlays to maps.

Windows Azure Machine Learning Recommendations

The Azure Machine Learning Recommendations service provides solutions based on predictive analysis. By additionally offering data to consume, the API features models, catalogs, features, usage data, and notifications with the purpose to build machine learning solutions on the cloud. It includes HTTP and XML formats, HTTPS support, and Key access.