Statista Media

Statista Media API lets developers integrate its services into their websites, enabling them to generate relevant content to drive more traffic to their sites. Statista is an online statistics portal that aggregates data from thousands of sources. The two most common format used for this API are jSON and XML.

Object RTC

The Object RTC API provides developers instructions and access to WebRTC. The API provides calls to send and retrieve media from various browsers and devices using real-time protocols. The Object RTC API is provided by WC3.

RBMTV V5 Media Engine

The RBMTV V5 Media Engine API allows developers to integrate the RBMTV platform's media distribution services into their own websites, applications, and pipeline tools. The API includes functions that facilitate video management, video encoding, live streaming, and live transcoding. The RBMTV V5 Media Engine is provided by RiGHT BRAiN MEDiA.


CHINO Rest API provides developers a way to securely store data of applications for their users. This API is based on Restful principles. CHINO's service is fully compliant with current EU Laws and guidelines for health data management.


The OnPage SOAP API allows developers to access the OnPage messaging service in order to send messages and retrieve tracking information for messages. OnPage is a Secure Prioritized Messaging System for smartphones that is designed to take the place of a traditional pager. Each message comes with an alert-until-read to ensure no messages get lost.

MasterCard Local Favorites

MasterCard Local Favorites API lets developers integrate the API services into their applications, allowing their users to search for local restaurants in their areas. Information returned from requests include restaurant name, address, cuisine type, traffic rates.

Zimbra REST

The Zimbra REST API allows developers to access functions provided by Zimbra's collaboration platform programmatically via REST calls. Zimbra is a secure, open source collaboration platform that provides services for handling email, address books, calendars, file-sharing, and tasks. It can be accessed anywhere from any device and offers high availability.

Submitia Captcha Solver

The Submitia Captcha Solver API provides developers access to integrate the Submitia de-captcha functionality. Some example API methods include decoding captchas on websites, uploading images, and retrieving decoding token information. Submitia is a de-captcha and SEO company.

Feeds4 Coupon

The Feeds4 Coupon API allows developers to integrate its database into their applications, enabling their users to access thousands of affiliate marketing coupons and discounts. Feeds4 is an XML coupon feed built for publishers.


Built by Code for South Africa, Indigo is a document management system for capturing and publishing legislation in the Akoma Ntoso format. The Indigo REST API supports the creation, editing, and management of a library of legislative documents. The API provides responses in HTML, XML, or JSON, uses POST, and authenticates with an API Token. Use the Indigo API to create a document, get an XML file of a document's content, and update or delete a document.