CoachHire Connect

Manage and access journey details, destination, quotes and booking using the “CoachHire” global network with this API. CoachHire is a journey management company providing access to accommodations for business, events and shuttle services with various travel options including Coaches, Mini Coaches and Mini Buses.

EasySendy Pro

Send targeted emails and monitor subscriber’s by segments while sending personalized emails to segmented lists. This Json and XML based API allows you to customize and deliver large email campaigns using multiple SMTP relay servers of your choice.

FCC Consumer Help Center Complaint Data

The FCC Consumer Help Center Complaint Data API integrates customer complains. It is available in JSON, XML, and CSV formats with a token. Documentation can be found in the link provided by

ečv Slovakia Car Registration

The ečv Slovakia Car Registration API provides car registration information by sending its license plate number. The returned information includes make and model, engine size, registration year, horsepower, color, and VIN number. This API is SOAP 1.1 based, returns information in JSON and XML formats, and requires API Keys for authentication.


The CCDA API is a builder interface that simplifies the parsing and retrieval of patient records stored in CCDA files. The RESTful API allows users to add patient profiles and automate the updating of data edits from a BlueButton+ or CCDA file. It out as a full release version that sends requests and responses in XML and JSON formats.


The PopEye API is an analytical solution for computing crucial health parameters of a population on the basis of Meaningful Use Clinical Quality Metrics (CQM). The API that is flexible to both cloud- and network-based platforms provides a scalable interface for simplifying integrations with the EHR systems of clients. PopEye API serves as a cost-cutting intervention in the maintenance of MU computations for a client’s HER users. Developers can integrate the RESTful API through a CCDA path or alternatively import JSON-formatted data into the calculator.

VoicePing Enterprise Communication

The VoicePing Enterprise Communication API allows developers to integrate communication solutions into their enterprise applications. The API includes methods for alerting workers with audio notifications, getting worker location information, and dynamically grouping workers. VoicePing's communication solutions were designed for companies whose workers are distributed in the field. It allows workers to communicate one-on-one or in a group as well as text or send photos.

DealsRace Deals Picker

The DealsRace Deals Picker API allows developers to integrate a price comparison system into their existing applications. The API provides price comparisons, coupons, and deals for more than 1000 e-commerce stores in over 25 countries. DealsRace also provides information and reviews of e-commerce sellers for free.

MLB GameDay XML Data Python

The MLB GameDay XML Data Python API transmits and interprets real time data of live MLB baseball games. The API provides live updates of the progress of each game, such as scoreboard changes, player statistics, etc. from the start to the end.

IBM Watson Emotion Analysis

The IBM Watson Emotion Analysis REST API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of IBM Watson Emotion Analysis with other applications. Some example API methods include retrieving emotion analysis, analyzing emotion, and retrieving results. IBM Watson Emotion Analysis is a tool that uses linguistic analytics to measure emotions in text.