Open311 allows developers to create third-party apps to report and view citizen neighborhood issues such as potholes to graffiti and more using a city's 311 reporting system. Now on version 1, the RESTful Inquiry API is the tool used to query the 311 database. HTTP GET calls can be sent to the API to list services and expand details on specific services. Information for specific cities accessible with Open311 can be found in the wiki. The API is heavily supported in New York City. The Inquiry API supports XML and JSON formats.


Clearent is an integration tool for eCommerce, combining sites, shopping carts, mobile interfaces, payment processing, and Point of Sale applications to create comprehensive payment-enabled eCommerce applications. The API is compatible with shopping carts such as ZenCart, OpenCart, OSCommerce, and custom user applications. Using the Clearent API, providers can process sales, authorizations, captures, refunds, and voids. The RESTful Clearent API is processed via HTTP. All requests require an API key for access. Clearent offers an API sandbox for testing purposes.

DOJ Law Jobs

The U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) Law Jobs API distributes available government legal job openings and vacancy announcements, sourced from the Office of Attorney Recruitment and Management. This digital distribution channel exists to make job openings more transparent to the public. This API is also the main data source for the DOJ law jobs mobile application. The API allows developers to filter responses by date and hiring specifications. HTTP GET requests to the API can be made to return responses in either JSON or XML formats.

DOJ News

The U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) News API aggregates over 14,000 press releases, speeches, blog entries, and announcements sourced from the Office of Public Affairs. These documents are available for digital distribution to create transparency for the Department's activities. GET HTTP requests can be sent to the API with options to filter by date, topic, or unique identifier to query the database. Results can be returned in either JSON or XML formats.


AdRout provides traffic quality scoring and attribution metrics to advertisers and ad networks. These metrics allow them to optimize their online marketing budgets, boost ROI, and improve their ad campaign performance. The AdRout API allows users to retrieve continuous reports on how their advertising campaigns a doing from AdRout.

Jobs2Careers Publisher

Jobs2Careers is a site where users can search through job listings specific to their location. The Jobs2Careers Publisher API enables 3rd parties to add job content to monetize their sites. This job generating ad placement API also has the ability to query nearly 4 million job postings in the U.S. The API is web accessible and uses XML and JSON formats.


Based in the Isle of Man, CoinCorners is a Bitcoin exchange and eCommerce payment gateway offering mobile apps and an API to access their platform. The CoinCorners API enables users to manage their accounts programmatically via integration with 3rd party systems. The call limit for requests is at 60 requests per minute. The public version of the API can specifically can be implemented to retrieve ticker, order-book, and transaction information. The private API can be used to retrieve account balances, withdraw Bitcoin, edit existing orders, and more.


MyAgentDeals is a global travel product provider that has sourced a broad portfolio of Airfare, hotel accommodations, transfer services, city tours, tour guides, excursions, and over 90,000 hotel properties in 145 countries. The MyAgentDeals XML API allows travel vendors to access the MyAgentDeals database of travel content for reservation systems or third-party websites and applications. The service uses REST calls and returns in XML formats. An account is required to view MyAgentDeals API documentation and to use the MyAgentDeals service.

OEC Time Zone

The simple OEC Time Zone API accepts a time zone as an input and returns the corresponding local time. The zone can be abbreviated (i.e. PST, EST) or spelled out in full (i.e. Eastern Standard Time). Subscribers to the API are able to return 5 calls/minute with limit of 100 calls/week. Increased API limits require administrator approval. is a company that provides atmosphere data and software intelligence for improving weather and climate forecasting. They've built an open source platform that collects live atmosphere data from Android smartphones locate around the world. This network takes 5 million measurements per day. Atmosphere researchers can access a feed of this data from the PressureNet API.