Spotify Echo Nest Remix

The Spotify Echo Nest Remix API works as an internet synthetizer, transforming music and videos to Python or JavaScript code. In specific, the API manipulates audio files connected with the Echo Next Analyze API. This work aims to create projects from music, like the Remix of a Pianist Cat or the DogStep, that transforms any song like White Stripes' Seven Nation Army into musical barks. See additional music examples with Tetris Attack, Skrillex' Bangarang, and the Infinite Jukebox in this link:


The Attendify event API allows you to build custom apps for your event or conference. The API accepts XML or JSON data formats and supports HTTP Basic Auth for authentication. Use Attendify to add event schedules, speaker bios, maps, news, and more to your event app. To get started, sign up for a free Attendify account to access the Developer's Dashboard. See the API docs for detailed information on methods and schema descriptions.

Yammer Data Export

The Yammer Data Export API allows developers [verified Admin only] to package and export all messages, Notes, Files, topics, users, and groups. This API also allows for performing a one-time export simply by specifying the starting date and ending date which they would like to export data. Yammer provides social and collaboration software for businesses and enterprises of all sizes.

Amazon Mobile Ads

The Amazon Mobile Ads API was released in the Spring of 2015 with the aim to monetize mobile apps and games in Android, iOS, and Fire devices. Users now have the opportunity to increase earnings with Amazon Mobile Ad Network. Differentiators include improved eCPM (effective cost per mille or 1,000 clicks), cross platform solution, high quality ads, and easy integration and tracking.

Unofficial Google Cloud Print

The unofficial Google Cloud Print Java API by jittagornp offers two main options: load printer capabilities to create an XML format file with Windows API and the other alternative, obtain a PPD file of the PostScript printer. By using one file or the other, Google Cloud Print will be able to understand printer capabilities. Some examples include how to connect & disconnect from Google Cloud Print, register printer, submit job, and search printer.


The Quetzal API provides users with research tools that are currently used in the bio-medical fields. Quetzal’s unique combination of linguistic and statistical methods quickly delivers contextually relevant results, saving researchers time and minimizing the risk of overlooking critical information. Developers can use this tool to integrate the API to their applications, enabling their users to directly do research from the applications.

MixerFactory Render

The Render API by MixerFactory leverages their video rendering engine to add video editing capabilities to web and mobile apps. The API uses XML and POST/GET methods, and requires an API Key for authentication. Input video, images, or sound and, with video structure description in XML, Render API will output videos in MOV, MP4, or FLV. Accepted input formats include: flv, wmv, tiff, jpg, wav, mp3, and png or gif. See the extensive documentation for more information and code samples.


Solve is a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) service that allows users to customize their fields, category tags, and activity templates in order to capture the specific information they want from the people they interact with. The Solve API allows developers to programmatically add, edit, delete, and generate data reports from their Solve accounts. Every item in Solve has its own URI and can be manipulated in isolation.


The WHMCS API provides developers with an interface to access and perform actions in WHMCS both from external applications and scripts as well as internal modules and addons. WHMCS is a hosting & domain management, recurring billing & integrated support company.


project44 is middleware that uses cloud-based web services APIs to instantly connect shippers and 3PLs to capacity by integrating our services into the the Transportation Management System (TMS) you already use. Using project44 eliminates EDI. Think of us as the pipes that allow data to be instantly communicated from one system to another, supercharging the speed of your TMS. The result is real-time freight transportation management. Write one API connection to us, and we’ll instantly connect your TMS to capacity. Pull carrier rate quotes in seconds, automate dispatch requests, track your shipments and pull images (bill of lading, proof of delivery) in real-time, without the use of EDI. It’s that simple. Really.