VIDAL Group is a French healthcare informatics group specializing in databasing and distributing healthcare data, pharmaceutical information, treatment specifications, and scientific publications for patients and healthcare practitioners in the European continent and worldwide. VIDAL Group also supports a medical software application under the same name. VIDAL's database may be accessed by 3rd party developers to construct healthcare-related applications and websites. After acquiring an app ID and API key from MIDAL, users can query the VIDAL server to return data on drug scores, allergies, product information, ingredients, related documents, and more.


Via RESTful connectivity, GlobalNLP handles a wide variety of natural language processing. Currently, the API supports many NLP processes including: stemming, morphological synthesis, word sense disambiguation, entity extraction, and automatic translation. A full list of supported processes is listed in the documentation along with code samples in JavaScript, C#, PHP, Python, Ruby, and more. A free account guarantees 20 API calls a minute and 500 calls a month with higher volumes available with a paid account.


BTCXIndia is an India-based BitCoin exchange service, allowing users to see real time prices and BitCoin market data compared to the Rupee. Customers may buy, sell, or trade BitCoin with Rupees, using the online wallet service to host their digital currency. Currently in an open beta, BTCXIndia hosts a simple ticker API that will respond with important market information. Calls to the API can return BTC to INR pricing, high, low, and average daily prices, volume of trades in the last 24 hours, last traded prices, highest buy order, lowest sell order, and more. The ticker for BTCXIndia may be accessed via XML or JSON formatted requests made to the HTTP endpoint.

YouTube Analytics

YouTube Analytics allows to retrieve data from an application related to statistics, popularity metrics, and demographic information. This API is particularly useful for channel owners who want to quantify data from YouTube videos uploaded in a channel. Some of the alternatives to benefit from the API include to build custom reports to display YouTube Analytics data, automate reporting tasks, integrate YouTube Analytics data with other business applications, and build mobile applications that integrate YouTube Analytics data.

YouTube Live Streaming

YouTube Live Streaming allows to create, update, and manage live events on YouTube. Music executives, artists, and independent entrepreneurs could benefit from this API because they could schedule broadcasts to associate them with video streams. Some of the options to use this API include to enable users to predefine broadcast settings, associate video streams and broadcasts, enable broadcasters to define information about a broadcast using the YouTube Data API at the same time, and simplify transitions between broadcast states such as testing and live.

Telematic REST

This REST based API provides developers easy access to the telematics data of a vehicle fleet. Service providers may install and connect their cars in seconds to the Internet of Things. Examples implementation scenarios include: receiving the location of your cars, measuring driving behavior, receiving alarms and warnings, and managing geo-fences.


Poken offers mobile apps and branding solutions for corporate-sponsored events. Their trademarked USB stick can sync with detectors to retrieve information from hotspots at trade-shows & events, with the goal to network and generate more leads. Poken exposes it's core API accessible in XML formats for partners authenticated for API usage. Using the API, developers can program calls to retrieve user data, create an manage accounts, add devices, get friend lists, send bonus points, and more.


SITA specializes in air transport communications and IT solutions. SITA BagJourney API presents passengers the option to track baggage in real time using mobile devices. The BagJourney API aims to provide integration services in the complex world of baggage management. One of the development options of BagJourney API include to access the real-time status of a bag using either a bag tag number or a passenger surname. The other alternative is to obtain a list of bag tags for a particular flight. More events' choices are available. A particular benefit is to check delayed tags of a flight. This means no more lost luggage at the airport.

Voter's Edge

Voter's Edge provides nonpartisan voter information for the 2014 US elections. It generates a custom view of who and what is on the user's ballot based on their address. Voter's Edge provides coverage of congressional elections, some state-level political campaigns, and both primary and general elections for midterms and presidential election years. The Voter's Edge API can return all of the data available on the site.

YouTube ActionScript

ActionScript 3.0 enables users to control YouTube video players with the player's public API. Developers can make calls to play and pause times in a video, set volume, and mute player. Some of the requirements include Flash Player 10.1 or higher and embedded players with a viewpoint of 200px x 200px. The site offers a getting started guide, operations, special functions, events, and sample code.