Google Analytics Adwords

The Google Adwords API gives developers direct access to the Adwords Platform. The API gives a set of tools that allow developers to access and manage complex Google Adwords campaigns. Use cases include adding, editing or removing existing campaigns, creating custom interfaces for CRM integration, bulk uploading, inventory-based ad management, and more. Google offers client-side libraries in various languages to assist in interacting with the API.

IFI Claims

IFI Claims Patent Services is a division of Fairway Research, an organization dedicated to health services. Particularly, IFI Claims protects intellectual property of scientific discovery using a methodological patent database. That is why it could be valuable for corporations that want to sync patent information into a uniform and reliable system. Developers in the scientific industry might find IFI Claims API suitable to their data needs, because the features involve data embed into workflow applications and connection of tools to a big data repository. Some of the covered resources are RESTful web services for search and retrieval, JSON and XML output, test console and licensing without usage limits.

Sendmode Business SMS

Sendmode Business Messaging provides a bulk SMS gateway that allows users to SMS-enable their websites and applications. Developers can integrate with the gateway using the Sendmode Business SMS API. This allows users to send SMS, retrieve the number of credits left on their account, obtain delivery reports, and check available keywords. Code samples are provided in C#, PHP, ASP, and Java.


It takes a whole system to keep track of sports statistics. That’s why Stats aims to offer an API that can deliver content via FTP, HTTP, web services and socket. The type of sports content is related to information of teams, players, events, statistics, leaders, injuries, polls, player news and photos. Developers as clients can benefit from this API because the system provides encrypted security along with a wide variety of parameters within each API call. This API might be a fit for developers working in the sports' industry who prefer to visualize large amounts of data. Some of the sports include football, basketball, soccer, baseball, fantasy sports and car races. To provide an example, the website displays a sequential flowchart from the SHA-256 encryption to the Stats content.


Commsoft is a web company based in India that provides API services of online education. It is targeted to students who are preparing for entrance tests in the medical, engineering and professional fields. This particular API claims to offer a uniform instructional platform because the content is created and updated often, according to assessments such as GMAT, MAT and CLAT. Commsoft API might benefit developers in the education industry who aim to outsource technical services in India with the goal to create unique learning experiences for students’ success. In the website, developers can be redirected to Testmerit, a sample of learning assessment that can serve as a guide to develop an assessment application online. For more information, developers can send an inquiry in the main webpage of the Commsoft site.


Apifon is an enterprise mobile messaging service allowing companies to distribute SMS for worldwide consumption. The service offers real time tracking and fast deliverability standards. Their cloud based API allows developers to enable a script for existing web based applications using a BET/POST method. Companies are thus able to can schedule and edit campaigns, check balances, create custom sending IDs, and view and export delivery reports in various formats all through their web based platform.


BioTrackTHC is an advanced seed to sale system that empowers commercial applications of producing, processing, and retailing legal marijuana sales. The BioTrackTHC API assists marijuana operators through traceability of marijuana products through the supply chain. Compatible with JSON and XML, this API returns various data points and functions related to BioTrackTHC’s traceability system.


Megaventory is a web-based inventory, order management, and reporting solution for small and medium businesses with multiple points of presence.The SOAP API gives developers access to resources such as account settings, discounts, inventory, product, sales, shipping and more. Megaventory allows users to send sales quotes and purchase orders, issue invoices, get sales orders and more.

Geo Services

Geo Services provides a collection of place locator functions that can return information about a single location, the distance between two locations, locations found within a given city or zip code, or places near a given location. Supported locations include US zip codes and cities, Canadian post codes and cities, and user-defined places. Developers can integrate Geo Services' location-based functions into their own applications using the Geo Services API. Open

Monitor.Us is a monitoring service for websites, servers, networks, and cloud systems. Users can track response times, load times, and performance from multiple checkpoint locations that cover major international markets. Users can also opt to receive mobile alerts in the form of texts or emails. The Monitor.Us API allows users to programmatically retrieve monitoring data and to customize the monitoring tools.