IATACodes is a system that provides International Air Transport Association codes for airports, airlines, cities, and aircrafts. Also, it provides information about countries, routes, and timezones. This data can be used for SEO purposes or to improve the functionality of search and meta-search services. Paid users receive real-time flight statistics as well as access to the fr, de, es, it, ru, th, tr languages. This REST API uses API Keys for authentication and exchanges information in JSON format.

New Zealand Car Registration Number Lookup

The New Zealand Car Registration Number Lookup API access information on any car registered in New Zealand. It uses the /CheckNewZealand endpoint and returns the following information: Make, Model, Engine Size, Fuel Type, Body Style, VIN number, Engine Code, Number of seats, Colour, Country of assembly, Stolen indicator, Odometer reading (last and current), Warrant of Fitness, and Import status. Available in JSON, SOAP, and XML formats with API Key.


The PayTraq API allows developers to programmatically access their clients, suppliers, employees, items, warehousing, sales, purchases, inventory moves, payments, and accounting from a single interface. PayTraq is an enterprise resource planning (ERP) service for business owners, organizers, and accountants. They provide a cloud-based business suite that includes accounting and bookkeeping services.


AYLIEN News API is a powerful tool for sourcing, searching and syndicating analyzed and enriched news content. Using this API, users can search and source news and content from all over the web in real-time. Using the power of Machine Learning and NLP to understand content at scale while extracting the data that is needed is a key component of the AYLIEN News API.

Vehicle Registration USA

This API retrieves basic information about a car registered in the USA from its number plate. The data returned includes the car description, body style, VIN number, engine size, and the country of assembly. It works in all 50 US states, including commonwealth countries of Guam, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands.


Kanbanize is a visual management system for business oriented applications which can be used for team collaboration, and project management. This system features process mapping, email integration, time tracking, and analytics. The Kanbanize RESTful API is used to implement all of the platform's features. This API exchanges data in JSON format, and requires API Keys for authentication.

Family Watchdog Sex Offender

Family Watchdog API allows to integrate names and locations search of sex offenders via JSON and XML formats. Family Watchdog covers all 50 states in the United States and includes Guam, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands. The API is accessible with Key.

Open Collections

The University of British Columbia Open Collections library contains about 200,000 items such as digital photos, books, newspapers, maps, videos, theses and more. The Open Collections API from the UBC allows to run queries, perform advanced analysis, and build custom views, apps, and widgets with full access to the metadata and transcripts. Protocols available in JSON, JSON-LD, RDF, and XML. Access with API Key.

Bol.com Plaza

The Bol.com Plaza API provides useful tools for merchants and entrepreneurs who offer items via bol.com and have a bol.com sales account. With this API, users can view all open orders, see and process outstanding returns, note delivery times and price changes, forward stock change, and much more. Bol.com is the biggest online retailer from the Netherlands. Bol.com sells a variety of products, including DVDs, games, music, electronics, computers, and books.

Kwilt Photo Stream

Kwilt is a cross platform API that aggregates photos from 15 of the most popular photo sources from social media, cloud storage, and mobile gallery. It is available via HTTP, JSON, REST, and XML formats with Key, OAuth2, ID, and token. Visit the Kwilt developers resource at https://developer.kwilt.it/