Weather is a Norwegian Meteorological Institute that provides the public with meteorological services for both civil and military puposes. The Weather API lets developers to integrate the institute's weather information and services with their applications, enabling direct access for users of the applications. The API is REST based, and uses HTTP Basic Authentication.


Teleport is a Canada based company that provides customers ability to record, view, and edit time-lapse videos, and share them as Teleport feeds. The Teleport API lets developers integrate its services with their applications, enabling their customers to create, manage, view, and publish Teleport feeds. This API is REST based, and it returns JSON and XML data types.


ACHeck21 is a payment processing system that allows users to process both ACH and Check21 transactions. The ACHeck21 API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of ACHeck21 with other applications. Some example API methods include retrieving account information, processing transactions, and retrieving transaction data.


Grepwords is an API-first keyword suggestion service that can be usefully employed in research scenarios. The Grepword keywords services can also be used to determine the most accurate keywords to use in an online campaign. The keyword lookup API will return all data associated with the keywords found in the Grepwords database. The API received HTTP requests and can return data in JSON, XML, or CSV formatted responses. The Grepwords API is granted as part of Grepwords paid subscription services. URL Shortener offers a URL shortening service, allowing users to create short URLs for use in social media sharing environments.'s home page displays a stream of the most popular URLs with number of hits. To date has processed nearly 3 million hits from roughly 50,000 unique shortened URLs. The developer API can be accessed to retrieve specific URL information with response methods available in XML, JSON, and a serialized array. The API usage is limited to 1000 requests per day.


FACTURAgem is an online invoicing software, provided by ASP Gems. The FACTURAgem API lets developers integrate its services into their applications, enabling their customers to access their invoices on the go, directly from the applications. With this API, clients and customers can have access to, and to make changes to their invoices. (WIMI) is a simple web service and HTTP API that can be integrated into custom web accessible applications. The WIMI can be implemented to return a user IP address along with performing other domain related functions. Developers can send HTTP requests to perform a proxy check, perform a WHOIS IP lookup, check a domain to see if it has been blacklisted, lookup a host name, check HTTP server headers, and perform a user agent check. Each tool available for use comes well documented. The API can handle 55 queries at a speed of .337 seconds. JSON, CSV, and XML are all supported as output formats.


ZipWhois provides a service that enables users to retrieve WHOIS data from a domain name or IP address. The HTTP accessible API can take messy WHOIS data and return it in a unified JSON format so that consumers can easily determine the users or assignees behind an internet resource. The ZipWhois API can also be used to check the domain availability of supported top level domain names. As the ZipWhois API is currently in beta, all requests to the API are free. ZipWhois will likely incorporate paid subscription plans once v1.0 is released.


The Coupon API supported by Stage of Life provides access to a large number of discounts on U.S. based brands by partnering with hundreds of national companies. These coupons range anywhere from 5% to 50% off specific products, and are stored in the Stage of Life merchant offer database. The database can be accessed via a REST interface to return an XML feed that enables developers to integrate membership perks, loyalty rewards, and other discount distribution programs into a web or mobile application. The system uses smart ways of "tagging" data to increase segmentation for marketing and business goals. Discounts can be grouped into the following example categories: Entertainment Offers, Student Offers, Small Business Offers, Mobile-Friendly Offers, In-Store Offers, Family Offers, Shopping Offers, etc. All categories can be included, or the API consumer may choose to only include certain categories and only specific merchants.

AT&T Advertising

The AT&T Advertising API gives web and mobile applications the ability to programmatically retrieve and insert advertisements, and to collect a revenue share based off of user engagement. Developers can use the Get Ads API parameter to fetch an advertisement to be placed within an application. When present on the screen, the user will be forwarded to a link whenever the ad is clicked. To increase conversion rates, developers can specify their app's user demographics such as age, area code, city, gender, country, etc. The API can also be used to specify the ad banner sizing, placement, and ad type (image or text). The ads are sourced from an inventory supported by Millenial Media, Jumptap, and Mojiva advertising distributors in order to deliver a balanced ad portfolio.