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Google Street View suggestion - Custom Tours

I think I have a great idea.  This will require some explaining.  This could also be incorporated in some form of mashup.

I propose a Google Street View Tour.  This could be sort-of an extension on the Turn by Turn display that you show now.   I'll give examples.

(1) Imaginary Vacation Route:  Suppose I want to see what the road and terrain is like on a trip from, say, Peoria, IL to Memphis, TN.  The map first sets up a route.  I then set the distance interval at, say, every 1 mile, every 3 miles, every 500 feet, etc.  I then set the time for each display:  every 3 seconds, 5 seconds, 30 seconds, etc.  The map advances at my set rate.  Discretely (or optional), in the corner, is given the elapsed mileage (or km) and distance to my destination.

(a) Cruise past all the hotels on the South Florida Gold Coast, from Ft. Lauderdale to West Palm Beach:  every 100 feet, 15 second intervals (both set view the viewer).

(b) What do the Nebraska Sand Hills look like?  Set up a trip:  North Platte, NE to Rapid City, SD:  every 2 miles (or 3.2 km), every 10 seconds, etc.

(c) What does the Bois du Bulogne in Paris look like?  Interval every 50 feet (~km.), every 12 seconds, etc.

(d) Quick Coast to Coast trip:  NYC to SF:  every 10 miles (~km.), every 5 seconds...........

(2) Walking Tour:  I want to investigate the SuchandSuch Neighborhood.  I first type in an address (or mark same on a map), say 5858 Grand Way Circle.  I then propose a destination, such as 3305 Belleview Lane, and/or places along the way.  I then set the distance for each frame, say, every 10 feet, 100 feet, 300 feet (or meters), etc.  I then set the time for each display again:  every second, 5 seconds, minute, etc.  The map displays and advances as in (1).  You can also use this to walk around any landmark or downtown or beachfront, say.

(a) Walking DC Tour:  Set up destinations for the Capitol, Washington Monument, etc.:  Every 30 feet (~km.), every 10 seconds, or as set by viewer.

(b) Walking British Countryside:  Set two locations on the map, arbitrarily chosen, by viewer.  Then set frames at every 50 feet (~km.), every 5 seconds, or as set by viewer.

(c) Walking Downtown Denver:  Set up as (b) with viewer set frames and  intervals again.

The tours can be paused, aborted, stopped, or changed at any point.  The little box in the lower right hand corner, showing location, can also be shown or be hidden, as it exists now.

Anyway, this sets up a slide show, which ran run for any set length of time and at any distance or time frame interval.

East Peoria, IL



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