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#1 2006-11-12 16:32:57

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What is an intelligent mashup?

Hey, I have been pondering this for a while, when i look at alot of mashup offerings around the web i mainly just see a fancier way of expressing static information, nothing really too.....intelligent.

From what research i have done so far, this is what i have come up with,  to say a mashup is intelligent it should include some level of user personalisation and display an automated ability to interact with users in some way or another.  For example, i am on amazon(not a mashup i know but just an example) and have been browsing around looking at a few items, then amazon automatically offers me some other related items to view that i have not yet viewed but matches my past viewing criteria.  I would think that this would be classed as intelligent behaviour from amazon.

I just really wanted others opinions on what exactly is intelligence in terms of within a mashup, or even the web in general.

All responses are welcome



#2 2007-02-08 23:46:26

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Re: What is an intelligent mashup?

Hi faisal, while it is true that many mashups do not demonstrate a lot of intelligence in the form of personalization, there are some that do. One is blueorganizer and I think you see this in some of the other more commercial shopping mashup-apps.

In general, one of the main barriers to this type of mashup is the issue of security. Being personal at a minimum means tracking your clicks and often also means getting an id and password from you. At this point not a lot of mashups are considered trustworthy enough with users.




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Re: What is an intelligent mashup?

Thank you for all your work on this.  I really look forward to adding (trying to add, really) to a couple sites.  It looks very promising! 



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