DeviceAtlas C by DeviceAtlas

The DeviceAtlas C SDK by DeviceAtlas allows API interaction to access device detection features, useful for find out screen width, screen height, mobility, vendor, and model details. See data file, pre-requirements, and basic usage on the main C language site.

OpenWeatherMap C SDK by Pebble Hacks

The OpenWeatherMap C SDK by Pebble Hacks allows developers to integrate the OpenWeatherMap API into their C applications. This SDK can be used to get weather descriptions, short descriptions, temperatures (in K, C, or F), and location names.

Intellexer C# SDK by Intellexer

The Intellexer C# SDK by Intellexer incorporates natural language processing tools for semantic analysis of unstructured text data. This SDK consists of a set of modules to use with the API: Linguistic Processor, Sentiment Analyzer, Named Entity Recognizer, Summarizer, Multi-Document Summarizer, Comparator, Categorizer, Clusterizer, Question-Answering System, Question Comparison Tool, Natural Language Interface, Preformator, Language Recognizer, and Spellchecker. The Intellexer API enables developers to embed text mining products in consumer or enterprise applications, or web-services using JSON.

ViSenze ViSearch Android SDK by ViSenze

The ViSenze ViSearch Android SDK allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of ViSenze ViSearch with other applications through C and Java. ViSenze ViSearch provides a platform for reverse image search, allowing users to utilise uploaded images or their links as search queries instead of keywords.

ClearBlade C SDK by ClearBlade

This ClearBlade C SDK by ClearBlade allows developers to communicate with the ClearBlade platform from their applications, using C. For more information, or questions, please contact