Sample Source Code: Fireeye C Sample Code by Fireeye

The Fireeye C Sample Code by Fireeye demonstrates how to access the API, providing requests and responses in JSON formats. With the example, developers can perform a basic search given certain queries.

NationBuilder iOS SDK by NationBuilder

The NationBuilder iOS SDK by NationBuilder is the official iOS client for working with the NationBuilder API. NationBuilder is an open platform for users to create online communities centered around issues relevant to them. Useful to communities, government, or independent organizations, the NationBuilder API helps developers create community organizing-driven applications by integrating various service endpoints such as information on people, campaign data, donation data, and more.

BlinkStick C SDK by Erik Benoist

This unofficial SDK by Erik Benoist is used for controlling BlinkStick devices connected to your computer via library in C, with few dependencies, and is for Mac OSX. This is still a work in progress.

BlinkStick is a smart LED controller with integrated USB firmware. It plugs into your computer and allows control the color of individually addressable or single color LEDs and LED strips and wide range programming language implementations give you the power to control the LEDs without the need to program a microcontroller.

It acts as a HID (Human Interface Device) and does not need any additional drivers. It uses ATTiny85 microcontroller with V-USB firmware.

pCloud C SDK by pCloud

The pCloud C SDK is written in the C language to provide tools for constructing applications that communicate with the pCloud API. The official SDK is particularly useful in the implementation of the binary protocols of the pCloud API.

Garmin Wellness Connect IQ iOS SDK by Garmin

Connect IQ products provide the best of what Garmin Wellness has to offer- like beautiful design, location awareness, and efficient power management with the Connect IQ app system. Using the Connect IQ iOS SDK, developers can create apps for Connect IQ devices and distribute them via the Connect IQ Store. Connect IQ for iOS allows developers to translate sensor data into new metrics, provide information with widgets, and offer solutions for active lifestyles.

Globus Online Transfer C SDK by Globus

The Globus Online Transfer C SDK by Globus interacts with the API to access file sharing and storage features. Documentation available at

Google VR Android SDK by Google

The Google VR Android SDK by Google helps users develop virtual reality Android applications for Daydream and Cardboard. It includes a simple API for creating apps inserted into Cardboard viewers and a more complex API for supporting Daydream-ready phones and the Daydream controller.