ViSenze ViSearch Android SDK by ViSenze

The ViSenze ViSearch Android SDK allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of ViSenze ViSearch with other applications through C and Java. ViSenze ViSearch provides a platform for reverse image search, allowing users to utilise uploaded images or their links as search queries instead of keywords.

ClearBlade C SDK by ClearBlade

This ClearBlade C SDK by ClearBlade allows developers to communicate with the ClearBlade platform from their applications, using C. For more information, or questions, please contact

Remember the Milk C SDK by Remember the Milk

The Remember the Milk Action C SDK by Remember the Milk communicates with the API to implement tasks features into applications. Interaction resources include authentication, calls, and XML responses. To work with the SDK, developers can obtain Glib 2, cURL, and Open SSL.

Couchbase C SDK by Couchbase

The Couchbase C SDK by Couchbase aims to simplify and optimize the interaction with the API capabilities of Couchbase server deployment management , document storing design, and results querying. Available operations, commands, and storing items.