aws-sdk-cpp C++ SDK by Amazon

The aws-sdk-cpp C++ SDK by Amazon is a service for developers that provides a C++ interface for Amazon Web Services. This SDK's main focus is on supporting game development (yet also to be helpful with other projects and systems engineering tasks) and providing platform portability. C++ SDK by GithSystems

The C++ SDK by GithSystems allows API interaction with the aim to develop analytic applications and services. Resources include dependencies, limitation, building, and usage. HTTP and JSON are included. Pthread is the only language type that developers could require to work with the SDK.

SAIFE Management C++ SDK by SAIFE

The official SAIFE Management C++ SDK by SAIFE calls the SAIFE Management API which provides access to SAIFE's security IP-based platform. This enables an application to generate its own keypair, establish itself on the Continuum, and securely communicate with peers. The current version is 2.0.1.

PlayFab C++ SDK by PlayFab

Offficial PlayFab C++ SDK. Resources explain how to integrate into a Visual Studio project. An alternative version, provides instructions to add the PlayFabSDK's vcproj to a solution with the aim to facilitate source code work. By Paul Gilmore.