Stormpath .NET SDK by Stormpath

The official Stormpath .NET SDK by Stormpath calls the Stormpath REST API which provides developers with a user management infrastructure. Features include authentication, schema-less user data and social media login with Facebook and Google OAuth.

Google Fusion Tables .NET SDK by Google

With the Google Fusion Tables .NET SDK by Google, developers can access the API of this experimental application. Starting with authentication with Api Key and authorization with OAuth 2.0, the page shows resources to work with an API example, a web application, a service account, and an installed application.

Yandex Money .NET SDK by Yandex

The Yandex Money .NET SDK by Yandex is the official .NET implementation by Yandex. This SDK calls the Yandex Money API which provides the developer with an online payment system and allows selling and purchasing of goods and services. Developers need to obtain a unique client ID. Yandex is an Internet company and the largest Russian search engine.