Roku Ruby SDK by Brian

The Roku Ruby SDK by Brian allows to implement streaming features into OSX, Linux, and Windows applications. Project contains installation with gem, configuration with home directory, and usage with instructions to use the Roku development box.

Figo Ruby SDK by Figo

The Figo Ruby SDK by Figo communicates with the Connect API to implement banking features into applications. A new session as example displays how to print a list of account numbers and balances. It also shows how to obtain recipients of a specific account.

Sphero Ruby SDK by Ron Evans

The Sphero Ruby SDK by Ron Evans allows developers to implement robotics features into applications, including to roll around, change colors, and run programs. As a requirement, users need a Sphero ball, a computer, and a bluetooth device. Installation can be complete via gem.

Dwolla Ruby SDK by Dwolla

The Dwolla Ruby SDK by Dwolla allows to communicate with the API to implement real time payment features into web services. Resources include installation with gem and test with bundle. Examples show how to authenticate, fetch user information, grab user's contacts, list user's funding sources, send & receive money, and obtain user's balance.

TowerData Ruby by TowerData

The TowerData Ruby by TowerData allows API communication to implement data, intelligence, and validation features into applications. Usage requires key to query by email. Global configuration is an alternative access method that also displays gender and age as example to personalize a message.