John Deere SDK by John Deere

The John Deere SDK by John Deere allows developers to integrate John Deere equipment data into their applications using the Equipment Interface Component (EIC). Developers can use this SDK to read and decode data generated by a John Deere display and to control machinery by creating guidance data, field boundaries, jobs, etc.

Twilio Erlang Library by Ryan Huffman

The Twilio Erlang Library by Ryan Huffman is an Erlang library that was developed to communicate with TwiML and the Twilio API. Developers can use it in a traditional module usage or in extended TwiML. Twilio provides a simple hosted API and markup language for businesses to quickly build scalable, reliable and advanced voice and SMS communications applications.

PubMatic Mobile SDK by PubMatic

PubMatic offers a mobile SDK for developers to access and integrate the functionality with other applications and devices. PubMatic is a service for web publishers that automates and optimizes ad serving decisions. PubMatic simplifies the online publishing business by determining in real-time which ad network can best monetize each ad impression for a publisher.

Kamcord Unity SDK by Kamcord

This is the Unity SDK for Kamcord, allowing developers to access and integrate the functionality of Kamcord with applications and devices through Unity. Kamcord is platform that allows users to record and share their video and mobile game playing activity.

Trulia Libraries by Trulia

Trulia offers two main libraries: LocationInfo and TruliaStats. Both can interact with the API outside applications that require REST protocol. LocationInfo obtains geo data such as longitude and latitude. It also includes neighborhoods in a city, cities in a state, counties in a state, list of all 50 states, and zip codes in a state. TruliaStates access listing price of homes, number of listed homes, and total locations of interest. Languages unspecified. Contact for more detail.

Google Calendar SDK by Xu Jingxin

Google Calendar can be useful to keep mobile track of personal and professional events. A third party SDK authored by Xu Jingxin is available on GitHub. Resources to develop with the Google Calendar SDK include to generate Auth Url, get token, and call APIs. Language information is not visible. Contact Xu for additional details

Twilio Salesforce Apex Helper Library

The Twilio-Salesforce Helper Library allows developers to write Apex code to make HTTP requests to the Twilio API. This library can help with tools such as making requests to Twilio's REST API, controlling phone calls and responding to text messages in real time with TwiML, and more.