Mashup: 100 Most Powerful Celebrities

100 Most Powerful Celebrities
Map of Forbes list of the top 100 most powerful and best paid celebrities. Pop-up windows for each includes related YouTube videos.
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Hi, my name is nick and i'm from greece...I study telecommunications systems and network add i have a project about mashup applications! I looked yours and its very good. Could you tele me about the object wich you used and how you connect them? help me to develop a good applications...thanks!!


what object, need to be more specific about what you are looking for in a good application

virgonita name is tien, can i know what is the programm languages that u use to built this PHP or something else??and also the tool that u use to..or maybe online editor??is the data use XML??n to make the user interface what u use for?? i want to make mushup,but i'm new in mushup.. ^_^ thanx b4.

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