Mashup: Aloha Campers

Aloha Campers
A travel-rental website that uses Bigtribe-Geohana and Google Maps to show point of interest information on Maui.
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First I want to start off by saying that I LOVE to camp and "rough it", so my negative review has nothing to do with expecting some sort of luxurious vehicle. Let me tell you, even being in beautiful calming Hawaii could not affect how horrible this experience was. The camper was old, filthy and cockroach infested. to top things off the a/c, heater, fridge and radio didn't work and the battery died. Not to mention their website does not detail how difficult(to near impossible) it is to camp or park overnight in Maui. We managed a couple of nights, but had no choice to stay in an overpriced hotels for the rest of the trip. My advice is, if you want to camp Maui go to a reputable company and get a van and a low cost air mattress to sleep on(and do research on permits etc), whatever you do DON"T USE ALOHA CAMPERS!!!!

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