Mashup: BillHighway

Mashing up several financial tools to enable group money management among people organizing events, activities, or just needing to collect and pool money from a group of people.
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I just heard about this site from a friend who visited Mashup Camp last month. I signed up for the service and have already collected over $200 from friends for past-due debts. My roommates and I are planning to use it for rent and utilities this fall when we go back to school. So far, I'm pretty impressed, they make it really easy to collect money and dont require a PayPal account! Its kinda addictive to request money then watch it start coming in. I also like that people get notified by both email and txt message and can pay me by credit card. RSS stuff looks good too, will be checking that out next.

P.S. - Inside the site, they have a feedback section where i suggested a couple new features - they credited my account $10 for my ideas!! pretty sweet.

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