Mashup: BookBump

Online book management utility in an RIA format. Built with Amazon ECS and Google Base APIs.
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I signed up with BookBump and I must say that it is one of the most elegant, “clean”, and fast Flash RIA implementations I have seen. So much so that some folks are confusing it with a downloadable Mac application! I was a RIA “skeptic” but not anymore. This technology will find its way into corporate and commercial applications rather quickly!

BookBump is a very useful tool as well. It really shines when you are interested in a specific topic and want to vigorously pursue it, say a new hobby, a research project, or just finding something good to read. With BookBump you can do your research, keep records, find the best prices, do your shopping, track your reading, and output your reading bibliography (but only if you have to). I already have some books on the way!

Congratulation! This is terrific!