Mashup: Country Search

Country Search
Search engine for targeting information about a country. Uses the Google Page Creator and other APIs.
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Very nice resources. It would be helpful if several things could be done to enhance this. First, it would be helpful to have a sorting feature by domain. I did a search for Ireland and noticed that the resources were predominantly from Wikipedia and InfoPlease. I did see the Department of State represented and the CIA World Factbook. There were a few scattered resources from Encyclopedia Britannica and one site from I don't know how difficult it would be to search news feeds from each country and add those into the mix. Also, pointers to the country's official web sites would be good as well.

I haven't worked with mashups yet but hope to eek out some time later this year to learn -- so I don't know how complicated these suggestions would be to add.

On the whole, a very nice, clean presentation.

Dean Riley

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