Mashup: The EDU Map

The EDU Map
A Google Maps mashup of all accredited schools in the United States.
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Totally NOT "all accredited schools in the United States." It might be ALL schools, but most of them on this site are not accredited. "Accredited" is a term with a very specific meaning. For example, in San Francisco, if you attend "Miss Marty's Hair Academy," "Heald College," or even "Academy of Art University" -- none of which are actually "accredited" -- you will NOT be able to transfer any units if you then wanted to go to UC Berkeley, or to grad school. Any units "earned" at these schools are just wasted time and money. If you are going to use the term "accredited," you need to use it in the sense used by University of California, Harvard, Stanford, Yale, etc. Otherwise, any phony diploma-mill or hair academy might seem "accredited" to someone who didn't know better. It would also save you from listing such a ridiculously high number of phoney schools in each major city. For now, I give you one star.


One more thing -- Using Google's "I'm feeling lucky" as your way of locating the sites does not instil a lot of confidence -- As I said before, cut out 90% of the crap here and you will be able to do it right.


Tara - The schools listed on this site are accredited by the United States Department of Education, even Heald College. Check this website if you don't believe me -

If you are concerned about which schools in the United States are accredited please direct your comments to the federal government.

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