Mashup: FlickrSudoku

Mashup of a popular online sudoku player and Flickr. Sudoku player courtesy
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This sudoku site is the friendliest one around. The site has users that talk to each other all around the world. The picture when you successfully complete the puzzle is wonderful and changes daily. The site is really wonderful.


info on home prices is 12+mos out of date. not useful for localized info


I love this site for the comments afterward and the ease of use.


This is a great site - makes my day and people post great comments

Love the site. It has varying levels of difficulty in sudoku games and I really like the choices of use and daily comments posting times from people world wide.


Great puzzle! Loved the colors and bold square! The 3 and 8 are very close and confused me at times, but otherwise a lot of fun :)

The best Sudoku website out there! I love it.


fantastic site. A lot of fun doing the puzzles but it is the comments and discussions in the comments that really make this site a lot of fun

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