Mashup: flightwise (formerly

flightwise (formerly
Lets you search for flights and see the current location plotted on a Google Map.
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Exacttarget is one company to avoid at all costs. We signed up with them with one single expection as an online retail company. Send out an email, track how many click thrus were generated, how many orders were received and how much total sales were generated.

It soudns simple and basic enough. Right? Well that is what we were told. Some 6 months, several thousands of dollars and many attempts and promises later, we had to cancel service as their technology was not capable of delivering such a basic functionality.

They asked us to send out emails to demontsrate that the functionality would work. But it was not working.

To add insult to injury, they offered their help and made a proposal to charge us several thousand dollars in consulting fees.

We naturally cancelled service and asked for our money back. They refused and stated that we had been using their service, which was part of their truck to get us to test their non-working system.

Fortunately, we had paid by credit card so we reversed all the charges. Well, it doesn;t end there. They filed a lawsuit not only against the company but unlawfully against the poor guy who signed the contract too.

This is a bad company to do any business with. Their technology does not work and their ethics are non-existent.



i can't see your mashup, the page return to 404 eror page.