Mashup: NavDog Maps

NavDog Maps
Use for finding community events, fairs, carnivals, charity events, sales, promotions, open houses, road side markets and vendors.
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Very creative and fun style, they make mapping less serious and more friendly. Has some cool features, I found the banana hall of fame there. A good mix of strange and useful places to visit. I like the tool that let me plan a trip to see a bunch of different stuff.

I like it and would recommend it to anyone


At first I thought another google maps site but this is much more interactive. I think that letting people make their own popup on the map is pretty cool and I really like the icons. I looked around the US just to see the different map icons.

Navdog is a very creative mapping site. It's like the IPhone of mapping websites.


NavDog is not a Mashup. It's the next big thing in maps. integrated intelligence, AJAX, hundreds of thousands of cool POI's.

This is it!

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