Mashup: NORAD Santa Tracker

NORAD Santa Tracker
Google and NORAD, the North American Aerospace Defense Command, have partnered to let you track Santa and his travels from the North Pole using Google Maps and Google Earth. The Santa Tracker goes live at 6am EST on December 24th.
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As mentioned in this link about the usage of API, I have seen different behaviors.

Here it is :

1) The default response is XML, its not jSON as mentioned in the link.

Request Header


Within the Request Header, you also need to identify which format you desire. JSON is the default value if not specified:

Content-type: application/json

Content-type: application/xml

2) As mentioned in the link as "The REST API does not require authentication and is open to all consumers.", I do see an Authorization error while trying to invoke a call via a mobile app which is underdevelopment.

3) When I am directly using the link in browser, I am getting the response in XML format like for this call

but when I am invoking this call from MObile ap, its saying Authorization Error.

Kindly let me know,how can I proceed with developing my app using this Services & so many errors.

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