Mashup: Open Stock Photography

Open Stock Photography
Free searchable collection of stock photography powered by Wikimedia Commons.
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At this time if you enter a topic you get a list of subtopics that may or may not have images under them. So you are still searching for a needle in a haystack - A number of images available on each category would make this much more useful (though may reduce the ad impressions -))

We're working on improving the search capabilities as well as integrating Yahoo Authorization so we can add things like tagging and lightboxes. I'm glad we got added to the mashup list but I hope people check back in the future because we have a lot in store for this website :).

We've got a slew of updates in for Open Stock Photography. Improved searching, automated image thumbnailing, color swatches and much more! Stay tuned for even more updates.

Open Stock Photography has been moved to Media Temple's Grid-Server platform. We also have completed more work on our search engine and even added a dedicated thumbnailing server. Enjoy!

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