Mashup: Shopnics - Visual Comparison

Shopnics - Visual Comparison
Shopnics provides a unique way of searching and comparing products helping buyers to make there buying decision faster. Visually compare products using the Shopnics Decision Graph.
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This is really cool idea. very impressive web site.

Great website which is very user friendly.It gives a visual comparision which help us to take a decision easily..

One more thing it gives the comparission of all the product belonging to same segment in one graph in all aspects.

very good UI and specially the bubble chart which makes it very interesting and unique.

-Really an inovative idea

-Cool display of comparesion statistics

*A bit slow performence


Liked the Website, the way of presentation of statistics is superb !! Impressed...

Bubbles Bubbles everywhere ;)

We all agree that bubble view has been around for quite sometime, but this is first time I have seen it being used in comparison shopping. It gives a great perspective/visual angle to comparison shopping. good job.

This is great mashup that I have seen around shopping. Visual graph is really cool idea to represent the data.

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