Mashup: Universal Chat Translator for Skype

Universal Chat Translator for Skype
Allows people to communicate with other Skype users without the need to know their language, translates in real-time, and speaks your chats as well.
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Problem: Univ Chat translator slows down my start up, way slow. If I even move the curser around while waiting, or click anything, it stays permanently on the hourglass and I cannot open anything.

The box, what d'y call it, to run Universal Chat Translator comes up at startup. I am able to change it to open only in the task bar. But, I still have the same startup problem. So I removed the program in Add/Remove. But the darn thing is still there. I just want to get rid of the whole thing and forget it! I am a student of French and Italian. I am finding that translators have their problems capturing the idioms from one language to another, and give poor translation. This is probably one of those. Please!! Help me get rid of it!


Using the Skype window:

Tools -> Do More -> Organize Your Extras

Click on the Menu for the Extra in question, choose uninstall.

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