Mashup: Wii Seeker

Wii Seeker
A mashup to help consumers locate a Nintendo Wii. Provides retail addresses, locations, shipment dates, and local ebay auctions
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Would be a good idea except all the retail locations say unknown inventory, unknown shipment date. I already know where all local Wal-Marts, Toys R Us and Targets are. And I already didn't know their inventory status and shipment dates. A thumbs-down on this great idea for lousy execution.

Waited outside of a Target for several hours to find that they in fact had NO Wii's. I would have questioned my choice had it not been for the other 20 people there also waiting in line. Due to my error of trusting this site, I could have been waiting in line at a real location of Wii sales. The information here is flawed and untrustworthy.

I was told that most shipments of nintendo wii's are totalled up to 4 wii's per shipment! Thats Crap!

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