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Thanksgiving Day Facts on Maps

Google Maps holiday trivia map showing cities and towns in USA: named Turkey, or that claim to be the turkey capital of the US or world, or are named Plymouth, or are named Cranberry. 

That Big Shop

One page shopping at Amazon. A smarter, quicker way of shopping at Amazon: Search all Amazon international shops, browse and view products all on one page, bookmark products with drag and drop. 

GoogleAJAXLibraries, AmazonProductAdvertising 
That Was My Jam

Full track history for all This Is My Jam users. 

The Ad Generator

A generative artwork that explores how advertising uses and manipulates language. Real corporate slogans are remixed and randomized to generate invented slogans, then paired with Flickr images, generating fake advertisements on the fly. 

The Alien's Wall

The Alien's Wall lets you view all the pictures from a subreddit in a gallery format.  

The American Image

The American Image: Photographs of John Collier Jr. is an online exhibit exploring the work of John Collier during the war years of the 1940s. Flickr mashups are used to pull in photographs making up the Collection and one of the interactive activities. 

The Article Checker

Because the Web is full of poorly written articles, The Article Checker will check an article along four dimensions and grade its value. The highest graded articles get a permanent backlink from this page so rank up! 

The Attack Machine

An interesting way to explore all the things attacking, and being attacked. Content on The Attack Machine is automatically generated leveraging Evri's deep linguistic analysis of news, blog and other web content. 

YouTube, Evri 
The Baseball CDV Project

Image catalog of every known baseball carte de visite format photograph using Google Maps. 

The Beat

This service uses Google Street View and the Instagram API to give context to Instagram posts.  

Instagram, GoogleStreetViewImage 
The Bible Mapped

Mashup showing locations of 200 places mentioned in the Bible. Going for accuracy they try to pinpoint the locations of the ruins of ancient cities instead of using the locations of modern cities with ancient names. 

GoogleMaps, ESV 
The Book Stash

Online ebook and bookstore. Book reviews and summaries database. Search, read and buy books on The Book Stash site. Available in English, French and Spanish. 

GoogleTranslate, GoogleBooks, GoogleBookSearchBookViewability, GoogleBase, AmazonProductAdvertising 
The Cloud Player

An iTunes-clone for the browser. Built on the SoundCloud API, jQuery and Google App Engine. 

SoundCloud, GoogleAppEngine 
The Color of Words

A color and typography experiment using the COLOURLovers API. Members of the site have "discovered" and named millions of colors and this app allows a new way to visualize them by focusing on their given titles. 

The Community Broadband Map

The Community Broadband map was developed as an attempt to harness the collective effort of a large number of individual users of the Internet to produce, over time, a map of areas where high-speed connectivity is and is not located. 

The Energy Map

The Energy Map visualizes energy-related data 

The Explorer

The Explorer uses the Youtube and New York Times APIs to give the user cool ways to find videos and get the latest news. It also has a youtube music playlist creator that allows the user to put in up to 5 artists, then it compiles a playlist for the user 

YouTube, NewYorkTimesArticleSearch 
The Found Bin is the largest online collection of free, map-based lost and found listings. The site allows owners and finders of pets and valuables to post lost and found items for free. 

The Global Map of Musicians

Plot yourself and collaborate. Find a teacher, start a group, promote your music, share a gig or trade gear local! 

Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, JSONTools, GooglePlus, GoogleMaps, GoogleAnalytics, geocoder, Facebook 
The Hemp Cloud

Compare prices on hemp products from hundreds of retailers. Uses ecommerce APIs including Amazon, Yahoo Shopping, Shopzilla and Commission Junction.  

YahooShopping, Shopzilla, CommissionJunction, AmazonProductAdvertising 


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