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Tweeter Cheater

Easy way to get followers. Lets you follow people by keyword. For example, follow everyone with a myspace URL. 


Watch videos while you post to your friends on Twitter. 

YouTube, Twitter 

Gathers tweets about a search term that you enter and then evaluates those tweets for feelings. Tweets that include the search term flow down the screen as they are counted into positive or negative buckets.  

Tweeting Earth

Let's search tweets on You can check tweets around the world from each timezone. You can rotate Earth using Mouse wheel, and also show up tweets window by clicking timezone. This site is using HTML5 features (such as SVG) so this site does not work on old version of IE. However we support modern browsers such as Safari, Firefox, Chrome, Opera, IE9 and also iPad. 


An attempt to make the Twitter search experience more fun and engaging as well as provide additional functionality. 

YahooGeocode, Twitter

Breaking news as it happens via twitter. 

TwitterStreaming, Twitter

This is a browser extension that allows you to receive and send tweets from any page on the internet. TweetPlus has two very strong uses. 1) For anyone who works in an office setting, TweetPlus will help you avoid going to, where you co-workers will see you on non-work related sites. 2) For those of us who like to not wonder if there are any new tweets, TweetPlus lets you know about your new tweets as soon as you have them.  

Kynetx, Twitter 

Track popular tweets with the most replies to join hot conversations easily. 

Tweets Abound

Mashup that automatically geocodes Twitter Public Timeline on GoogleMaps. Also allows user to search using specific criteria via Twitter Search API, geocodes the response, and plots locations on Google Maps.  

Twitter, GoogleMaps 

Allows you to create a custom RSS feed from searching twitter. Get updates by topic, not by person. 


Print your tweet on a t-shirt. 

Zazzle, Twitter 

Allows you to take a Twitter tweet to Tumblr or embed in other pages/blogs, or send to email. tweetshots are tweet screenshots, automated. 

WebThumb, Twitter, Tumblr 

Threaded auto refreshing Twitter client which automatically fetches twitpics and hash tag searches. Groups messages by person so you see a list of friends not tweets. 

Twitter, TwitPic 

Graph your Twitter stats, including Tweets per hour, Tweets per month, and Tweet timeline. 


TweetTest is a collection of six mini games that use data from your and your friendís public Tweets.  


Enables Twitter users to call each other for free, without revealing their phone numbers to one another. 

Twitter, Twilio 

Ever wonder what these Twitter trending topic are all about? TweetTrendDunno helps you get informed. 

YahooBOSS, Twitter, Bing 

Shows realtime music buzz on Twitter. Find out who the most popular music artists on Twitter are in realtime, how many times they have been tweeted and what people say about them. 

Twitter, LastFM 

A site that wants to compete with online social radios that are all the rage. A sort of Twitter jukebox that mashes the Twitter API with to let you play songs after having tweeted. 

Twitter, Playme, GoogleMaps 

Find out which of your Twitter friends know each other. 



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