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The TurnSocial bar

Put FB, Twitter, YouTube, Flickr, Yelp reviews, Foursquare tips & more, directly on your website.  

YouTube, Yelp, WalkScore, Twitter, Outsidein, MySpace, Foursquare, Flickr, Facebook, AddThisMenu 
The Vault - Etsy Front Page Archive

The Vault archives Etsy's front page features for sellers and shoppers to browse and reference. Features include live copies of each list, a configurable blog widget and screen shots of each collection. 

The Web Intersect

Netflix Movies - faceted search 

RottenTomatoes, Netflix, Freebase 

A local suggestion and recommendation site. Provides personalized suggestions and recommendations by using a collaborative filtering algorithm to build correlations between businesses and users. 

Yelp, YahooLocal, Twitter, JanrainEngage, GoogleMaps, GoogleBase, CityGrid, Brightkite 

Tibesti reviews products from various different suppliers. These ratings are determined by pulling data from the Amazon, eBay, and APIs., EBayShopping, EBay, AmazonProductAdvertising 
TimesPeople Mood Reader

Based on the feed of a TimesPeople user, determines the mood by performing sentiment analysis. 

TodoToday Pro for Cohuman

TodoToday Pro for Cohuman is a todo list application to show current due and overdue tasks from the online task management tool 


Shows Rotten Tomatoes ratings on Netflix, IMDB, Redbox, Fandango and pages. 

Kynetx, RottenTomatoes 
Tools For Etsy

Tools For Etsy is a free service for buyers, sellers and developers built to simplify and enhance the Etsy community experience. Tag Wars, Consolidated Feedback and free advertising are just some of the many tools and resources available. 

Top Ecommerce Sites

Top 500 e-commerce sites are tracked, reviewed, and analyzed using Compete Traffic, ZoomInfo Company data, and Google. This app helps track and analyze the playing field to determine best practices. 

ZoomInfo, Google, GoogleCustomSearch, Compete 
Transmission News

Our mashup recipe is very simple: 5x Twitter News service accounts, 1x Yahoo Geo, 1x Open Calais, 1x Google Maps, 1x Google Search and a little bit of Wikipedia. Mix all ingredients together with care. Hope you enjoy. 

YahooGeocode, Wikipedia, Twitter, GoogleMaps, GoogleAjaxSearch, Calais 
TreeHugger GRNDX Green Index

GRNDX, the first Green Index. Similar to a stock market index, but it tracks mentions of certain key green phrases in the media. Lets you gauge how much mindshare certain concepts have and see if they are gaining or losing ground compared to last week. 

Trip Organizer

A 360 degree view of a location while organizing a vacation or business trip. Uses 8 different APIs. 

YahooMaps, WeatherBug, Kayak, hostip, GoogleMaps, GeoNames, FUTEFWikipedia, Flickr 

A new search engine that helps you find travel products more efficiently, so you can search less, travel more. 


Slick user interface allows you to sort through the data supplied by to find the house you want. TruDat also incoporates a images from 

Trulia, MicrosoftBingMaps, Flickr 

Visualize the differences in average list prices and search popularity for any city or county in the US. Enter any two cities or counties and a graph showing the popularity will display. 


A central hub for discovering, keeping track of and discussing the restaurants seen on shows like Diners, DriveIns and Dives, Man v. Food and more. 

TwilioSMS, GoogleStaticMaps, GoogleSpreadsheets, GooglePlaces, GoogleMaps, GoogleGeocoding, GoogleAdSense, Foursquare, CityGrid, YouTube

Search engine for Norwegian Twitter users. 

GoogleAJAXLibraries, FacebookGraph, Twitter, PeerIndex, Klout 

A Firefox add-on that follows your Twitter feed and posts links to your account. 

Zemanta, Twitter, LongURL, 

Twibitz analyzes a Twitter user based on their profile and history to give you a snapshot of their "tweet style". 

Twitter, PeerIndex, Klout 


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