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Tagbulb simplifies tag search by aggregating content from various... 

Zooomr, YouTube, YahooVideo, Yahoo, YahooRelatedQuery, YahooMail, YahooLocal, YahooImages, YahooAnswers, Wikipedia, WebShots, Vodpod, VideoSurf, Viddler, Upcoming, Twitter, Technorati, Spraci, Smugmug, SimplyHiredJobs, ShareThis, Riya, Revver, RawSugar, Photobucket, Ma.gnolia, LiveVideo, LazyTune, LastFM, KewegoVideo, ISBNdb, InternetVideoArchive, indeed, Howcast, GrouperVideo, Google, GooglePicasa, GoogleFriendConnect, GoogleBooks, GoogleAjaxSearch, FriendFeed, Floobs, Flickr, Eventful, EBay, DigitalPodcast, Digg,, CafePress, Buzznet, Blogmarks,, Blipfm, Blinkx, Bing, BibSonomy, BBC, arXiv, AOLVideo, AmazonProductAdvertising, AmazonEC2, 5min, 43Things, 23, 12secondstv
Rating: 3.9 
Visits: 6377

Comparison shopping site with deal, rebate and coupon information..., AmazonProductAdvertising, A9
Rating: 4.2 
Visits: 5335 
Molu the Search Spider - Beta

Molu gets a facelift. It searches in more than 25 websites and th... 

YahooVideo, YahooTerms, Yahoo, YahooRelatedQuery, YahooImages, YahooAnswers, CNET, bLaugh, AonawareDictionary, AOLVideo, AmazonEC2, 23
Rating: 4.5 
Visits: 3303 

The blueorganizer is the smart browser extension for Firefox. Wit... 

YouTube, YahooShopping, YahooMaps, Technorati, LastFM, Google, GoogleMaps, Flickr, EBay,, CafePress, AmazonS3, AmazonProductAdvertising
Rating: 4.5 
Visits: 2826 
1000 songs

Matches up The Guardian's "1000 songs to hear before yo... 

LyricWiki, LastFM, Guardian
Rating: 4.3 
Visits: 2339 
Trip Organizer

A 360 degree view of a location while organizing a vacation or bu... 

YahooMaps, WeatherBug, Kayak, hostip, GoogleMaps, GeoNames, FUTEFWikipedia, Flickr
Rating: 4.0 
Visits: 2195 
Early Miser

Early Miser is a mashup built on top of, Yahoo Shopp... 

YahooShopping,, EBay, AmazonProductAdvertising
Rating: 4.8 
Visits: 1928 

Neighboroo lets you visually explore and search local trends acro... 

Trulia, GoogleMaps
Rating: 5.0 
Visits: 1826 

Sophisticated online shopping service that searches the most popu... 

YahooShopping,, EBay, AmazonProductAdvertising
Rating: 3.9 
Visits: 1718 

A mashup of mashups based on jQuery. An information portal using ... 

WeatherUndergroundWunderground, SunlightLabsCongress, OpenSecrets, NewYorkTimesNewswire, NewYorkTimesMovieReviews, NewYorkTimesArticleSearch, GoogleFriendConnect, Flickr, BlogamaIPInfoDB
Rating: 5.0 
Visits: 1565 

An aggregation of web content and virtual marketplaces using RSS ... 

YouTube, YahooVideo, YahooShopping, WindowsLiveExpo, Technorati, Syndic8, GoogleBase, EBay,, CommissionJunction, CafePress, AmazonProductAdvertising
Rating: 3.8 
Visits: 1546 

Wishpot is a free social and mobile shopping service that makes i... 

Rating: 5.0 
Visits: 1298 
Beardscratchers Compendium

A music-based mashup that connects and filters disparate music me... 

Yahoo, YahooMusic, Wikipedia, Upcoming, Twitter, Songkick, MusicBrainz, MTV, LastFM, Gruvr, Flickr, Eventful, EchoNest, AmazonProductAdvertising, YouTube
Rating: 4.6 
Visits: 1260 

Cleepr is an easy way to search for music videos from your favori... 

YouTube, Wikipedia, Vimeo, MySpace, MTV, Freebase, DBpedia
Rating: 5.0 
Visits: 1183 

Compare traffic for up to five domains with this mashup of Alexa,... 

AlexaWebInfo, Compete
Rating: 4.8 
Visits: 1126 
Best Shop Guide

Standards-compliant site that compares Amazon, Ebay, and Shopping..., EBay, AmazonProductAdvertising
Rating: 5.0 
Visits: 1126 

Headup is a Semantic Web Firefox addon that brings you content re... 

Zvents, Zemanta, YouTube, Yelp, YahooVideo, YahooMail, YahooBOSS, Upcoming, Twitter, Technorati, SeeqPod, Panoramio, NewYorkTimesArticleSearch, MySpace, MTV, LyricWiki, LinkedIn, LastFM, Imeem, Hi5, GoogleSocialGraph, GooglePicasa, GoogleMaps, GoogleEmailSettings, FriendFeed, Freebase, Flickr, FireEagle, Facebook, Digg,, CrunchBase, Compete, CNET, AmazonSimpleDB, AmazonS3
Rating: 4.0 
Visits: 1126 

Slick user interface allows you to sort through the data supplied... 

Trulia, MicrosoftBingMaps, Flickr
Rating: 4.9 
Visits: 1126 
Top Ecommerce Sites

Top 500 e-commerce sites are tracked, reviewed, and analyzed usin... 

ZoomInfo, Google, GoogleCustomSearch, Compete
Rating: + 
Visits: 1031 
WeatherBug Maps

Get detailed weather information from hundreds of weather station... 

WeatherBug, MicrosoftBingMaps
Rating: 3.4 
Visits: 1012 


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