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Save and share your favorite restaurants, or use the tag cloud to see others favorites. In Italian. 


A beer snob's best friend. Quickly locate the best brewpubs, beer bars and beer stores in your area on your mobile phone. Features include: * Search nearby, by city or by name * Save location to favorites * Share location with friends * Navigate to location Constructive feedback is greatly appreciated. 

Google, GoogleMaps, BeerMapping 
Big & Bold

Your daily read, Big, Bold and configurable. Build your own Favorites list and then move back from that monitor. Morning coffee, Big & Bold, you're up to speed and good to go! 

WeatherUndergroundWunderground, GoogleMaps

Click on the photo of celebrities like Anna Kournikova, Jeff Bridges and Alex Rodriguez to his or her favorite restaurants, hotels, parks, concert venues, and museums in the cities they call home. 

Color Pal

Android application to help choose the correct color palette. Color Pal allows you to quickly browse and search through the most popular and newest color palettes from Easily save palettes to your favorites or email them to a friend. 


Episkeptis helps users identify the best restaurants, bars, clubs and cafes in their city, with the help of their Facebook friends. Users are able to rate, recommend and share their favorites. Site is in Greek. 

GoogleMaps, Facebook 

An enhanced favorites for Flickr by Nicolas Hoizey. Rate photos by aesthetics, originality, fun and notes from 1, very bad, to 5, excellent, using a bookmarklet, Firefox extension or Greasemonkey script. 


flickRate is an attempt to enhance Flickr's favorites system, by allowing users to rate photos on 3 topics: aesthetics, originality and fun. 


See the weekly top 20 users from Flickr, as well as a selection of their highest-rated photos. Also options to see most favorites photos, most commented photos and most-used cameras. 

GoogleAnalytics, GoogleAdSense, Flickr, Bing, AmazonMarketplaceWebService 

A prototype visualizer for Friend Of A Friend relationship objects. It mashes up MyBlogLog FOAF objects, and adds favorites from, Digg,, LinkedIn, StumbleUpon, Upcoming, Tumbler, Twitter, and YouTube if it can find them. 

Upcoming, Twitter, Tumblr, MyBlogLog, LinkedIn, LastFM, FriendFeed, Digg,, YouTube, Zillow 

Explore the world and see pictures placed directly on the map. You can filter the pictures using the tags and click on pictures to save your favorites in an itinerary. 

Panoramio, GoogleMaps, Flickr 
geoTract provides a central commonplace to share experiences and interests in the form of maps mashed with chatting, blogs, friends lists, favorites lists, and general locations. 

GoogleMaps, geocoder, 
Guess The Winner South Africa 2010

Share your favorites for World Cup 2010 South Africa and see your friends favorites on Facebook. 

Heartomatic - Shop Hearts at Etsy

Heartomatic provides a set of tools to Etsy sellers showing who is "hearting" you or your items. Lets you compare this over a period of time and provides a search feature to see if you've been featured in a Etsy gift guide or on the Etsy ho 


iLoveInns is a Bed and Breakfast locator. Search by location or by a region to drill down. It also has gift certificates, a shopping cart, my favorites and other features. 


InstantPlex lets users browse the Netflix instant watch library. Discover, queue and watch trailers, movies and T.V. shows. View your favorite actor's Twitter feed and share favorites with your friends on Facebook. 

Twitter, TheMovieDB, RottenTomatoes, Netflix, GetGlue, Freebase, Facebook, YouTube 
Mangez Mangez

Mangez Mangez is a social networking website dedicated to sharing information about local restaurants. Rate and review restaurants, share your favorites, track. Allows easy mapping of restaurants. 


Track new releases for books, movies, music, and video games. Add authors, actors, directors, musicians, publishers, etc. to favorites and get notified when new releases come out from that list. 

LastFM, Goodreads, AmazonProductAdvertising 

Aggregates favorites or uploaded items from popular web sites including digg, Flickr,, Twitter and Youtube. 

YouTube, Twitter, SlideShare,, Pownce, LastFM, Flickr, Digg, 
Music Artist Cloud App

Android app that lets you discover music bands and artists similar to your favorites. Integrates with and YouTube and uses tagclouds to find related artists. 

YouTube, LastFM, GoogleAppEngine 


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