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US Green Power Map

Mashup combines EPA EGRID 2006 database with Google Maps to provide a search interface for displaying state-by-state power plants and their associated emissions and generation information. 

US Home Care Finder

US Home Care Finder is a place for people to find the best in-home care and home health agencies in their area. You can view detail information on over 10,000 agencies and compare quality. 

US Home Care Finder

US Home Care Finder is a place for people to find the best in-home care and home health agencies in their area. You can view detail information on over 10000 agencies and compare their quality with each other. 

US Mineral Hypermaps

Demo of an atlas system for all-in-one-page access to large geographic data sets. Application plots various types of mines throughout the US, as well as agriculture and industrial areas. 

US Nursing Home Finder

Data on over 15,000 nursing homes. Search the best nursing homes in your area. You can also sort the results based on various ratings and view a detailed report on each nursing home. 

US Presidential Birthplaces

For history buffs and school kids, a mashup showing where presidents/first ladies were born. From George Washington through George Bush. 

US Rest Areas

Search for a rest area anywhere in the US. Information includes services at the rest area. 

US Senate Map

Mashup of and Google Maps displays all the current United States Senators with their office address, phone number, contact information and website.  

US Taxpayer Contribution to Iraq War

Mashup that combines data from the Nation Priorities Project and Google Maps to show how many billions taxpayers in each US state are paying. And where that money might otherwise be spent. 

US Top Business Schools Map

Top Business Schools in US as reported in US News and World Report: GMAT Score, Avg Tuition, Avg Salary. 

YahooLocal, GoogleMaps 
US Towns with Holiday Season Names

Google Maps Mashup of US Towns and Cities named with Christmas or Holiday Season Names 

US Virtual Neighborhood

View local business and other shops around your neighborhood when you search for a zipcode, city, or state in the US. 

GoogleMaps, GoogleHomepage 
US Volcanoes and Misc Maps

terra IMS has a gallery of map mashups based on the Google Maps API. Various mashups including Oregon DMV Locations, Real-Time Earthquakes, World GDP, World Leaders Map and US Senators Map. 

USA Hot Springs

Shows you where 1661 hot springs are in the US through NOAA data + Google Maps. 

USA Recovery Act - Recipients of Stimulus Dollars

See the recipients of Stimulus Dollars in your state. Replace the 2 letter state code at the end of the URL with your state code. 


Like but for Google Maps, for example http// . You select the tag name. One click to create a map. No login needed. Free. Just launched on 9th October. 

Used Car Market

A combination of eBay motors, and Kijiji search results within an area around a specified postal code. By click on the map button GoogleMaps with your location as fixed point is displayed and the cars location as second point. 

GoogleMaps, EBay 
Used Cars

Used cars and new car shopping site with extensive use of APIs. Yahoo Map Image is used to get around the https issue with Google Maps. YouTube drives the video search. Users can leave a car review, an article, or a dealer review. 

YouTube, YahooMapImage, Vast, GoogleMaps, GoogleBase 
Used Cars for Sale

More then 4 million used cars for sale. Data comes from the Vast API. 


Improves the tasks of retrieving, organizing, and collaborating on content on the web. Translations, geographic maps, annotations or web fragment cutting integrate into your personal workflow. Everything you do is kept in shareable Contexts. 

Twitter, GoogleTranslate, GoogleMaps,, CrunchBase 


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