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Virtual Earth Interactive

This mashup provides a new way of learning how to use Microsoft Virtual Earth map control APIs. Find the code you need by choosing the tasks you want to accomplish on your own page. 

Virtual Earth Mac Widget

Mapping, search, and location functions in a handy OS X Tiger Dashboard widget.  

Virtual Highway from New Zealand Transport Agency

Virtual Highway is a website that provides video images of key travel routes and maps of the New Zealand state highway network. This information is very useful to people such as tourists and New Zealanders who are not local to an area. 

Virtual India

Virtual India is a research project by Microsoft Research India, in collaboration with the Government of India Department of Science and Technology. 

Virtual NYC Tour

A virtual tour of New York City using AJAX and Google Maps. Navigate through the streets of New York using thousands of pictures, viewing hundreds of descriptions and details on history. 

YahooAds, GoogleMaps 
Virtual NYC Tours

Get 360-degree views of NYC of Google Map-selectable locations. 

Virtual Tour

Shows photos taken in different places of the world using Google Maps. The photos are related to a theme, e.g. the obelisks in Rome. 

Virtual tour of Berlin

map.movin360 shows a trip through the city of Berlin. The panoramic movie is synchronized to GoogleMaps. During the virtual tour, you can move the camera around. Get further information and view related photos. 

GoogleMaps, Flickr 
Virtual Tour of New York City

Virtual Earth tour of New York City using Google Earth and Mapfish. 

Virtual Tourism

Google Maps and Google Video mashup. Select tourist sites from around the world on Google maps and see a video of the location. 

Virtual Trespassing

Mixes blogging and geotagging. Create virtual billboard to express yourself, rant or advertise. 

Virtual Video Map

Mashup of Google Maps and YouTube videos. 

YouTube, GoogleMaps 

Virtualtraveller aims to supply the user relevant information about some location on earth of his/her choosing. To accomplish this, this site makes heavy use of various web services and data including Wikipedia, Google, Flickr and Youtube. 

YouTube, YahooGeocode, GoogleMaps, GeoNames, Flickr, NOAANationalWeatherServiceNWS, GoogleAdSense 

VisaDoor is a central visa database of Employment Based Green Cards, H1b Visa, Student Visa etc. 

Data247, DataWashington 
Visage MXP

Visage MXP is the mobile expense module for Concur Expense. It enables Concur Expense to do for mobile expenses what Concur already does for hotel, air and other business expenses – which is to completely automate the process of getting expense entries into Concur Expense ready to be submitted by the user.  

Visistat Real-Time Web Analytics

VisiStat provides real-time web analytics. They use the Jigsaw API for LeadCaster, a suite of real-time tools that include the ability to identify companies that visit a website and get their business address, phone numbers, email addresses, etc. 

Visit Mauritius allows you to see aerial views, photos and videos of some of the most interesting sites such as hotels, beaches and attractions in the tropical island of Mauritius. 

YouTube, GoogleMaps 
Visitor Attractions by Cell Phone

This service provide instant information about the top tourist attractions in a city. Just send us the location - city and state - and see the best places in a city. 

YahooTravel, 411Sync 
Visitor Map Gadget: iGoogle gadget to track your website or blog

Track recent visitors to your website or blog with this iGoogle gadget which can also be added to any webpage. This gadget uses Google Maps and visitor info is provided by gVisit. A thumbnail grid of Yahoo images are also show for each visitor location. 

YahooMapImage, GoogleMaps, GoogleHomepage 
Vista Slideshow by Imagelooop

Create your own slideshow and let it run on your Vista Sidebar. Expands on undocking from sidebar. Multiple instances can play different slideshows. Keeps settings after Windows restart. 

WindowsDesktopGagdets, ImageLoop 


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