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Twilio Ruby Gem

The Twilio Gem makes it easy to call the Twilio REST API and emulate Twilio Verbs 

Twilio, GitHub 
Twilio Sandbox CallerID registration

Lets you register the Twilio sandbox number as an outgoing CallerID 

Twilio Voice Recorder Demo

In this Twilio demo, use PHP to build a simple voice recording application similar to a VoiceMail system! This demo uses PHP to demonstrate the basic building blocks of a voicemail system.  

Twilio WCF REST Client Library

The Twilio WCF REST Client Library is a strongly-typed .NET API to build rich, robust services against Twilio's platform. 

Twilio Weather by Phone How-To

In this Weather by Phone demo, you'll use Twilio and Python to build an application that reports the weather to the caller based on their zip code. 

Twilio: Weather By Phone

Weather By Phone lets a caller check the weather by phone. Twilio answers the call, app asks the caller for their US zip code, it gets weather using a remote web service and reads the response to the caller. In Python for Google App Engine with source. 

Twilio: Web Service API Forum

Join this forum and discuss development, features, and innovation using the Twilio REST API to voice enable web applications with cloud telephony.  

Twishort API Example on PHP

It uses PHP with tmhOAuth library. 

Twishort API Example on PHP

Using PHP and tmhOAuth lib. 

Twitter By Phone Code Walkthrough

Tutorial to connect Twitter and Tropo APIs using Ruby. 

Twitter, Tropo 
Twitter Friends Followers Widget

A jQuery plugin that you can embed anywhere to display pictures of your Twitter followers or friends (whom you follow) and their latest tweets. 

Twitter Integration in phpLD

Allows you to integrate twitter with phpLD, and show all of your latest tweets to your users. 

Twitter Module

Using the Twitter module you can let your applications users connect themselves with Twitter. OAuth attributes are stored on the user model. Additionally, you can create tweets, read your timeline and mentions and send/receive direct messages. 

Twitter powered Youtube subtitles

Create closed captions for Youtube videos by mining appropriately hashtagged tweets published during a live original broadcast. 

YouTube, Twitter 
Twitter Scala Experiments

Experiments with such things as Scala, the scala.swing package, and the Twitter API. At GitHub. 


Java wrapper for the Twitter API. 

Twitter4R - Ruby Twitter Binding

Twitter4R v0.2.0 now provides 100% Twitter REST API coverage for Ruby. This is the open source project providing Ruby bindings for the Twitter REST API. Most appropriate for pure Ruby and Ruby on Rails projects. 

TwitterLand Ruby Gem

All the best Twitter-related APIs in one gem 


This is an ActionScript 3.0 library for accessing Twitter's APIs. This was originally code from Twitter, but it is being open sourced so it can be maintained and kept current. 


Twitter::Shell gives you access to Twitter from your shell! 



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