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Using PHP with Carma API

How To use the newly provided PHP5 client to work with the API without dealing with the details of making requests or parsing returned data. 

Using PHP with the Amazon eCommerce API

How to formulate rest queries to use the amazon eCommerce api. A simple store built with eCommerce API using PHP with REST queries. 

Using Python With the Bibsonomy API

Guide and sample code for using the Bibsonomy API with Python. 

Using Ruby on Rails and the Lulu Publication API

A simple to follow tutorial for integrating into the Lulu Publication API with Ruby on Rails 

Using Ruby on Rails for Facebook

Detailed tutorial on using Ruby on Rails for creating Facebook applications. 

Using Ruby with Yahoo Address Book API

In the following tutorial we will show in an easy step-by-step format how to use the Yahoo Address Book API with Ruby on Rails. You can download all the code examples in the article so you do not have to type them in. 

Using Silverlight with Amazon S3 API

Overview and source code for using Amazon S3 storage with Microsoft Silverlight. 

Using Speech Input Instead of Touch-Tone

How to use speech input instead of touch-tone input. 

Using the API in Your Website

Detailed explanation how to use compete api into your website. 

Using the Digg API with Ruby

This tutorial will get you started fast using the Digg API in your Ruby on Rails (RoR) application. I am assuming you already have setup your RoR application. 

Using the Google Web Services API with Flash

Shows how to create a search application using Flash + PHP + Google API. Full source code. By Jeff Hill. 

Using the LivePerson Visit API from an iPhone Application

A sample application written in Objective-C that demonstrates how to use the Visit API to monitor visitor activity from an iPhone application 

Using the Netflix API: A step-by-step guide

Good hands-on tutorial on how to build applications with the Netflix API. Walks you through sign-up through using OAuth, JSON and getting movie data. 

Using the ShareASale API


Using the YouTube API PHP client library

A video that demonstrates how to use the YouTube API with the PHP client library to upload a video to YouTube. The screencast explains the most important parts of the YouTube demo application and includes a section on AuthSub authentication. 

Using ZOHO CRM API in Net Website page

use ZOHO CRM API to get, edit, add, and delete ZOHO CRM Lead records. 

Using ZOHO CRM API in Net Website page

Use ZOHO CRM API to get, edit, add, and delete ZOHO CRM Lead records 

VB.NET Basic Speech-to-Text Sample App

This web based application allows a user to upload a audio file containing some speech and get back the text version of it. 

VB.NET Facebook Library

A VB.NET library for the Facebook API. 

VB.Net Library for Amazon eCommerce

VB.Net Library for Amazon Associates Web Service 



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