1,000 Web APIs

John Musser
Nov. 03 2008, 04:03AM EST

Last week ProgrammableWeb crossed one of its biggest milestones thus far when we added the 1,000th web service API to our API directory. This is a long way from the 32 APIs we started with back in the summer of 2005. Back then even the phrase "web mashup" was only a few months old.

And the change is not just in quantity of APIs, but in quality, variety, rate of growth, and most of all, impact. Over the past 3 years, APIs have shown they can be truly disruptive in a wide range of online markets. We've seen this with the introduction of ground breaking APIs like:

One of the trends we've seen in open APIs is that within a given market segment, once one API becomes a huge success (like Google Maps or Facebook), or a sufficient number of leaders offer APIs (like in eCommerce), that a competitive or defensive reaction occurs and soon everyone else in that sector feels like they need to offer an API. It can be a domino effect. Within a year after the Facebook F8 launch of their platform nearly everyone from Google's Orkut to MySpace offered open APIs. Likewise this has happened in mapping, video, photo, music, messaging, voice (the telcos are opening-up, often begrudgingly), and even in the news business (with new APIs for NPR, The New York Times, and lots of other news and media outlets coming soon).

How do these 1000 APIs break down by type? The following chart, derived from our database, shows the the top 15 sectors or markets with the greatest number of competing API providers. As you can see there are already 71 mapping-related APIs alone:

As each of those largest API markets have grown, we've added new Topic Areas on ProgrammableWeb to track the news, APIs, mashups and sub-trends:

From a technology perspective, where are we on the API front? For one thing, the success of open Web APIs has had a big impact on the rise of RESTful design patterns. To provide some light on this from an open API perspective, we've created a new mashup, using our own ProgrammableWeb API and the Google Chart API, to show the distribution of protocol usage by API across our directory. As you can see, 63% of the APIs in our directory are REST-based (and including Atom, also RESTful, there's more).

And what was API number 1000 in our directory? It was the New York Times Community API, a notable new API provider, one that besides giving you all the news that's fit to mix, symbolizes just how much the world is opening-up.

John Musser



[...] ProgrammableWebは、3年以上にわたってウェブアプリケーションのAPIを記録し続けるというすばらしい仕事をし続けてきた。そして本日(米国時間11/3)、登録API数が1000を超える記念日を迎えた。ProgrammableWebは、面白いマッシュアップにチャレンジする開発者達にとって非常に便利なリソースとなっている。ProgrammableWebは惜しみない賞賛に値する。 [...]

@Ben, indeed REST is an architectural model and approach, and JavaScript is a delivery language/SDK than protocol. We explain some of this on our FAQ page. This grouping gives us a way to describe these differences across APIs. Always open to suggestions for new or better ways to describe or group these...

[...] 1,000 Web APIs Last week ProgrammableWeb crossed one of its biggest milestones thus far when we added the 1,000th web service API to our API directory. This is a long way from the 32 APIs we started with back in the summer of 2005. Back then even the phrase “web mashup” was only a few months old. [...]

Congratulations, ProgrammableWeb! Great piece, and thanks for the references to the eBay APIs.

I'm the head of the eBay Developers Program, and wanted to clarify that both the eBay API and the eBay Developers Program started in November

2000 (not 2001), meaning it's our eighth anniversary this month.

We are really excited about our next generation platform, Project Echo, that allows 3rd party developers to integrate directly onto eBay.com. Please check out http://developer.ebay.com/echo for more details.

API tracking is maintaining a value chronicle of evolution of the WEB most important aspect the API.

The internet category encompasses quite a few strange systems. Something like a meta category for the rest, since most people don't look specifically for those type of services, they look for those services when they're doing other stuff on the internet (such as url shortening in IRC and Twitter). EC2 and so forth are services that allow you to host your own material, but only is interesting to people doing work on the internet. I'm not surprised that it's the second biggest api category.

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